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Not to be confused with Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy.
Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle
Created by Tsuburaya Productions
Written by Kenichi Araki, Keiichi Hasegawa, Masanao Akahoshi, Takahiko Masuda
Directed by Yuichi Kikuchi, Tsugumi Kitaura, Hirochika Muraishi
Starring Shota Minami
Saki Kamiryo
Toru Hachinohe
Mitsutoshi Shundo
Hiroyuki Konishi
Opening theme "eternal traveller" by Project DMM
Ending theme "JUMP UP" by Lekkazan
Composer(s) Toshihiko Sahashi
Country of origin Japan
Original language(s) Japanese
No. of episodes 13
Producer(s) Tsuburaya Productions
Running time 25 minutes
Original network Nippon BS Broadcasting
Original release December 1, 2007 – February 23, 2008
Preceded by Ultraseven X
Followed by Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle[1] (ウルトラギャラクシー大怪獣バトル Urutora Gyarakushī Daikaijū Batoru?) is the first season of its series that is the 24th entry in the Tsuburaya Productions' long-running Ultra Series. It is an adaption of the video game Mega Monster Battle: ULTRA MONSTERS. The show first aired on December 1, 2007 and concluded on February 23, 2008. On December 20, 2008, the second season titled Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey (ウルトラギャラクシー大怪獣バトル NEVER ENDING ODYSSEY Urutora Gyarakushī Daikaijū Batoru Nebā Endingu Odessei?, Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: NEO) premiered. Ultra Galaxy was the first Ultra Series to be shown as a pay-per-view service.[2]


It has been approximately 500,000 years since the last series and all monsters on Earth had gone extinct, marking the end of monster era on Earth. Humanity had finally advanced to the outer space and a new era was formed, called the Galaxy Crisis (ギャラクシークライシス Gyarakushī Kuraishisu?).

The crews of Space Pendragon were tasked to investigate Planet Boris after communications on that planet was mysteriously vanished. Arriving on the planet, the crew were astonished to find it inhabited by monsters, with every nearby city perished. While forced to wait for reinforcements, the crew must solved the mystery of this planet's background as a monster tamer named Rei, whose past remained mysterious, joined ZAP Spacy in order to learn his past.


  • Rei (レイ?): A mysterious man with amnesia who joined as a member of ZAP SPACY. He is hostile to monsters and uses his Battle Nizer to fight them. He is haunted by the image of the giant buried in the rock. So far, he has only summoned Gomora (ゴモラ?), Litra (リトラ Ritora?), and Eleking (エレキング Erekingu?).
  • Haruna (ハルナ?): The subcaptain of the Space Pendragon. She is a strict ace pilot and is Hyuga's right-hand man. Although she was skeptical of Rei, she was rescued from Neronga by him and reconciled with him. Her full name is Jun Haruna (榛名 ジュン Haruna Jun?).
  • Oki (オキ?): The rookie crew member of the Space Pendragon. He is a monster maniac who was majoring in monsterology at university. He reasoned that the giant in Rei's memory is Ultraman. His full name is Koichi Oki (隠岐 恒一 Oki Kōichi?).
  • Kumano (クマノ?): The engineer of the Space Pendragon. His full name is Masahiko Kumano (熊野 雅彦 Kumano Masahiko?).
  • Hyuga (ヒュウガ Hyūga?): The captain of the Space Pendragon. He is hot-blooded man who is excellent in martial arts and has overcome many hardships all over the universe. Members have to call him "Boss." His full name is Hiroshi Hyuga (日向 浩 Hyūga Hiroshi?).
  • Hiroki (ヒロキ?): The leader of Vincent Island which was the officer of the resources transportation base in Belargo City, and Jun's elder brother. He has once served as the subcaptain of the Space Pendragon under Hyuga. His full name is Hiroki Haruna (榛名 ヒロキ Haruna Hiroki?).
  • Ato (アトウ Atō?): The subleader of Vincent Island who was a scientist of Belargo city.
  • Karen Mikura (御蔵 カレン Mikura Karen?): A girl who is one of the survivors in Belargo City. She had taken care of a mysterious baby temporarily. She discovered the mysterious giant and heard the mysterious giant's voice.
  • Kate (ケイト Keito?): A mysterious woman who interferes with Rei using every possible means and has a Battle Nizer like Ray's. She uses the appearance of a bio-plant researcher named Maki Azusa (アズサ マキ Azusa Maki?). While she appears to be evil in her first appearance, it is revealed that she is Rei's older sister and her goal is to reawaken Rei as Reimon and like him is an Alien Reiblood. So far, she has only summoned Fire Golza (ファイヤーゴルザ Faiyā Goruza?), Gan-Q (ガンQ Gankyū?), and Zetton (ゼットン?). In the finale, she uses Zetton to battle Rei's Gomora and wins, only to be attacked by King Joe Black (キングジョーブラック Kingu Jō Burakku?) who fights Zetton to a standstill. In the end, she succeeds in her goal and Reimon is awakened but Gomora becomes EX Gomora and kills Zetton, seemingly killing Kate in the process. However, in Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle Neo, it was revealed she'd survived.


Reimon (レイモン Reimon?) is a mysterious alien who looks highly similar to Ultraman. He is the result of a fusion between an Alien Reiblood, and a human, Rei. When placed under extreme stress, he unleashes a 'Burst Mode', which also affects his Gomora. When in burst mode, his blue markings change to a crimson colour, black markings cross his body, and his eyes turn bright red. In this state, he becomes so powerful that he often loses his ability to tell his friends and enemies apart, but can be calmed back to his normal form with some effort.

