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Ultraman Nexus
English sales flyer
Genre Tokusatsu
Science fiction
Horror fiction
Created by Tsuburaya Productions
Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting
Written by Keiichi Hasegawa
Kenichi Araki
Masanao Akahoshi
Murai Sadayuki
Ai Ota
Directed by Kazuya Konaka
Miki Nemoto
Tsugumi Kitaura
Yuichi Abe
Takeshi Yagi
Naoki Ohara
Starring Takuji Kawakubo
Yusuke Kirishima
Masato Uchiyama
Yasue Sato
Tamotsu Ishibashi
Kosei Kato
Keito Goto
Nobuhiko Tanaka
Composer(s) Kenji Kawai
Country of origin Japan
Original language(s) Japanese
No. of episodes 37 (plus two DVD specials)
Producer(s) Takeshi Okazaki
Hiroyasu Shibuya
Tahei Yamanishi
Tsuburaya Productions
Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting
Running time 30 mins per episode (including opening & ending song & next episode and also a information video.
Original network

Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting, Tokyo Broadcasting System (Japan)

Original release October 2, 2004 – June 25, 2005
Preceded by Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy
Followed by Ultraman Max
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Ultraman Nexus (ウルトラマンネクサス, Urutoraman Nekusasu) was produced by Tsuburaya Productions, Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting (CBC), and Dentsu. It was the 18th entry in the Ultra Series. The series aired on Tokyo Broadcasting System, including TBS, CBC, MBS, etc. The show ran from October 2, 2004 until June 25, 2005, with a total of 37 broadcast episodes. Subsequent DVD releases from Bandai Visual saw a brand new 45-minute Episode EX and an extended 45-minute Director's Cut of Episode 29.

On April 24, 2017, Toku announced that the series will be broadcast in the United States on its channel beginning May 9, 2017 until June 2, 2017.[1][2]


Ultraman Nexus was part of Tsuburaya Productions' Ultra N Project, an experiment in 2004 to re-invent Ultraman for a new generation of fans. Prior to this, however, Tsuburaya had begun a project called Ultra Collaboration 2 at the end of 2003, which involved a brand new radio-adaptation of Ultra Q called The Ultra Q Club. The project was also due to include a new TV series called Ultraman Noa in early 2004, which is presumably what Ultraman Nexus evolved into.[original research?] Following the success of the new radio show, Tsuburaya forged ahead with a brand new season, Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy on April 6, 2004, a show which attracted top-rung directors such as Shusuke Kaneko (popular with fans for his work on the Gamera series and Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack).

The first stage of the Ultra N Project was entitled Noa: Nostalgia. The project mascot, Ultraman Noa, was a rather radical change design - an all-silver Ultraman with protruding wings on its back. Ultraman Noa was mainly used for live stage shows and merchandising. The second stage of the project was Next: Evolution. This saw the creation of a new theatrical film, ULTRAMAN. The final stage was Nexus: Trinity - the piece that ties the entire project together. Unlike the previous series Ultraman Cosmos, which was strictly aimed at young children, Ultraman Nexus was the first Ultraman TV series specifically aimed at adults. The show abandons the traditional monster-of-the-week stories in order to be replaced with longer character-based story arcs. Tsuburaya Productions had intended the show to be run during prime time, but the CBC network gave the show a 7:30 AM Saturday morning slot once Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon ended its 49-episode run. The TV series received weak ratings which were attributed to the change in style and not being able to have the target demographic tune in, resulting in the series being cut short from around 50 episodes down to 37.

Three months after its initial run, it was re-run in a new time slot. This time the show aired at 2:30 AM on Tuesday mornings and the ratings met the expectations that were set for the Ultra N Project. Following the ULTRAMAN movie, Tsuburaya ran a teaser trailer for Ultraman 2 Requiem. Due to the performance of Ultraman Nexus, the film was canceled, and Tsuburaya moved ahead with a theatrical version of the then-current television series, Ultraman Mebius.


