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Ultraman Taro
Created byTsuburaya Productions
  • Masanobu Higurashi
  • Toru Fuyuki
Country of originJapan
No. of episodes53
Running time24 minutes (per episode)
Original networkTBS
Original releaseApril 7, 1973 –
April 6, 1974
Preceded byUltraman Ace
Followed byUltraman Leo

Ultraman Taro (ウルトラマンT(タロウ), Urutoraman Tarō) is the 6th show in the Ultra Series. Produced by Tsuburaya Productions, this series aired on Tokyo Broadcasting System from April 7, 1973 to April 6, 1974, with a total of 53 episodes.

Taro is one of the most typical name of a boy in otogi-banashis, or, Japanese fairy tales. The producer said, 'Ultraman Taro is going to be the fairy tale in the Ultra Series.'


Koh-taroh Higashi wanted to be a championship boxer. However, fate had other plans as he fell thousands of feet from the Earth while chasing after Astromons, a new creature in the third age of monsters. The Five Ultra Brothers brought Koh-taroh's body to their home world of Nebula M-78 many years into the past. It was there that Mother of Ultra merged Koh-taroh with Ultraman Taro, who would now form the Six Ultra Brothers. Before merging with Koh-taroh, Taro spent many years to hone his skills similar to the original five Ultra Brothers by mimicking their attacks through battles from both the past and future. After the merge was complete, Koh-taroh was taken back to present day Earth being the human host of Taro and as Astromons was ravaging a city Koh-taroh turned into Taro. Not long after Astromons's defeat Koh-taroh joined ZAT and fought in a new era of monster. Many foes were found that would threaten the Earth, but Taro and ZAT defeated them time and again with occasional help from the other five Ultra Brothers from the weaklings to monsters only Taro could defeat. During Taro's era, Birdon killed him and Zoffy but Taro was revived and killed the bird monster. After Samekujira attacked and Alien Valkie fled Koh-taroh wanted to show Taro and the other Ultras he wanted to keep his humanity by the time has come. Thus, he is one of the few Ultra human hosts to cut his ties with an Ultra Warrior. His current location is unknown.


  • Saburō Shinoda as Koh-taroh/Ultraman Taro (voice)
  • Akira Nagoya (1-8, 10, 35, 51, 53) as Captain Yuh-taroh Asahina
  • Takahiko Tohno (1st-34th, 36th-50th episodes) as Deputy Captain Shuhhei Aragaki
  • Hidehiro Tsumura as Tetsuya Kitajima
  • Toyoyuki Kimura as Tadao Nanbara
  • Kiyotaka Mitsugi (1-7, 13 episodes) as Jiroh Nishida
  • Kiyoko Matsutani (other than episode 20 and episode 43) as Izumi Moriyama
  • Akihiko Nishijima (8-30-33-35 episodes) as Takashi Ueno
  • Noboru Mitani Noboru (51-53 episodes) as Deputy Captain Hitomi Nitani
  • Shinya Saitoh (1-12, 14-33, 38, 40, 43, 47, 53 episodes) as Ken-ichi Shiratori
  • Yumi Asakama (1st-12th, 14th-16th episodes) and Keiko Ono (20th-53th episodes) as Saori Shiratori
  • Peggy Hayama (1st, 3rd, 19th, 20th, 24th, 53rd episodes) as Lady in Green/Mother of Ultra (voice)
  • Akebonogawa Tetsuro (1-50 episodes, 53 episodes preview) and Akira Nagoya (51-53 episodes) as Narrator


Ultraman Taro

Ultraman Taro (ウルトラマンT(タロウ), Urutoraman Tarō) he is 12,000 Earth years old. The son of the Father and Mother of Ultra, brother by adoption of Ace, and first cousin of Ultraseven. He appeared in Earth 33 years ago (1973) and had Koh-taroh Higashi, a ZAT member, as his host.[1]

With regard to the mission of the Earth Defense in response to the after ace, in the Earth of Space Science Garrison ZAT Koh-taroh Higashi while working as a, fight monsters and aliens with the power of more than Chohjuh. It is said that "it united with Koh-taroh" in the official setting, but in the depiction in the role, the Mother of Ultra was born by giving Koh-taroh's life to Koh-taroh, and there is Taro in Koh-taroh. There is no such description, and the words and voices after the transformation are also in charge of Saburo Shinoda, who plays the role of Koh-taroh. The call to fly to the sky was short and low until the 22nd episode, but it has been slightly longer than the 23rd episode (the diversion of the call to 7 when the 7 fly away at the 5th episode). In addition, the qualities of Kotaro as a boxer have been inherited after transformation.

Unlike other Ultraman, it is used while calling the name of the special move and often fights silently in battle.

The chest protector protects your body from all attacks as well as the Seven protectors. In addition, the crimson body like Seven is called a super body, and the storium energy is flowing to the whole body.

