Ultimate Teacher

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Ultimate Teacher
Directed byToyoo Ashida
Screenplay byToyoo Ashida
StarringHiroko Kasahara
Naoto Takenaka
Yusaku Yara
Music byKow Otani
Release date
  • February 6, 1988 (1988-02-06) (Japan)
Running time
60 minutes

Ultimate Teacher (恐怖のバイオ人間 最終教師) is a 1988 Japanese original video animation film directed by Toyoo Ashida. It was released on February 6, 1988.[1] It was released in English by Central Park Media.[2]


Emperor High School seems to not care anymore about education, letting their students have free rein over nearly everything. The president even had to resort to teachers who came right out of a prison, because the students were so violent. One day Ganpachi, a self declared teacher, want to bring order to this high school by introducing fear into the leader of all the gangs, Hinako. Having a hard time standing up against him, she still believes in the power of her lucky kitty gym pants.

As it turns out Ganpachi ran away from a genetic laboratory, which is probably why he has the tenacity and behavior of a cockroach.


  • Hinako Shiratori
  • Ganpachi Chabane


On Anime News Network, Justin Sevakis said that "the animation is about TV quality for the era, meaning flat colors and virtually no detail, but a full range of motion that handles the speed required for such rapid-fire comedy."[2]


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