The TLT is a covert international anti-monster unit established secretly to combat Space Beasts, mysterious monsters that are out to attack humans in the year 2009. One of the TLT's new recruits, Komon Kazuki, is attacked by one of them prior to reporting for duty. However, he is saved by a silver giant that he names "Ultraman". What no one knows is that the silver giant is an Ultraman—to be precise, Ultraman Nexus, ready to fight the Space Beasts to save the Earth.[3]

Nexus Junis with dunamist Jun Himeya (episode 1-24)[edit]

Kazuki Komon has just overtaken the work of the SAR team when recruited into the TLT. He just knew that during this time the earth is often attacked by SB, even the existence of SB and the existence of TLT itself is very secret. On the way, he found the bus parked empty. Passengers disappeared because of SB, Komon was almost killed if only a silver giant did not help him. Komon was amazed. Meanwhile, Nagi Saijyou from the NR team in charge of eradicating SB in a tunnel meets the figure of a mysterious man. He thought it was just his faulty eyesight but he turned out to meet the man again when he came face-to-face with SB one afternoon.

Komon himself trained to be a formidable NR agent under Shiori Hiraki's help until finally he went on a mission. Before NR succeeded in destroying the giant SB, came the giant who first confronted him. The giant is the giant who helped Komon yesterday, so Komon thinks the giant is on their side. But NR argues otherwise, they shoot the giant who later named Ultraman it. SB has not been defeated while Ultraman was wounded and disappeared, and NR took the initiative to find them. Nagi and Komon who are in charge of searching Ultraman while others are looking for SB. Nagi and Komon find the man with the same wound as Ultraman. The same man who always looked. Nagi intends to kill the man but the man calls a UFO and can run away. Previously, Komon had touched the UFO. When he was stunned, he saw the man's past. He saw the mood of the battlefield, a girl called out a name and when she met the man she called, the girl was killed when she intended to approach him.

Nagi lies to Captain Eisuke Wakura that he meets Ultraman in a human figure, while Komon searches for his identity on the internet and finds the same photographs and names in his memory, his photographer named Jun Himeya. Komon went to the newspaper office that contains the photo Himeya was no longer working there but he met someone who knew Himeya named Megumi Sakuta. Himeya's pathetic past is told by Sakuta. Himeya lost a girl named Sera. The Komon is increasingly convinced that Himeya is not a bad person as Nagi thinks, but still they continue to disagree. On the other hand, Himeya comes Jizou Negoro, a long-time friend of a journalist, who insists on bringing Himeya to work again and investigate. His investigation led him to engage with the TLT and make him pursued by the MP.

Also told that Komon has a lover named Riko Saida, they often dating at the zoo. Komon often miss Riko while working especially if he's been disagreeing with Nagi. The NR team again has to deal with SB this time at a factory, Himeya also catches up with them but instead sees Ultraman who claims to be a shadow of himself, and introduces himself as Faust. Himeya changed as Nexus and fight Faust but Faust disappeared and said just test it. At the same time, the NRs with their own powers are able to finish off a giant SB. Faust increasingly appeared, and Riko began to feel something strange with his body. Komon was surprised to see that one day Riko was wounded in the woods and carried Nagi's relics. In addition, the figure of the person who claimed to be the cruel game maker also appeared. He was named Mizorogi Shinya. Komon wondered why his colleagues at NR reacted strangely to the name, especially Nagi.

MP intends to erase Riko's memory for allegedly seeing the SB, but Riko disappears from the hospital. I am Shuto who is looking for him to find the shocking fact that Riko's family including the list of victims killed by SB. Meanwhile, Komon who worries about Riko goes to his apartment and is surprised to see Riko's room full of horrible pictures, he also meets Faust and again pinned Himeya. For the first time Komon sees Himeya changing. Apparently Riko was the dunamist of Faust, and he was resurrected by Mizorogi. Komon accidentally entered in darkfield, and he who can not stand to see Nexus lose shot Faust. Mizorogi had told SB to kill Komon but Faust was injured protecting him. Riko died in Komon's arms. Komon was then shocked and used by Mizorogi to control his weak heart. Nagi also influenced Komon to hate SB who killed Riko to make him stronger. Himeya then recounts her bitter past experiences and how she got the power of light to help the Komon rise from the sadness. Unable to bear with all that, Komon decided to better erase his memory. He was saved Negoro when the MP met him, Negoro who originally intended to extract info about Himeya and the TLT even helped Komon realize that it is wrong. Again Mizorogi appears and creates Riko in Komon's mind. At that precarious moment, Himeya came back and fought with the Mizorogi who turned into Dark Mephisto. Komon did not become captivated by darkness. He who remembers Himeya's advice has finally decided to continue fighting for the likes of Riko.