The ultra horns on the head are said to be the proof of a super warrior and boast capabilities beyond the other ultra brothers as if proving them. The following is an example.

  • Even if the body falls apart with ultra dynamite etc, it can be regenerated if the ultra heart is intact.
  • In Episode 10 Depparas's fangs did not crawl even though they penetrated the abdomen.
  • Although the color timer does not blink frequently during the battle, it has blinked several times after the end of the battle (mostly when the video of the first episode was used), episode 41 and in episode 42, the color timer blinked shortly after the start of the battle.
  • Also, as in episodes 29 and 30, the color timer did not blink even if the other ultra brothers suffered great damage that would cause the color timer to blink.
  • Arm strength is the most powerful of the ultra brothers.
  • In the movie " Ultraman Story ", the energy of the Ultra 5 brothers was absorbed into the ultra horn and powered up to the Ultra Warrior (Super Ultraman), and he overwhelmed the Grand King, who struggled even if the 6 brothers became a bunch.

Ultra Badge in the first 53 episodes returns to the Mother of Ultra, as a human being and Koh-taroh Higashi after defeating the Alien Valkie and went traveled left of the figure of Koh-taroh.

20 years ago of the story start (Mebius takes on Earth defense) later in 'Ultraman Mebius' returned to the land of light in 1986 and is currently under the guidance of a later leader as a leading instructor of the Space Garrison, Mebius also a student.


  • Height: 53 meters
  • Weight: 55,000 tons
  • Flight Speed: Mach 20
  • Running Speed: Mach 1
  • Home Planet: The Land of Light, Nebula M78
  • Human Form: Koh-taroh Higashi
  • Transformation Item: Ultra Badge
  • Parents and brothers: Ultra Father, Ultra Mother, Ultraman, Ultraseven, Ultraman Jack and Ultraman Ace.


