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Ultra Idemitsujin (ウルトラ出光人?, Urutora Idemitsujin) are characters based on the Ultraman franchise that appear on television commercials for the oil company Idemitsu Kosan. The characters were created by Tsuburaya Productions.

The suits used for the Ultra Idemitsujin consist mostly of masks and sets of gloves, with the remainder of the costumes being composed of normal clothing, although figures and merchandise issued by Bandai show that like all Ultras, the Idemitsujin Ultras have their traditional red and silver suits.

Idemitsu Ultras[edit]

Ultraman Hotto, Messenger of Relief
The safe messenger who does his best so that everybody may do "Hotto relief" and can live every day. His specialty is "Hotto ray".
Ultraman Motto, Messenger of vitality
He invented "Adamanteto Attack" in the second chapter after the research in which he reached to an extreme of difficulty. His specialty is "Motto ray".
Ultraman Kitto, Messenger of satisfaction
His specialty is "Kitto ray".

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