The Komon survived the Mizorogi, but Nagi did not return to the base. Komon also had the opportunity to ask Captain Wakura about the relationship between Nagi and Mizorogi. Formerly, Mizorogi was vice-captain of the NR. Nagi greatly idolizes the most famous Mizorogi in NR in order to learn from him how to defeat SB. Mizorogi also teaches a variety of special intensive exercises only two, in line with the growing feelings of love between the two. Nagi who hates SB is of course felt betrayed to see the person he loved then side with the darkness (SB). Apparently at the same time, Mizorogi is planning to invite Nagi to his side. Komon and Captain Wakura thankfully not too late, so did Himeya. This is the first time Captain Wakura knows Himeya is Ultraman. Mizorogi called SB to fight Nexus. Nagi who consciously shot Mizorogi and darkfield disappeared.

Himeya who was injured then again must immediately fight with the SB that appears in the mountains. Nagi, Captain Wakura, and Komon directly join Shiori and Ishibori who are already alerted there. This time the opposed SB has the ability to disappear, it takes 3 episodes to defeat him. Her unconscious Himeya was rescued by Horokusa and two friends who happened to be busy photographing nearby. Horokusa who is still an amateur photographer recognizes and idolizes Himeya. When SB rages back, he thought Himeya fainted while taking a picture. Horokusa took the initiative to replace him, he managed to take a lot of pictures but killed SB eaten in front of his friends. When the morning before and Nexus managed to defeat SB tsb, Negoro who is looking for Himeya take Horokusa camera from his friend. Himeya who listened to their conversation realized that Horokusa's actions were like him when he wanted to capture the moment of war, but he had forgotten the reason because his guilt over Sera's death was too great. While Negoro publishes it in newspapers and meets with UFO fan clubs that help him hide from the pursuit of MP, Himeya is severely wounded by the TLT under orders Yoichiru Matsunaga.

Himeya's body was taken to the experimental room just like Komon used to undergo a medical test. Yoichiru intends to find out the origin of Ultraman's power and how to get it to strengthen the TLT weapon. Himeya's heart had stopped beating before Yu knew how to revive it. At that moment, Himeya runs away and meets Komon in the hallway. Yu warns Himeya that if he continues to fight in that condition, he will be killed. Himeya ignores Yu's warnings and makes Komon anxious. Himeya herself ran away until she met Sakuta in a park where they usually met. On the other hand, the Mizorogis again do evil deeds. He intends to open a portal of darkness that connects the Land of Death with the earth to bring more SB, but it takes the energy of light belonging to Nexus to be changed in the dark energy in a ritual. Seeing Sakuta who is very concerned about Himeya, Mizorogi keeps Himeya from Sakuta by summoning SB and when Himeya goes that he kidnaps Sakuta.

NR is not left behind, with information from Yu and analysis from Ishibori, they find the point where the portal will be opened. In fact, Negoro with his journalist instincts also headed there. He almost killed SB if Himeya did not help him. Himeya who realizes his body is on the verge of border does not want to see again to see the people closest to him, like Sakuta and Negoro, were killed. He also took the risk and it's true he was not strong again facing the SB that Mizorogi prepared in the land of death. As Strike Chester arrives, NR sees the helpless Nexus crucified on a rock where the death ritual will begin. They also face SB, and with a new weapon named Ultimate Vanisher obtained from the experimental results of Himeya's body, NR was able to destroy the SB page. However, they were unable to fight the Mizorogi any more because he held Sakuta hostage. Himeya who met Sera in her unconscious made her able to rise. However, he again became a monster of Mephisto. Yu ordered the Komon to shoot right at the Nexus energy core with the light that once turned Himeya back on. Although initially hesitant, Komon did so. Nexus is now able to keep up with Mephisto. Seeing Mephisto difficult to conquer, Nexus launched a suicide attack and exploded together. All who see it can only startled. Komon cried, could not believe his friend was gone. Himeya pops up briefly as a ghost in front of Komon and leaves a message that keeps her always ringing in her head. The message is "Hikari wa Kizuna ...".