  • Storium Ray
    A unique T-style weapon after some major arm-waving and the charging up of his entire body, Taro rests the fist of his vertical right arm to the open palm of his horizontal left arm.
  • Neo-Storium Ray
    A Plus-style variation of the Storium Ray. Used to destroy Alien Temperor's spaceship in episode 34.
  • Blue Laser
    Blue heat rays from an ultra horn. Also known as Horn Laser. He pulled out the stomachs pulled out of the mouth of the Volkellar, the whip-like arm of the Tyrant and the tongue of the Dilemma.
  • Scarlet Beam (Hand Beam)
    A red light bullet that focuses energy on the hand and emits intermittently. He defeated Ocariyan in Episode 16.
  • Foot Ray
    Jump and shoot red rays from both feet in a pose of swallow kick. In Episode 23, He threw away Roadra's neck and arms, but did not use it because it had been reproduced immediately.
  • Shooting Beam
    Rays of light emitted from both hands. Guron and, Alien Miracle were frozen in the marbles Alien Terrorist was defeated, Alien Temperor's ray type destruction was disabled in and, Gongoros and the Grand King paralysis beam type that gave a large damage to there is a.
  • Cross Ray
    Cross arms, rotate and radiate energy waves around. In the 37th episode, they crashed Moriyama's Super Swallow who was envyed by Alien Medusa.
  • Antigravity Ray
    The light which made the sphere which Tondile stored in the bottom of the swamp float up the eighth episode.
  • Ultra Swing
    A great skill that grabs the fallen opponent's body, swings it around, and slams it to a distant land. He threw Astromons, Dilemma, Pandora, Mururoa, Tyrants, Samekujira and more.
  • Ultra Slow
    A technique of grabbing the enemy and swinging around. He threw Memole into space in Episode 45. In addition, there is also a technique in which the Volkellar is rotated at high speed while carrying it overhead, and the momentum is used to toss it into space.
  • Neck throw
    Tighten the neck of the opponent, the enemy in all his strength tossed throw tricks to chance that daunting, Queen Tortoise was feeding like to. There is also a technique to pull down by grabbing the other party's arms and waist, etc., and this was also used for many enemies including Cosmo Liquid.
  • Shoulder Throw
    A powerful throwing technique that carries on the opponent's back and throws it on the ground. He threw a shelter, etc., but when he tried to throw Ganza, he grabbed the grabbed scissors and ended in failure. In addition, there is also a technique of carrying the opponent on both shoulders and throwing it.
  • Javelin Throwing
    Grab the opponent's body and fall back, kick the opponent's belly with both feet and throw it away. It was released on Astromons, Dilemma, Tondile, Mururoa, Sabotender (remodeling), Mushra, Guron, Memole, Beron, Galaking, Dorobon, Samekujira and so on.
  • Rock Removal
    It is a brute force that carries the opponent high above the head and throws momentum by turning the body. At the same time, he took over Beron and threw it away.
  • Ultra Chop
    This is a chop that is mainly aimed at the other party's hurry, and breaks a huge rock into two with one blow.
  • Hand Knife
    The hand chop which cut the neck of Rindon.
  • Cranberry Chop
    A strong chop to drive from the other's head. In addition to bathing in Sabotendar and Bemstar (remodeling), he threw on Gongoros, who hit the ground with "neck throw", in a row and sustained damage.
  • Ultra Power #1
    He made the whole body glow in iridescent light and pulled out the corner of the Eleking in a technique to demonstrate super power in an instant.
  • Ultra Power #2
    A different skill from the above. In the 50th episode, he gulballed the ball into a space-like space like a volleyball serve, pushing his right arm to full force and driving it into space.
  • Wipe Laser
    The ray used when it became bubble-covered by Ganza's bubble attack in Episode 7. He wrapped his body in a band of light and extinguished the bubbles.
  • Growth Stopping Ability
    A ray hit a child born from Ganza's belly in Episode 7. He stopped growth so as not to become huge.
  • Arrow Ray
    The energy is blown like an arrowhead from the side of the horn. He can use it as a joining technique because He can do it quickly. Used against Piccolo and Memole.
  • Beam Shuriken
    Concentrate the energy on your right hand, create a light shuriken and throw it. He defeated Gorgosaurus II in Episode 47.
  • Taro Cutter
    A crescent-shaped light cutter that fires with arms crossed. Two shots are fired at a time, and the enemy is torn up and comes back. In Episode 34, he cut off the Alien Temperor's hands.
  • Fire Dash (Taro Jum Fire)
    The energy that has been filled in Taro's body is used as a flame to fly at a stretch. He took an Ultra Shower in Arindo, which is not open to the Storium Ray and used it to kill it.
  • Set Ray
    The ring of light used to seal the mouth of Ocariyan is released.
  • Push-Turn Ray
    Hemispherical barrier. In addition to preventing enemy attacks, it is also possible to push the barrier forward. He pushed out Arindo's formic acid and Volkellar's gas.
  • Taro Barrier
    Create a wall of light to prevent attack. It was possible to move forward or backward slightly while leaving the barrier, and after stopping Miegon's flame for a while, suddenly releasing it defeated the enemy's balance and decided to use it as a Swallow Kick. "Ultraman Ginga" was used to prevent the rays of Dark Lugiel, but in addition to giving Ginga his own energy, it was broken because Lugiel had overlapped the light rays.
  • Swallow Kick
    From 600 meters up. Taro can not only easily leap to great heights, but he can jump multiple times in mid-air before delivering a powerful fly kick, usually used at the start of a battle.
  • Ultra Kick
    A speedy kick that focuses all energy on his feet and exposes to enemy weaknesses. In addition to kicking the head of Mururoa, in the movie "Ultraman Story", from the state of absorbing the energy of Ultra 5 brothers and turning it into "Super Ultraman", "Super Ultra Kick", which red-heats its right foot, is the Grand King.
  • Airborne Kick
    After jumping into the air, it turns sideways and delivers a powerful kick with both feet. He used it against Gongoros and hit it to the ground.
  • Kneeling
    A technique in which you hit the enemy's abdomen, soft parts such as the side and hit a lot of intense knee kicks. He did some damage to Pandora and Mururoa.
  • Atomic Punch
    Punch attack using a strong body. It is said that it has the same power as an atomic bomb, and a big hole is made in the belly of the Alien Mephilas II. There was also a Flying Atomic Punch that fired an atomic punch while flying with the enthusiasm, damaging Ocariyan.
  • Descent Punch
    After jumping high in the sky, hold the fists of both hands and hit them on the other's head. Increase the destructive power by adding the force of falling from a high place. He hit the head of Alien Medusa's head and did a lot of damage.
  • Taro Hurricane (Taro Spout)
    With a cry of "Taro Spout!", He spin the body and make a tornado. In the 23rd episode, he rolled Roadra into a tornado and blown it away and blasted it in the air.
  • Twinkle Way
    Taro can create a tunnel to gain access to his homeland, the Land of Light. Used in episode 24.
  • Eye Beam
    Find out the hidden enemies and see through the monster's body. Hidden in the yellow gas Kemujira, in addition to discovering the Gorgosaurus II disappeared, bulging hoarding the air gulonic or to confirm that the air is swirling in the body seen through the body, the body of the Gongoros he found a nucleus.
  • Ultra Freezer
    Along with the call of "Ultra Freezer!", The frozen light is converted from heat energy and released from both hands. In addition to freezing two Cosmo Liquid and Live King at the same time, he also freeze Guron (this time it was gaseous).
  • Taro Fire
    Heat energy is converted to flames and emitted from both hands. It boasts a range of over 1000 meters. In Episode 31, he burned down the haunted mushrooms (there was only one small mushroom left, which became Mushra).
  • Ultra Shower
    Spray water stream and extinguishing fluid. In addition to turning off the fire in episodes 19 and 28, in episode 41, he wet the body of Gongoros, which was born from graffiti, and wiped it out by hand. In the ninth episode, he bathed in Arindo.
