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UltraCity 6060 was a six-part animated short series which was shown as part of MTV's teen/adult-themed cartoon variety show Cartoon Sushi. Writers included Matt Harrigan, Mike DeSeve, Dave Hughes, Ben Gruber and Daria's head writer Anne Bernstein. It consisted of anime scenes that were dubbed with humorously incorrect dialogue for comedic reasons.

Most of the anime used in this cult classic was taken from the OAV series Genocyber which is released by U.S. Manga Corps. Another U.S. Manga Corps title was used for another UltraCity episode starred Iria in a parody of her own anime Iria: Zeiram the Animation.

For the episode "Planet Jackson", footage from ADV Films' Mighty Space Miners was lampooned. The young boy in the film was made to be Michael Jackson and the rest of the cast as the Jackson family, Quincy Jones, Donny Osmond, Andrew Jackson and other people looking for handouts.

The only non-anime cartoon used in UltraCity was from Cartoon Network's "Cartoons That Never Made It" produced by AmPnyc in early-1997 under the supervision of Amperio Lux. One of them was Fast Driver, an obvious Speed Racer parody poking fun at everything.

Other shorts featured two news reporters bemoaning the mainstream use of profanity in society (the irony of course was that they swore very frequently), as well as a man named Hirogani, who was having problems trying to stop his severe flatulence around people (taken from Genocyber). Another short was when they announced that their "animation budget has been completely exhausted by excessive robot battles", which made them ban all lip-synching to save money (a remake of a scene from the first Mobile Police Patlabor movie).


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