After the big battle, NR was interrogated one by one by the highest TLT-Japan board on Ultraman and Himeya Jun's identity and the reason they always helped him. While continuing to try to interpret Himeya's message, Komon and his friends fight back against SB. Turns out Ultimate Vanisher can not be used anymore. Yu tells Yuichiro if it's because someone has just hacked their database and deleted the Himeya file. NR is overwhelmed with surprise by the appearance of the blue Nexus. Yu tells them that it's no longer Himeya.

Nexus Junis Blue with dunamist Ren Senjyu (episode 26-36)[edit]

Ren Senjyu is a hyperactive young man who works part-time in a playground. Cheerful, friendly with small children, and very smart. He has a supernatural ability which lets him see the beast incident from the previous night, just by touching the asphalt. He sees the action of MP who were erasing the memories of people, specifically the actions of agent Mizuo Nonomiya. Mizuo herself was ordered to spy on Ren by Yoichiro, but they fall in love. Meanwhile, Ren realizes that all this time he was being photographed by a mysterious figure. Ren meets with Ultraman as soon as Himeya dies, and then appears in front of Komon and his friends as the new Ultraman. While protecting Chester, Nexus is injured on the right shoulder. Komon thinking Himeya is still alive goes to look for him. He sees Ren running fast from the area of the fallen of Ultraman. Komon follows Ren to his house. However, he was ambushed by Ren, who thinks Komon is the mysterious figure who had been watching him. Suddenly Ren faints, Komon sees the same wound as the Nexus and he realizes that Ren is the new Nexus dunamist. Komon treats Ren's wound and asks Harisu, Ren's boss for permission not to work, by claiming to be his cousin. Komon and Ren then became close. The curious Komon searches for Ren's origin through the network at TLT and learns that Ren is the child of Prometheus Project (PP), the same as Illustrator. Ren's life is colorful, he's always teasing Mizuo, becomes a clown in the playground, plays with Komon during his free time, and jokes with Ojiro, his fellow part-timer. The four of them eventually have dinner together. In addition, with his ESP he is able to communicate with Yuu who was also a good college. Behind his cheerful nature, Ren is dying. He was diagnosed with a kind of illness due to a genetic flaw that should not affect the children of PP and can only survive with a special drug called Raphael. Feeling confined by the academy rules that accommodate the children of PP, not having seen the outside world and his time running out, Ren flees to Japan. That's what kept him under surveillance by the TLT from the start.

In addition, it turns out the Mizorogi managed to escape the Land of death injured but alive after his battle against Himeya. During this time, with no memory about himself or his past, he keeps himself hidden until the one day he rescues, Riko the little girl whose parents had been killed by him. After being captured by TLT he regains his memory and with a deep sense of remorse, Mizorogi remembers that he was like a doll of great strength, he was the same as Riko. Mizorogi escapes before his body could be used for research like Himeya, he escapes with Mizuo as his hostage so now MP is also chasing him, one of which is agent Misawa. Though held captive, Mizuo sympathizes with Mizorogi and wants to hear his story. When they meet Komon and Nagi who want to save her, she instead protects Mizorogi. However, Mizorogi's is shot by Misawa who is now apparently capable of turning into Mephisto (Zwei) after Mizorogi lost his power when his dunamist moved. Ren also appears because he is worried about Mizuo, but he is pressed by Mephisto. The Mizorogi filled with regret, not wanting want to die in vain as a criminal regained the power of light and changed once again into Mephisto, this time to help the Nexus holding Zwei so Nexus can destroy him. A deeply wounded Mizorogi informs Nagi that the person who actually controlled him (Unknown Hand) was inside the TLT but did not know who exactly. Succumbing to his wounds he dies peacefully in Nagi's arms after she finally forgives him.

The story progresses fast. Junis Blue's first appearance marked a change in the new Nexus form due to the change of dunamist from Himeya to Ren, and followed by the emergence of new and increasingly more powerful opponents. Ren has trouble creating a Metafield due other forces that turning it into a darkfield and increase the strength of SB. Even the SB that was fought was an SB which had been destroyed by Himeya and NR before. In addition, a large hole of darkness also heals the SB wound pinned by Chester and Nexus. Meanwhile, Unknown Hand infiltrates the secret area located at the base of the base retreating after base defenses activate. In the midst of such a precarious situation, an agent from TLT USA, Sara Mizuhara, along with her partner professor Kaimoto arrive at the base. From her talks with the highest council of TLT, she reveals a that five years prior in Shinjuku, the first Ultraman appeared and fought against the first SB causing the death of 640 people. During this time, people's memory of the incident had been removed using Lethe, an extraterrestrial technology that fell to earth 20 years ago in Colorado (the same meteor as UFO fan clubs told Negoro). People's memory are stored in the Sea of Forgetfulness, stored in the forbidden area. Meanwhile, NR curious about the arrival of Sara, and assisted by computer-savvy Ishibori, discover the a secret file about the Shinjuku battle 5 years prior. They were also surprised because they themselves have never remembered the incident. Out of protest, Captain Wakura begged Sara to explain the reasons behind the memory wipe. Sara then goes home to the United States, and Kaimoto stays at TLT Japan to watch for Ren.