  • Teleportation
    As a Spark Doll, Taro can teleport from one place to another.
  • Ultra Willpower
    Taro can make his enemies think he has been beheaded, using an illusion ability. Used against Enmargo in episode 14. Also used several times in Ultraman Ginga is one of the few abilities that can be used as the Spark Dolls.
  • Taro Bracelet
    Converts into a lance. Fires blue rings of light (Set Ray).
  • Bracelet Lancer
    The double-edged lancer and used against Cosmo Liquid.
  • King Bracelet
    An upgrade of the Taro Bracelet delivered by the Mother of Ultra. It can convert into a muzzle, a plastic blue bucket filled with water, and a "magic hand." It can also fire a Bracelet Beam, and allows Taro to divide into two and confuse enemies, can create a small energy barrier around his hand that can deflect energy attacks, and has a cutter beam that can slice through monsters easily.
  • Mole Operation
    He changed the size of the King Bracelet, put it in the rod of Birdon, tightened it and sealed the flame attack. Birdon's mouth has been closed.
  • Discharge Capacity
    Throw the King Bracelet at the enemy and hit the enemy at the same time as turning on the current. He do some damage to Birdon and pulled it out.
  • Alternate Operation
    Divide into two people with the power of the King Bracelet. While flying, it was used for Birdon, disturbed, crashed into Okumayama and was defeated.
  • Regeneration ability
    The ring-shaped relive ray was emitted from the bracelet and the hunter killed Chinpe. He also healed Pandora's wounds.
  • Taro Barrier
    Unlike the above technique, it generates a hemispherical barrier from the King Bracelet. He prevented "Iris ray" of Alien Mephilas II.
  • Ultra Chain
    Turn the rope into a chain with the power of the bracelet. He changed the rope entwined to the corner of Regeneration Eleking's weak point into a chain, and pulled out the corner with "Ultra Power" which fully opens the power of the whole body.
  • Toxin Clearing Ability
    Detoxifying light emitted from the King Bracelet. He restored people who turned into Mushroom People by the poison of Mushra.
  • Bracelet Beam
    Heat rays from the King Bracelet. He defeated a weak Muraroa to fire.
  • Ultra Decompression
    The King Bracelet emits high heat and melts the ice. He thawed the frozen tallow.
  • Christmas Tree
    He decorated the Tokyo Tower with the power of the King Bracelet and turned it into a Christmas tree. Used in Episode 38.
  • Cherry Blossoms
    The power of the King Bracelet created cherry blossom branches that bloomed. Used in Episode 41.
  • Blue Bucket
    A blue bucket of water with a deformed King Bracelet. Drunk rage and Beron was cool intoxication over the water to.
  • Magic Hand
    A magic hand with a deformed King Bracelet. He grabbed the Alien Kaan hidden in the belly button of Orphy.
  • Taro Lance
    Also known as Ultra Lance. With the power of the King Bracelet, turned a spear taken from the Tyrant into a scum of light and threw it down.
  • Ultra Slash
    Same as previous Ultra-Slash moves, except it comes in the form of small cutter beams from his hands. Cuts through monsters easy. Used against Gelan in episode 47.
  • Ultra Six-In-One
    Taro can merge with his five brothers to become extremely strong enough to enter the flames of the Ultra Tower to obtain the Ultra Bell and used against Mururoa in episode 25. Also known as Ultra Overlaping.
  • Spinning Jump Strike
    Taro can limit a super strike from his heroes by raising his body after defending it with his second box sisters. It destroys monsters in super fold.
  • Ultra-Smokescreen
    Taro can emit a six-colored smokescreen to blind his foes.
  • Ultra Dynamite
    Taro can cover his entire body in a blaze of hot flames. He then rushes his foe and grabs a hold of them. This will destroy the monster completely, as they are engulfed in the explosive fire. Used against Alien Katan in episode 35. In episode 30 of Ultraman Mebius against the Imperiser but failed. It was also used in Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie to preserve the last light left of the Plasma Spark.
  • Hero Ray (Unused)
    Melting rays from the forehead beam lamp. He use it several times in the cartoon work of Uchiyama Mamori.
  • Guts Needle (no used)
    beam fired from his fists and an Ultra Funryū (a six-coloured smoke screen)
  • Cosmo Miracle Beam
    a powerful laser he shoots from his raised arm and the side of his body, including his armpit, after combining with his five other brothers. Used only in Ultraman Story movie against Grand King.
  • Appear Beam
    Taro can fire a beam from both of his hands, but instead of destroying things, this beam can make things appear, such as a gigantic Christmas Tree.
  • Relive Ray
    Taro can fire a beam from his hands that will revive dead beings and bring them back to life. This includes humans and monsters. Used in episode 42.
  • Ultra Bell
    Strictly speaking, it is not the equipment of Taro, but it was used in the battle with Mururoa. The miracle bell hidden in the Ultra Tower of M78. With infinite energy, it exerts mysterious power by sounding. It is said to have been created by Ultra Elder, and when the Monster Army of Alien Empera attacked M78 30,000 years ago, it was said to be repulsed by the miracle of Ultra bell. Because it is protected by the "flame of justice" of Ultra Tower, Taro unites with Ultra brothers and becomes a super ultraman and gets a bell. The black smoke was taken away by the miracle of the bell in the earth wrapped in the atomic fog exhaled by Mururoa. The game Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth also has the effect of making the enemy smaller and reducing the strength of the opponent.
  • Operation of the Ball
    A strategy using the ultraman's ball that a boy had (a toy ball that splits into two and comes out with a parachute when thrown). Get close to the enemy by hiding it in the ball and letting it be thrown by a boy. Jump out of the ball and penetrate into the enemy's body, become huge and shatter from the inside. He defeated Alien Temperor. In the battle against the real thing, all Ultra 6 brothers went into the ball, and all six persons succeeded in approaching after getting into the enemy by having the boys throw away.
  • Salting Operation
    A huge barrel of salt was made to appear, and Mottokureron was squeezed into it to see the salt, so the nutrient was absorbed by the salt and returned to the original small monster.
  • Operation Mochitsuki
    He made a huge brow appear and blew it with Mochiron as a mortar.
  • Mamemaki Operation
    He made a cocoon with beans in a set point and hit the beans to damage it.
  • Ultra Reverse
    A special ability common to the Ultra 6 brothers, who relies on humans in the state of Koh-taroh.
  • Triple Spin Beam
    The combined technique with Ultraman and Seven used in the movie "6 Ultra Brothers vs Monster Army". Screaming "triple spin beam!" And rotating with shoulders, it emits an anti-energy wave that neutralizes the energy of the enemy. Neutralize the catch beam of the monster Gomora.
  • Ultra Flasher
    Used in "6 Ultra Brothers VS Monster Army". Shout "Ultra Flasher!", Combined with Ultraman's Specium Ray and Seven's Emerium beam, simultaneously shoot the Storium beam. The triple spin beam destroyed the incapacitated catch beam and saved Hanumanan trapped inside.
  • Deadly Ray Simultaneous Firing
    Several ultra warriors launch beam techniques simultaneously. In "Ultra 6 Brothers vs Monsters Army", he shot Storium rays with Zoffy, Seven, Jack, and Ace's rays and attacked Gomora. In the movie "Ultraman Zero: The Movie: Super Battle! Berial Galactic Empire", he defeated Delst's horde.
  • Ultra Charge
    The ability to share green light energy with other ultra warriors used in the movie "Ultraman Mebius & Ultra Brothers". When it appeared in the rescue of Mebius et al. Fighting U-Killersaurus Neo, he was released from both arms towards the Ultraman and Seven color timers and recovered.
  • Crescent Moon Shaped Light Bullet (name unknown)
    A crescent-shaped light bullet emitted from the right hand. Used as a control technique in the OV "Ultraman Mebius Gaiden Ghost Reverse".
  • Ultra Jet (not used in this show)
    Combine both hands and spray six colors of smoke.
  • Dash Warp (not used)
    Instantly move from star to star.

