Ultraman Ace

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Ultraman Ace
Created by Tsuburaya Productions
Composer(s) Tōru Fuyuki
Country of origin Japan
No. of episodes 52
Running time 24 minutes (per episode)
Original network TBS
Original release April 8, 1972 – March 31, 1973
Preceded by The Return of Ultraman (Ultraman Jack)
Followed by Ultraman Taro

Ultraman Ace (ウルトラマンA(エース), Urutoraman Ēsu) is the 5th show in the Ultra Series. Produced by Tsuburaya Productions, the series aired on Tokyo Broadcasting System from April 8, 1972 to March 31, 1973, with a total of 52 episodes.

Starting with this show, the Ultra Series heads in a notably different direction, slowly shifting from a sci-fi/mystery adventure to full-tilt superhero fantasy fare. All previous Ultramen (Ultraman, Ultra Seven, Ultraman Jack and Zoffy) make regular appearances in this series, whereas they only made guest appearances in the previous show The Return of Ultraman.


Yapool, an alien mastermind with similarities to Satan and Legion, sought after the planet of Earth and tried to conquer it with a campaign that involved his experiments known as Choju. The first super weapon sent to Earth, Verokron, ravaged a city and took on TAC, a special forces unit created by the Self Defense Force to defend the Earth from kaiju. Two of Verokron's unfortunate victims were Seiji Hokuto and Yuko Minami. Before they were dead long the first five Ultra Brothers, Ultraman, Zoffy, Ultra Seven, Ultraman Jack, and Ultraman Ace, decided to revive the duo for trying to help young children get away from the Choju and to fight off Yapool's forces. Ace decided to be the one to go as he had both of them be his host. Yapool has used not only Choju, but also recruited other aliens, humans that sold their souls to him for Choju possession, and even himself to assassinate Ace and TAC only to be brought down in absolute defeat. After the destruction of one of Yapool's oldest Choju, Lunaticks, Minami revealed she was one of the last natives from the moon and gave her Ultra-Ring to Hokuto as she had to leave, but she would return every once in a long while. Ever since Hokuto has been Ace's host and their efforts were just the same. Over the course of the remainder of the series, Ace and the Ultra Brothers proceeded to fight off yet more Choju born from Yapool's remnants, including several battles where they were assisted by Father of Ultra, Ace's adoptive father, and Ace's half brother, who was then unnamed. Yapool became desperate by combining the bodies of a selected few to create Jumbo King only for him to fail and have Ace fly off to his home world of M78. Ever since Ace has showed up to help later Ultras in their times of need.

TAC (Terrible-monster Attacking Crew)[edit]

  • Captain Goro Ryu
  • Seiji Hokuto (Ultraman Ace)
  • Yuko Minami (Ultraman Ace)
  • Ichiro Yamanaka
  • Tsutomu Konor
  • Kozo Yoshimura
  • Noriko Mikawa
  • Kaji Yoichi
  • Takura
  • Maya Takashina killed by Alien Metron Jr in Episode 7


  1. Shine! The Five Ultra Brothers (Air Date: 04/07/72)
  2. Surpass the Chouju (Air Date: 04/14/72)
  3. Burn! Chouju Hell (Air Date: 04/21/72)
  4. 30,000 Year Chouju Appears (Air Date: 04/28/72)
  5. Giant Ant Chouju vs. Ultra Brothers (Air Date: 05/05/72)
  6. Pursue The Mystery of The Transformation Chouju (Air Date: 05/12/72)
  7. Kaiju vs. Chouju vs. Seijin (Air Date: 05/19/72)
  8. Life of the Sun, Life of Ace (Air Date: 05/26/72)
  9. 10,000 Chouju! Surprise Attack Plan (Air Date: 06/02/72)
  10. Battle! Ace vs. Goh Hideki (Air Date: 06/09/72)
  11. The Chouju is Ten Women? (Air Date: 06/16/72)
  12. The Red Flower Of Cactus Hell (Air Date: 06/23/72)
  13. Execution! The Five Ultra Brothers. (Air Date: 06/30/72)
  14. The Five Stars that Scattered Throughout the Galaxy (Air Date: 07/07/72)
  15. Curse of The Black Crab (Air Date: 07/14/72)
  16. Monster Story: Cow God Man (Air Date: 07/21/72)
  17. Monster Story: The She-Devil of Firefly Field (Air Date: 07/28/72)
  18. Lend Me The Pigeon (Air Date: 08/04/72)
  19. Mystery of The Kappa's Residence (Air Date: 08/11/72)
  20. The Star of Youth - The Star of a Couple (Air Date: 08/18/72)
  21. I Saw The Phantom of a Heavenly Woman (Air Date: 08/25/72)
  22. Yapool, Demon of Revenge (Air Date: 09/01/72)
  23. Comeback! Zoffy Now Arrives (Air Date: 09/08/72)
  24. Look! A Giant Transformation in The Middle of The Night (Air Date: 09/15/72)
  25. The Pyramid is a Chouju's Nest! (Air Date: 09/22/72)
  26. Total Annihilation! The Five Ultra Brothers (Air Date: 09/29/72)
  27. Miracle! The Ultra Father (Air Date: 10/06/72)
  28. Farewell Yoko, Sister Of The Moon (Air Date: 10/13/72)
  29. The Sixth Ultra Brother (Air Date: 10/20/72)
  30. The Ultra Star That Even You Can See (Air Date: 10/27/72)
  31. From Seven To The Hand of Ace (Air Date: 11/03/72)
  32. With A Prayer Upon The Ultra Star (Air Date: 11/10/72)
  33. Shoot That Hot-Air Balloon (Air Date: 11/17/72)
  34. A Chouju Dances on an Open Rainbow (Air Date: 11/24/72)
  35. A Gift From Zoffy (Air Date: 12/01/72)
  36. This Chouju's 10,000 Phones (Air Date: 12/08/72)
  37. The Star of Friendship Forever (Air Date: 12/15/72)
  38. Resurrection! The Ultra Father (Air Date: 12/22/72)
  39. The Life of Seven! The Life of Ace! (Air Date: 12/29/72)
  40. Give Back the Panda! (Air Date: 01/05/73)
  41. Ghost Story! Lion Drum (Air Date: 01/12/73)
  42. Mystery! The Resurrection of The Monster Woo (Air Date: 01/19/73)
  43. Ghost Story! Cry of The Yeti (Air Date: 01/26/73)
  44. Setsubun Ghost Story! The Shining Bean (Air Date: 02/02/73)
  45. Big Pinch! Save Ace! (Air Date: 02/09/73)
  46. Ride Beyond The Time Machine (Air Date: 02/16/73)
  47. Curse of The Salamander (Air Date: 02/23/73)
  48. Revenge Of Velokron (Air Date: 03/02/73)
  49. The Flying Jellyfish (Air Date: 03/09/73)
  50. Mass Chaos in Tokyo! Traffic Signals Gone Haywire (Air Date: 03/16/73)
  51. Life-Sucking Sound (Air Date: 03/23/73)
  52. Tomorrow's Ace To You! (Air Date: 03/30/73)

Theme song[edit]