An SB appears in a city where humans can watch it. The city becomes plagued by panic and confusion, the TLT and MP work hard to control the situation. Ultraman and NR appear forcing the SB to retreat. Ren injured during the battle is captured by TLT after they realize he is the new Ultraman and just like Himeya, Ren is kidnapped and to be examined to make Ultimate Vanisher again. Mizuo tells Komon who immediately appeals to all his colleagues in NR to rescue Ren. They managed to escape with Ren after sabotaging the TLT. The battles became harder, Ren's body quickly reaches the limit of his endurance. He who feels already on the verge of death, and is determined to spend the rest of his life by fighting as Ultraman. Komon then tells Ren about the previous dunamist, he does not want Ren to suffer the same fate and die like Himeya. The SB resumes his attack, this time is a combination of all the SB's before. At this time, Yuu is also worried about Ren's condition and through Komon's Pulse Breaker tells him that Raphael has been brought over by Prof. Kaimoto. However, Ren feels he can not waste time going to the hospital first, he greet Mizuo for the last time and goes to fight all out. Ren wins but is dying, he is saved by Raphael's drug intervention. The Light leaves Ren, and the Dunamist moves once again.

Ultraman Noa with dunamist Kazuki Komon (episode 37)[edit]

The story ends in episode 37, with the appearance of Dark Zagi ever mentioned by Mizorogi in the TLT. His Dunamist turned out to be Ishibori, his past being expressed here. In addition, it is not explained further why Nagi suddenly acquired the evoltruster. Then because his emotions were hooked by Ishibori who claimed to kill his parents and only made the Mizorogi as a tool, Nagi turned into Ultraman inside the weakened Lethe area so that his power was immediately absorbed by Ishibori to transform into Dark Zagi. Dark Zagi then rampaged in the city while chased by Captain Wakura alone with Chrome Chester, while his other men Shiori did not move after being shot Ishibori and Komon helped Nagi. Finally Komon takes over the dunamist, feels he has successfully interpreted Himeya's heritage words, and transforms into Ultraman Noa to defeat Zagi. This series leaves a hanging end because it turns out after Zagi die too SB is still emerging. But this time the TLT confronted them without any further buzz from the public, followed by a closing narrative of the Komon.


TLT (Terrestrial Liberation Trust)[edit]

The Terrestrial Liberation Trust (地球解放機構, Chikyū Kaihō Kikō) or TLT (ティルト, Tiruto) is a top secret global, non-government organization set up to investigate, research and defeat the "Space Beast" (スペースビースト, Supēsu Bīsuto) threat. Japan’s TLT (TLT-J) branch is hidden under a hydroelectric dam found in the mountainous Kanto region (eastern Japan). The main teams of TLT are the Night Raiders, Memory Police (who erase the memories of civilians involved in any Night Raider missions or witnessing any Space Beast attacks) and White Sweeper, who are involved in clean-up.

Night Raiders[edit]

Night Raiders (ナイトレイダー, Naito Reidā) is the elite defense team united under TLT. The team responsible in eliminating Space Beasts.