The Mother of Ultra

Mother of Ultra (ウルトラの母, Urutora no Haha) is 140,000 Earth years old. Commanding officer of the Silver Crusaders, a medical support team for the Space Garrison. She is Taro's mother, Ace's adoptive mother, the aunt of Seven and his elder siblings (as she is the younger sister of Seven's late mother) and wife of the Father of Ultra. First appeared on Earth in 1973.[2][3]

Appeared in the first episode, the second and third episodes, the 19th episode, the 20th episode, the 24th episode, the 40th episode and the 53rd episode. She was voiced by Peggy Hayama.

In the first episode, she appeared in front of Koh-taroh in the form of a lady in green and gave him an ultra badge. Then, Astromons was the Koh-taroh was seriously injured in the fight against coalesce with Taro.

In the second and third episodes, when Koh-taroh was swallowed by the Live King, she headed to the earth for rescue (Koh-taroh was rescued by ZAT in the third episode), and he appeared in Koh-taroh's dream on the way and was encouraged. Then, at the moment when Koh-taroh was under the Live King, he arrived on the earth and saved Koh-taroh. She defeated the Live King in space with Taro.

In the 19th episode, after revitalizing Taro who lost to Birdon in the 18th story, she gave a King Bracelet. Appeared when Taro defeated Birdon, he brought Zoffy, who lost to Birdon in episode 18, back to Ultra's star, as Taro did .

In the twentieth episode, he preached the love of the mother and the child to Taro who fights against the child monster of Flying Ridron.

