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Ultraman (1979 film).jpg
Theatrical poster
Directed byAkio Jissoji[1]
Produced byNoboru Tsuburaya
Written byMamoru Sasaki
StarringSusumu Kurobe
Akiji Kobayashi
Music byKunio Miyauchi
CinematographyYasumichi Fukuzawa
Masaharu Utsumi
Distributed byTsuburaya Productions / Toho
Release date
  • March 17, 1979 (1979-03-17)
Running time
102 minutes

Akio Jissouji's Ultraman (実相寺昭雄監督作品ウルトラマン, Jissouji Akio Kantoku Sakuhin Urutoraman) is a 1979 Japanese tokusatsu superhero kaiju film directed by Akio Jissoji. It is a compilation film made up of scenes from Jissoji's episodes of the original Ultraman TV series (Compilation of episodes 15, 22, 23, 34 & 35).


Akihide Tsuzawa (Isamu Hoshino/Hoshino Fuji) and Akihiko Hirata (Professor Iwamoto) did not appear in any of the installments re-edited into the film.


Science Patrol[edit]

The Science Patrol is a branch of the International Police organization. With a main headquarters in Paris, their main purpose is to investigate and defend against unusual cases that can't be resolved by ordinary police (for example, monster appearances, alien invasions, things like that). They have a vast array of mecha and weapons. Located just outside of Tokyo, the Japanese branch is led by Captain Muramatsu and is assisted by Cadet Hoshino and Professor Iwamoto.

  • Captain Toshio Muramatsu (Played by Akiji Kobayashi)
    The consummate avuncular captain, who sets the standard for all captains that follow. Strict when it comes to the mission and tolerates no disobedience, but gentle on a personal level. Likes to smoke a good pipe. Affectionately called "Cap."
  • Shin Hayata (Played by Susumu Kurobe)
    An elite team member who distinguishes himself in combat on countless occasions. Merges with Ultraman in episode 1 when the two accidentally collide above Ryuh-ga-mori. Transforms into Ultraman using the Beta Capsule.
  • Mitsuhiro Ide (Played by Masanari Nihei)
    The funny, clumsy and comedian who is also a brilliant inventor. He creates and maintains the Science Patrol's missiles, guns and even monster language translator.
  • Daisuke Arashi (Played by Sandayū Dokumamushi)
    The expert marksman. The main of the powerful Spider Shot.
  • Akiko Fuji (Played by Hiroko Sakurai)
    The communications operator. Fuji often gets stuck playing the traditional female role. She occasionally messes up her duties, making coffee with salt instead of sugar. She's not very good with numbers, either.
  • Isamu Hasino (Played by Akihide Tsuzawa)
    An enthusiastic young cadet who is permitted to freely go in and out of headquarters and occasionally tags along for the ride. Often gets swept into the action. Allowed to wear a Science Patrol uniform later in the series. Fuji's younger brother. He did not appear in any of the installments re-edited into the film.
  • Professor Iwamoto (Played by Akihiko Hirata)
    A scientist who helps out the Science Patrol on occasion. Invents the booster rocket that allows the Jet VTOL to fly in space. He did not appear in any of the installments re-edited into the film.

Science Patrol Mecha[edit]

The Science Patrol has a vast arsenal of mecha, with which they support Ultraman.

  • Science Patrol Headquarters
    Constructed of reinforced concrete, with a special defensive alloy. The Jet VTOL launches from the landing pad to the right. The Mini-VTOL launches from the side of the main building, on the left.
  • Jet VTOL
    The main workhorse of the Science Patrol. A Vertical Take-Off and Landing craft that launches missiles, fires lasers, douses flames, hauls monsters and performs various other functions. Boosters allow it to escape Earth's atmosphere and fly into space. There is a little hole in the cockpit window that allows Ide to stick a gun through.
  • Mini-VTOL
    Smaller triangular version of the Jet VTOL. Seats two people. Known as "STOL", a Short Take-Off and Landing vehicle. Launches from a panel on the side of the main building of headquarters, right at the shooting-star logo.
  • The Science Patrol Car
    The Science Patrol's patrol vehicle. Has a couple of logos slapped on the doors and doesn't look like much more than an ordinary car, but apparently the insides are of special construction.
  • The Science Patrol Sub
    The Science Patrol's underwater transportation. Carry by the Jet VTOL. There are a number in the fleet, designated as S16, S21, and S25.
  • Underground Tank Pelucidar
    A drill tank. Rear hatch. Headlight and laser up top.
  • Supergun
    The standard firearm of the Science Patrol. Releases a zigzagging stream of energy. Can combine the streams from three guns was enough to destroy a monster.
  • Spider Shot
    Powered by nuclear energy, apparently. Arashi's main weapon.
  • Mars 133
    The gun created by Ide about as powerful as Ultraman's Specium Ray.
  • Monster Translator
    Able to understand a monster's language. Ide's invention.
  • The Phoenix
    Not part of the Science Patrol's standard mecha. A rocket ship created by Prof. Iwamoto, which appears in episode 16 to pick up members of the Science Patrol stranded on planet R.


  • Gavadon
  • Telesdon
  • The Underground Human
  • Jamila
  • Skydon
  • Seabozu
  • Alien Baltan
  • Red King
  • Gomora


Ultraman (1979) was released on DVD in Japan on June 13, 2006,[2] having been previously released on LaserDisc, also in Japan, on July 22, 1993. No English-dubbed or English-subtitled version was known to be available in the United States as of early July 2015.

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