  • Kazuki Komon (孤門 一輝, Komon Kazuki)
    see here (Ultraman Nexus)
  • Nagi Saijyo (西条 凪, Saijō Nagi)
    see here (Ultraman Nexus)
  • Eisuke Wakura (和倉 英輔, Wakura Eisuke)
    The captain of the Night Raiders. He is a good leader and takes action effectively in any situation. He cares for his teammates and is well trusted by them. Although his motto is to follow orders, he will take necessary action if it means to protect others. He is a brother figure towards Komon who provides wisdom to the new recruit.[3]
  • Shiori Hiraki (平木 詩織, Hiraki Shiori)
    A female in the Night Raider team. Although she looks pretty and cute, she is an expert in weapons and can be very strong and helpful during missions. She has a good personal relationship with Mitsuhiko Ishibori. After Nagi becomes the fourth Dunamist in the final episode, Shiori is shot by Ishibori when he reveals himself as Dark Zagi to the team, but is later shown defending people with rest of the Night Raiders from Beasts in the closing scenes of the series.[3]
  • Mitsuhiko Ishibori (石堀 光彦, Ishibori Mitsuhiko)
    The analyzer and tactician of the team and an expert in computers.[3] Unknown to everyone, he is Dark Zagi in disguise (see below). 18 years ago, Dark Zagi, in the form of a blue light similar to The One, possessed a man called Hajime Yamaoka to use him to execute his plan. First, he killed Nagi's mother to plant hatred into Nagi's heart. Then, he joined the Night Raiders so that he could see the progress of the plan more easily. Then, he used Mizorogi and Riko to deepen the hatred of Nagi and plant hopelessness into Komon's heart (this failed thanks to Himeya). Then, when Mizorogi is defeated, he deleted the data of the Ultraman to render the destructive beam useless. Finally, when Nagi became a Dunamist, every part of his plan come into place: the hatred of Nagi and the fear of Lethe towards Dark Zagi have resonated and turned all of the light of Ultraman Nexus into darkness, making the reviving of Dark Zagi successful. (Dark Zagi)

The Dunamists[edit]

Dunamists (デュナミスト, Dyunamisuto) are humans who can bond with the Light to become Ultraman Nexus, using a wand-like device called the Evoltruster (エボルトラスター, Eborutorasutā).

The first Dunamist, First Lieutenant Shunichi Maki of the Japanese Air Force, can be seen in Ultraman theatrical feature and is mentioned a few times during the series run by both Matsunaga and Sara Mizuhara.[citation needed]

  • Jun Himeya (姫矢 准, Himeya Jun)
see here
  • Ren Senjyu (千樹 憐, Senjū Ren)
see here
  • Nagi Saijyo (西条 凪, Saijō Nagi)
The fourth Dunamist, see above and below sections for information.
  • Kazuki Komon (孤門 一輝, Komon Kazuki)
The fifth and last Dunamist, see above and below sections for information.

The Dark Side[edit]