In the 24th episode, She taught Koh-taroh/Taro, who lost to Mururoa, the existence of Ultrabell.

In Episode 40, she blessed Taro who beat Tyrant.

In Episode 53, she predict that Koh-taroh will be killed by a Samekujira, also his benefactor, as a turning point in life. Before long, it receives the ultra badge from Koh-taroh who decided to live as a person, without transformed into Taro. Alien Valkie he sent a message to defeating.

In the first and second episodes, the costume was unfinished, so a remodel of Ultraman's costume was suddenly prepared, and it appeared in the silhouette on the back of the sun. Even after the third episode that costume appeared, it is often used as a bank .

In Ultraman Leo, she ppears only in episode 39. She watched Ultraman Leo and Astra who became Ultra brothers with Ultra father. Appeared image is a diversion of "Taro" Episode 19.

In the Movie "Ultra 6 Brothers vs Monster Army", she gave the life of legendary white monkey Hanuman to Kochan, a dead boy who protected a Buddha statue in Thailand.

In Ultraman Mebius, the addition to the television series, it appeared on the Internet distribution work "Ultraman Mebius Gaiden Hikari Saga". The following is explained in chronological order. In episodes 10 and 11, she gave a new life to Hunter Knight Tsurugi who was exhausted in the fight against Bogar Mons, and was reborn as Ultraman Hikari who is the original figure, and she hesitated to live as Ultraman. With Ultra father who knew that "a tremendous threat" was approaching the earth in Episode 27, she ordered Mebius to return to the Land of Light in Episode 29. But she could not return Mebius to the Land of light. In Hikari Saga SAGA 3, she watched Hikari's activity with Ultra father and Zoffy. The Van Hiroto became Hibino and future of the model, there was also plan to re-appeared in the set that had been helped by Mother of Ultra. She was voiced by Masako Ikeda.

In the movie "Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy", she was known as in the past Marie (マリー Marī) and alongside his future husband, was a former friend to Belial before his betrayal. She was voiced by Rie Hasegawa.

In Ultraman Ginga, she was also a victim of the Dark Spark, having tried to protect her son from Dark Lugiel. While Taro descended into despair, Mother of Ultra encouraged him not to give up, allowing Taro to regain his confidence and had the Furuhoshi Town residents to support him in against Dark Lugiel. She was voiced by Miki Ōtani.

In Ultraman Geed, she appears only in episode 24. she felt the signs of the resurrection of Belial from the land of light, and she was anxious with Ultra Father. It hasn't appeared since then, but it is likely that she was watching over Geed's last battle with other space garrison. In the movie version "Connecting! Wishes !!", she watched the battle between Gade Zero Orb and Gilbarris with Ultra father, Zoffy, Ultraman and Seven from the Land of Light. She was voiced by Masako Ikeda.


  • Height: 40 meters
  • Weight: 32,000 tons
  • Flight Speed: mach 10
  • Running Speed: 600 kph
  • Home Planet: The Land of Light, Nebula M78
  • Human Form: The Lady in Green (a crossing guard)
  • Position: Silver Cross Army Leader


  • Mother Ray
    Instant treatment beam that transfers mother blue energy to the right arm and launches it. It was used for Taro in "Ultraman Taro" Episode 3 and Episode 19, and for Ultraman Zearth and Ultraman Nice in the movie "New Century Ultraman Legend" .
  • Mother Shower
    A technique to bring down the rain of renewable energy and revive the dead. Used for Taro who was beaten by Birdon in "Ultraman Taro" Episode 19. A similar technique is used to make the Hunter Knight Tsurugi in Episode 11 of Ultraman Mebius.
  • Mother Destruction Beam
    Destructive ray fired from the right arm. It has the power to defeat Taro's storium ray. In the third episode of "Ultraman Taro", he defeated the Live King with the simultaneous launch with the storium ray.
  • Power Beam
    The ray used in the special training to collect energy in the corner of Taro in the movie "Ultraman Story". Radiate from both hands.
  • Silver Cross Beam
    It emits radiation from both hands and is said to cure the wounds of the child immediately.
  • Mommy Ray (This volume is unused)
    Rays from the chest and is said to raise a child.
  • Relive ray (non-used)
    Indulge in dead creatures.
  • Ultra Slap (unused main volume)
    Original Special Move in " Great Monster Battle RR ". Take a strong round trip bottle to the opponent.
  • Mother Punch
    Punches out quickly. She was sent to Ultraman Belial , who attempted to steal the "Plasma Spark Energy Core" of the country of light, but it was received.
  • Mother Kick
    There were several variations of intense kicks, and in the Ultraman Belial game, although she was playing high kicks shot from the left foot and swing kicks that made a big swing, she did not receive any significant damage.
  • Double lifting
    A technique that lifts monsters by exerting "Ultra Power" with Taro, which draws out superpowers in an instant. In order to destroy the live king to be reproduced from a small piece of meat in the third episode of "Taro" in outer space, it was shown when carried away from the earth.

