Ultrabeat (Swedish band)

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Origin Sweden
Genres Electronic music, contemporary Christian music
Labels BEC Recordings
Website www.ultrabeat.com
Members Erik Augustsson

Ultrabeat are a Swedish electronic music group, fronted by Erik Augustsson. The group is classified as contemporary Christian music, with the motto "making phat beats for Jesus Christ".


Ultrabeat has released three albums through BEC Recordings.

Trip to a Planet Called Heaven[edit]

(Released 1-25-2000)

  1. Love (flying higher remix)
  2. Pure Heart
  3. Wake Up!
  4. Revolution
  5. Free Like That Wind (party remix)
  6. Madness
  7. The Truth is Out There...
  8. My Dream
  9. World of Light
  10. The Journey
  11. I Wanna Live 4 Him

Beyond the Stars[edit]

(Released 1-23-2001)

  1. Interlude
  2. jesusrave ( eurotrance mix)
  3. like a star
  4. galaxy 21
  5. deeper than oceans
  6. more than i could say
  7. higher ( into your light)
  8. rave on ( exploring green planets club mix)
  9. starfield ( fantasy landscape mix)
  10. i can fly
  11. divine flow
  12. energy boost
  13. night in heaven
  14. paradise island of dreams
  15. prince of light


(Released 2002)

Shine Thru My Life[edit]

(Released 5-6-2003)

  1. Shine Through My Life
  2. Earth
  3. Like Dust In The Wind
  4. I Need You
  5. Time Is On My Side
  6. For You Forever
  7. Going To The Danceparty
  8. I Want To Live For You Again
  9. Adventure
  10. All I Have Is You

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