Ultraman Nexus (video game)

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Ultraman Nexus
Ultraman Nexus PS2.jpg
Ultraman Nexus box art
Platform(s)PlayStation 2
ReleaseMay 26, 2005
Mode(s)1-2 player(s)

Ultraman Nexus (ウルトラマンネクサス, Urutoraman Nekusasu) is a PlayStation 2 video game based on the Ultraman Nexus TV series. It was published by Bandai and released in Japan on May 26, 2005. The game also includes characters two characters from the 2004 movie ULTRAMAN.


Two basic characters will be given in the start of the game (Nexus modes Junis and Junis Blue) in Versus mode. The other characters must be unlocked via Nexus mode. But some characters, (Noa, the One and Next) will be unlocked if you complete special tasks. In Nexus mode, you will appear in Anphans mode, until you battle the monster to a certain state, then you will evolve, becoming either Junis or Junis Blue (depending on the Dunamist you pick). If you die, you will become a Night Raider and travel through a forest to shoot at the monster until you can transform. In every 2 or 3 stages, you will face off against a boss (Dark Faust, Dark Mephisto or Dark Zagi). If you lose, the boss will revive one of the monster and you will have to shoot at it until you can transform again and destroy the monster. To unlock some monsters, you must die and fight the monster as a Night Raider.

Gameplay modes[edit]

  • Nexus Mode: Players can play as one of the two dunamists available in the game.
  • Night Raider Mode: Players can play as Kazuki Komon in 3 different training programs. A special mission is also available in which players kill Space Beasts to collect data.
  • Versus Mode: Players can play against another player or the CPU.
  • Battle Mode: Players can choose a playable character and fight several opponents.
  • Tag Battle Mode: Two players can choose playable characters and team up to defeat opponents.

Playable characters[edit]

Night Raiders[edit]

  • Kazuki Komon (孤門 一輝)


    1. 2 - Jun Himeya (姫矢 准)
    2. 3 - Ren Senjyu (千樹 憐)


  • Ultraman Nexus
    • Anphans Form
    • Junis Red Form
    • Junis Blue Form
  • Ultraman Noa
  • Ultraman The Next (Junis Form)

Dark Ultramen[edit]

  • Dark Faust
  • Dark Mephisto
  • Dark Mephisto Zwei
  • Dark Zagi


  • Beast Galberos
  • Beast Golgorem
  • Beast Grantera
  • Beast Nosferu
  • Beast Pedoleon
  • Beast The One

Theme songs[edit]

  • Opening Theme: Hero (英雄, Eiyū) by doa

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