  • Height: 2 m
  • Weight: 220 kg
  • Human Form: Rei
  • Transformation Item: Battle Nizer
  • Power:
    • Sun Reionic Lash (サンレイオニックラッシュ San Reionikku Rasshu?)
    • Reimium Reviving Ray (レイミアム光線再生 Reimiamu Kōsen Saisei?): Used to free and revive Ultraman.

Mysterious Giant[edit]

On Vincent Island is a mysterious giant buried in the rocks that appears in Rei's visions. It had created a spiritual barrier on Vincent Island to protect it, sacrificing its life in the process. It is eventually revealed to be Ultraman, and is a key in Rei's reawakening as Reimon.


ZAP SPACY is an organization which mainly mines energy resources using a spacecraft and supports planet reclamation.


  • Space Pendragon (スペースペンドラゴン Spēsu Pendoragon?): The space transport ship of the ZAP SPACY. The lower part is equipped with the variable cargo. Originally, although it is not a spacecraft for a battle, it is armed with the Wyvern Missile (ワイバーンミサイル Waibān Misairu?), the Anti-Asteroid Cannon (対アステロイド砲 Tai Asuteroido Hō?), and the Hyper Omega Cannon (ハイパーオメガ砲 Haipā Omega Hō?).
    • Dragon Speeder Alpha (ドラゴンスピーダーα Doragon Supīdā Arufa?): It is Small fighter jet separated from the nose.
    • Dragon Speeder Beta (ドラゴンスピーダーβ Doragon Supīdā Bēta?): It is small fighter jet separated from the top part.
  • Gostar Dragon (ゴースタードラゴン Gōsutā Doragon?): Red body of the same model as the Space Pendragon.


  • Battle Nizer (バトルナイザー Batoru Naizā?): It is an item that allows Rei to summon a monster through a system called MonsLoad (モンスロード Monsurōdo?). Rei commands the monster, such that when the monster gets injured too much, Ray has no choice but to call him back. The 3 monsters he can summon are Gomora, Litra & Eleking.
  • Tri Gunner (トライガンナー Torai Gan'nā?): It is a multifunction gun which the ZAP SPACY crew uses.

Monsters & Aliens[edit]

Main article: Ultra Monsters


No. Title
1 "The Lawless Monster Planet"
"Kaijū Muhō Wakusei" (怪獣無法惑星) 
The Space Pendragon crew of the ZAP Spacy received a call from Earth to investigate Planet Boris after communications were mysteriously cut off. Their ship however suffered from severe damage after they were forced to crash-landed on that planet. While searching for civilians in a nearby city, they discovered several monsters which had supposedly extinct on Earth and a survivor approaches from one of the monsters' carcass. With the Space Pendragon under attack by Red King, the mysterious man released his monster, Gomora and rescue the ship by killing Red King. 
2 "The Fifth Crewman"
"Goninme no Kurū" (五人目のクルー) 
The mysterious man tried to escape from ZAP Spacy as the team tried to search for him, wanting to know what happened to Planet Boris. After an encounter with the giant flower Juran, the crew were saved by Litra, but with the bird is in death's doors, the mysterious man absorbed it into his device. The mysterious man, Rei, had no answer to his past life but confirmed himself not to be the culprit of the monster attacks. After saving ZAP Spacy again from Golza, Rei wandered off and received a strange vision. 
3 "The Invisible Monster Attacks!"
"Tōmei Kaijū Shūgeki!" (透明怪獣襲撃!) 
At night, the Pendragon is under attack from a monster but before Rei can release Gomora, the opponent was nowhere to be seen. The next day, Haruna went to get some spare parts with Rei offering her services, despite the former blamed him for the attack last night. At the Electrical Plant, the two were under attacked by Neronga, whom feeds electricity from that plant, as well as the true identity of Pendragon's attacker. After Rei managed to kill Neronga with Gomora, Haruna finally trusted him as the former finally received a proper membership into the team. 
4 "Bemstar Has Arrived!"
"Bemusutā Sanjō!" (ベムスター参上!) 
5 "The Trap in Belargo City"
"Berarugo Shiti no Wana" (ベラルゴシティの罠) 
6 "Another Monster Tamer"
"Mō Hitori no Kaijūtsukai" (もう一人の怪獣使い) 
7 "The Stone Which Calls Monsters"
"Kaijū o Yobu Ishi" (怪獣を呼ぶ石) 
8 "The Underwater King"
"Suichū no Ōja" (水中の王者) 
9 "The Pendragon Doesn't Rise to the Surface!"
"Pendoragon Fujōsezu!" (ペンドラゴン浮上せず!) 
10 "Unexpected Reunion"
"Yoki Senu Saikai" (予期せぬ再会) 
11 "Ultraman"
"Urutoraman" (ウルトラマン) 
12 "Reiblood"
"Reiburaddo" (レイブラッド) 
13 "Planet Escape"
"Wakusei Dasshutsu" (惑星脱出) 

Principal cast[edit]

Suit actors[edit]


Opening theme
  • "eternal traveller" (エターナル・トラベラー Etānaru Toraberā?)
Ending theme
  • "JUMP UP" (ジャンプ アップ Janpu Appu?)
    • Lyrics & Composition: Bayner (ベーナー Bēnā?)
    • Arrangement: Hideki Tama (田靡 秀樹 Tama Hideki?) & Lekkazan
    • Artist: Lekkazan (烈火斬 Rekkazan?)


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