ZAT (Zariba of All Territory)

ZAT it stands for "Z ariba of A ll T territory" and is a specially formed unit that confronts threats from outside the earth.

The headquarters is located in the United Nations headquarters in New York and there are six branches: America, Argentina (South America), France, South Africa (Africa), Japan (Far East) and the Arctic. As described later, they show a homely atmosphere and develop humorous strategies, but they are the best with combat power and intelligence, Cosmo Liquid, Depparas before reproduction , Sheltar, Mururoa, Bemster (Modified), and Velokron II (remodeling), Dorobon, Alien Valkie has been proven to defeat the formidable enemy, such as. The number of defeated giant monsters is the second in the series of defense teams in the Ultra Series, to be the second in a series of battle results next to the 10 science special search corps . In addition, there is little composition of confrontation between members often seen in other defense teams, eating and drinking at the command room of the base, drawing a part pointing to shogi or playing in baseball and volleyball with citizens. A bright and homely atmosphere was pierced.

The Far East Branch is also operating in cooperation with other countries. There are also multiple space stations. As mentioned above, there are many members being replaced, but at the same time the world in the play is expanding compared to the previous Ultra Series. When ZAT exercises in Kyushu in episode 13, a member of Nishida transferred to the space station reappears as a contact person. Furthermore, in episode 27, ZAT members from around the world appear to look for Mandarin grass, and there are members of the aircraft dragon who are different from regular ZAT uniforms, and many other women besides Moriyama on the ZAT base. A member was working. In addition, Space Station is also confirmed in Jupiter in episode 40. The general male members' last names at the start of the broadcast are named after Nishida, Nanbara, Kitajima and the direction of the main character, including the east.

In addition, Earth Garrison has appeared in episode 5, but the detailed relationship with ZAT is unknown. In the role, a fleet including an aircraft carrier appeared as a force belonging to the Far East Branch. Also, the island of Oron, where King Tortoise and Queen Tortoise were inhabited, is under control.

The first feature of the ZAT Far East Branch is its abundant operation. They will identify the characteristics of each monster and create and execute the corresponding strategies. There are many mistakes, but the idea is quite flexible.

While other defense teams have some members who struggle with the Ultraman relationship ("The ultraman always kills monsters, aren't we necessary?"), There are a few members who are suffering, ZAT members Is also linked to Ultraman Taro in a trusting relationship, helping each other to fight the enemy without questioning their significance. After the appearance of Taro, Deputy Captain Aragaki blasted with "supporting Taro", and many scenes of Taro supporting ZAT's operations are seen throughout the series.

As mentioned above, this film is focusing on selling defense forces mecha, and there are also products related to defense forces equipment such as helmets and guns that were not in the era of "Ultraman", and they are viewed commercially and ZAT had enough existence significance.

Equipment such as fighters and vehicles that ZAT uses is known for its unusual design of the Ultra series. In "Ultra Ultra Weapons Encyclopedia", their weapons were born from the technological research of extraterrestrials actively carried out during the TAC era during the Yapool War, in their own science fictional apocalypse (from the note of this book), The two wings of Condor #1 and Super Swallow with holes are described as being equipped with a device called "gravity control coil".

The members are judged by a physical strength test every six months. This is because, of course, scientific knowledge is always required for members to have strong physical bodies. However, this examination is exempted because the commander and the deputy commander have more commanding ability than physical strength.

The uniforms of the defense team up to “A” were the same for men and women. However, the uniforms of female members of the ZAT Far East Branch are different in design but different in coloration from men, and the lower body is a miniskirt. Boots are the same for men and women. It is only this work and the 2nd work "Leo" that the uniform of the female member is a skirt, and after "Ultraman 80" it is returned to the same uniform again for men and women. There are also two types of uniforms for female members in "Ultraman Gaia", "Ultraman Max" and "Ultraman Mebius".

Only in the successive Showa Ultraman series, the theme song of the defense team has not been composed.

The plan document only describes the name as the Space Science Guard, and the third project book "Ultraman Jack" includes the "JAC" logo. [4][5]

