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Ultra Living is the fraternal team of Takuma Nonaka and Tetsushi Nonaka. Their first album, Monochromatic Adventure, was released from Creation Records in 1998. Since then they have released four albums, collaborated with Mike Ladd in "Preppy MC Death of Hip Hop Vol.1" from Ozone, and done several remix works including HiM (band)'s single from FatCat Records.

Currently, they are also members of HiM (band).


  • Takuma Nonaka
  • Tetsushi Nonaka
  • (Shinpei Okaya)
  • (Yuji Takahashi)
  • (Kyoko Brown)



  • 1998 Monochromatic Adventure (Creation Records)
  • 2000 Transgression (Artefact/France, Afterhours/Japan, Bubblecore/US Distribution) featuring Mice Parade, Mike Ladd, Kyoko Brown
  • 2002 Through (Afterhours/Japan, Bubblecore/US Distribution)
  • 2007 Zoonomia (P-Vine Records/Japan)


  • 1997 "Freeze, Die & Revive" (Creation Records)
  • 1997 "Sweetest Pleasure" (Creation Records)
  • 1998 "Homesick" (Creation Records)
  • 2000 "Absurdly Pedantic" (Artefact/France)
  • 2001 "Preppy MC Death of Hip Hop Vol.1" (Ozone/US) featuring Mike Ladd



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