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Studio album by Kool Keith
Released 2007
Genre Hip hop
Kool Keith chronology
The Commi$$ioner Vol. 2
(2006)The Commi$$ioner Vol. 22006
Dr. Dooom 2
(2008)Dr. Dooom 22008

Ultra-Octa-Doom is a live video and album by rapper Kool Keith, released 2007. It comprises two shows in San Francisco, one at the Maritime Hall in 1999 during the Black Elvis era, and a later one at the Mezzanine in 2006.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Heads Up (Mix)"
  2. "Funky"
  3. "Ease Back"
  4. "Ego Trippin'"
  5. "Two Brothers With Checks"
  6. "Party"
  7. "Check It Out S.F."
  8. "Blue Flowers"
  9. "Blue Flowers (Mix)"
  10. "Girl Let Me Touch You (Live)"
  11. "Freaks (Live)"
  12. "Spankmaster (Live)"
  13. "Living Astro"
  14. "G-Spot"
  15. "Sex Style"
  16. "Pick 'Em Up"
  17. "I Don't Believe You"
  18. "No Chorus"
  19. "Freestylin'"
  20. "Poppa Large"