  • Riko Saida (斉田リコ, Saida Riko)/Dark Faust (ダークファウスト, Dăku Fausuto)
    Komon's kind-hearted artist girlfriend. It was later revealed that she had actually died at the day she met Komon, when her family was attacked by the Space Beast Nosferu. Mizorogi arrived on the scene, but turned around and shot her instead. She was resurrected to become a pawn of the darkness, unwittingly serving as the human host for Dark Faust, Nexus' first enemy. However, in the end, Riko's consciousness won out during a battle with Nosferu where Komon became trapped in the Meta Field, and she shielded him with his/her body against an attack. The revelation that Riko was Faust and her demise shocked Komon considerably, and he took a long time to recover.
  • Shinya Mizorogi (溝呂木眞也, Mizorogi Shinya)/Dark Mephisto (ダークメフィスト, Dāku Mefisuto)
    The former deputy captain of the Night Raiders, who went missing in 2008 during a mission with Nagi, also his former girlfriend. In reality, Mizorogi had merged with the Dark Giant known as Dark Mephisto. He is portrayed as cruel and manipulative, playing mind games with Komon and other people and seeming to take delight in antagonizing Nagi, his ex-girlfriend, as well. Using the Dark Evolver, Mizorogi can transform into Dark Mephisto as the most frequently appearing enemy of Nexus. Dark Mephisto is able to generate the Dark Field, which neutralizes the effects of the Meta Field and gives him an advantage in battle. In Nexus' climactic battle with Mephisto, it is presumed that both perished, but Mizorogi is found alive, although wounded and with absolutely no memory about Faust and his battles with Nexus. Eventually he discovers that he has been nothing but a pawn himself, manipulated by the Unknown Hand to become Dark Mephisto just as he manipulated Riko to become Dark Faust. He had also lost the ability to become Mephisto, but when the Unknown Hand sends down Dark Mephisto Zwei against Junis Blue, Mizorogi gets his chance at redemption, transforming by force of will back to Mephisto, and holds Zwei down so that Nexus can destroy him. Both Mephistos perished, and Shinya dies in Nagi's arms, and he reminded her that the traitor (Dark Zagi) is among them.
  • Hiroyuki Misawa (三沢広之, Misawa Hiroyuki)/Dark Mephisto Zwei (ダークメフィストツヴァイ, Dāku Mefisuto Tsuvai)
    He was part of the Memory Police that fell under control of the Unknown Hand. He has the same powers as Dark Mephisto and only differs in eye color with Zwei being red instead of black. Thanks to the interference of the original Dark Mephisto, now on the side of good, Zwei is destroyed by Nexus.
  • Mitsuhiko Ishibori (石堀 光彦, Ishibori Mitsuhiko)/Dark Zagi (ダークザギ Dāku Zagi)
    The analyzer and tactician of the team and an expert in computers.[3] Unknown to everyone, he is Dark Zagi in disguise (see below). 18 years ago, Dark Zagi, in the form of a blue light similar to The One, possessed a man called Hajime Yamaoka to use him to execute his plan. First, he killed Nagi's mother to plant hatred into Nagi's heart. Then, he joined the Night Raiders so that he could see the progress of the plan more easily. Then, he used Mizorogi and Riko to deepen the hatred of Nagi and plant hopelessness into Komon's heart (this failed thanks to Himeya). Then, when Mizorogi is defeated, he deleted the data of the Ultraman to render the destructive beam useless. Finally, when Nagi became a Dunamist, every part of his plan come into place: the hatred of Nagi and the fear of Lethe towards Dark Zagi have resonated and turned all of the light of Ultraman Nexus into darkness, making the reviving of Dark Zagi successful.
  • Unknown Hand (アンノウンハンド, An'nōn Hando)
    It is described as the unlimited darkness which controlled the Dark Giants and Space Beasts behind the scenes. It has the ability to generate a Dark Field G and it can power up Space Beasts. In the end of the series, its identity was revealed as Dark Zagi (ダークザギ, Dāku Zagi), Mitsuhiko Ishibori of the Night Raiders. Dark Zagi eventually took his true form and assaulted the city before being confronted by Nexus. While Zagi was able to hold off Nexus' physical attacks and even deflect all his finishing attacks with his bare hands, Ultraman Nexus eventually evolves into Ultraman Noa. Noa proves to be too powerful for Dark Zagi to contend with and Zagi is literally blasted into space. Noa fires his Lightning Noa attack and Zagi attempts to counter with his own beam but is overpowered and finally killed in a huge explosion.


  • Yu Kirasawa (吉良沢 優, Kirasawa Yū) called the "Illustrator" (イラストレーター, Irasutorētā)
    He is the TLT's strategist, usually coordinating the Night Raiders' operations against the Space Beasts as part of the CIC (Combat Information Center) Appearing in the form of a hologram, he knows more about the Space Beasts and Nexus than he seems to. It is eventually revealed that he is also a son of Prometheus, like Ren, and lived in the same facility with him in Dallas. When Ren was caught trying to run away from the place, he gives Kirasawa a rope necklace.
  • Yōichirō Matsunaga (松永 要一郎, Matsunaga Yōichirō)
    The director of TLT. It was revealed later in the series that his wife was one of the casualties during the battle between Ultraman and The One 5 years ago. In order to better protect the planet from the threat posed by the Space Beasts, he wishes to know the secrets of the Light, Ultraman, and the Dunamists.
  • Sara Mizuhara (水原 沙羅, Mizuhara Sara) (32-35)
    An investigator from United States' TLT, she witnessed the battle between Ultraman and The One (formerly her fiancée) 5 years prior to the series and comes back to Japan to investigate the true origin of Nexus.

Ultraman Nexus[edit]


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Opening themes
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Ending themes
  • "Itsumo Kokoro ni Taiyō o" (いつも心に太陽を, "A Sun is Always in My Heart")
  • "Tobitatenai Watashi ni Anata ga Tsubasa o Kureta" (飛び立てない私にあなたが翼をくれた, "You Gave Me Wings When I Couldn't Fly")
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Video game(s)[edit]

A video game based on the series was produced by Bandai for the PlayStation 2, under the name Ultraman Nexus.


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