  • Captain Yuh-taroh Asahina (朝日奈 勇太郎, Asahina Yūtarō) (Played by Akira Nagoya)
    Age 42 years old. Captain of ZAT Far East Branch. In the first episode, he expected Koh-taroh's courage and activity and enlisted in ZAT. In addition, he was a close friend with the Captain Kiyoshi and ordered him to board the house for the Shiratori family at the edge. He showed a lot of unique things, such as deciding the dispatch members based on what they ate the night before, and in the third episode, rescued Koh-taroh using 1 ton of pepper. On the other hand, in episode 5, the Secretary of the Earth Garrison, who prioritizes monsters to repel monsters, and ZAT's Kashiwajima, take initiative from the head and head, and in Episode 35, "What is the girl's desire?" There was also one side that was excellent in insight, such as seeing the fort of Alien Katan. Because he had various tasks, he did not show much in the Far East Branch's operation room after episode 9 as well as on the scene. When Koh-taroh started his journey again in episode 53, he sent out a handshake. The name in the plan book is Isamu Tachibana(Tachibana wish). The men's uniform has a red chest and a white border, but only he (captain) is black and gold (later white). In the 19th episode, each area of Birdon suffered severe remorse at a meeting with upper management.
  • Deputy Captain Shuhhei Aragaki (荒垣 修平, Aragaki Shūhei) (Played by Takahiko Tohno)
    Age 29 years old. On behalf of Captain Asahina, he is the deputy commander of the ZAT Far East Branch who often takes command of the unit on site. He is an exhilarating and broad-minded person, and has the judgment to make accurate commands and the thick personal ambition backed by them, but also sometimes makes jokes and presents a pretty face. There was also a time when he was bearded and was wearing sunglasses since episode 8. It's a big-boilers, and in the second episode of the discussion, it's about getting rice balls and curry rice together. episode 50 was finally transferred to the space station and left the Far East branch. In episode 53, Koh-taroh who left ZAT and left for a trip was touched by Asahina saying "Please say hello to Mr. Aragaki". In episode 33 and 34, the Ultra Brothers possessed the male ZAT officers in order to hide themselves from Alien Temperor, who was hunting them on Earth, and to teach Koh-taroh Higashi/Ultraman Taro not to be arrogant and to not rely on his brothers in arms too much. Ultraman possessed the ZAT officer Shuhhei Aragaki and later a volleyball player once Alien Temperor sees through their deception. Aragaki left the team to join a ZAT Space Station in episode 50 and a new deputy captain takes his place.
  • Deputy Captain Nitani Kazumi (二谷一美, Kazumi Niiya) (Played by Noboru Mitani)
    In episode 51, the new deputy-captain who has been assigned to the Far East Branch in replace of Aragaki who worked for the Space Station. In tears, they hate hatingly, and in Episode 52, the deputy captain is dedicated to marathon training to show the dignity to young members by taking strength tests of the members being exempted. There were only 3 episodes, but in Episode 52 they are active in defeating Dorobon, and among the captain and deputy captain, all three Sky Whale, Condor #1 and Super Swallow are on board (with Asahina and Aragaki is not aboard only Super Swallow. Mainly prefers Super Swallow as a commander aircraft.
  • Koh-taroh Higashi (東 光太郎, Higashi Kōtarō) (Played by Saburō Shinoda)
    A protagonist of this work, a 22-year-old bright and active good young man. The sense of justice is strong, and he shows wild behavior of jumping to a monster lively. After traveling around the world, return to Japan by taking a seat on Captain Kiyoshi's oil tanker. Oil Drinker and Astromons is rated and action courage stood up to in later enlisted in the ZAT, but had suffered dying of serious injury by attack of Astromons, Mother of Ultra and 5 Ultra brothers. She is brought back together with Ultraman Taro under the guidance of his brother. He usually lives in the house of Captain Kiyoshi, who is also a benefactor, and is as good as a real family with the son of Captain Kiyoshi, as well as Ken-ichi, who is entrusted like a brother from Ken-ichi. In addition, the bright and child-friendly character of ZAT also builds a good relationship with his friends, and also lets them know the children they met in the whirlpool of the incident. He was originally a boxer aspirant, so he went to the boxing gym after joining ZAT to do a road work in the morning. In episode 10, brilliantly it was KO win but faces while withstand the weight loss Japan Amateur Rookie of the Year race. Boxing is doing for himself, to fight through the end. At the same time as showing the true courage to Ken-ichi who lost the Captain Kiyoshi in episode 53 and the heart was wild, he decided to live without relying on the power of Taro. After returning the Ultra Badge to Ultra Mother and defeating the Alien Valkie without being transformed into Taro, he retired from ZAT and disappeared in the crowds of Ginza. Although Taro appears in works after "Mebius", Kotaro has not appeared at the same time as Ashida has not appeared, and at the same time, it has not been described. After the end of the broadcast, it was described in the academic journal that it had been separated from Taro at the time of return of the Ultra Badge. According to the novel "The Ultraman Mebius", a pre-history of the television series of "Mebius", 20 years before Mebius landed on the earth, he returned to the land of light as a tallow instead of the Ultra 4 brother who sealed Yapool. (At that time, Dan Moroboshi-Seven foresees staying on earth, and handing the ultra badge deposited from Ultra mother to Koh-taroh). However, in the initial plot "Ultraman Mebius & Ultra Brothers 2" of the movie " Big Battle! Ultra Ultra 8 Brothers ", only Taro returned to the land of light, and Koh-taroh was from Ultraman Taro to Ultra Badge (a mother of Ultra it was set to receive and separate from). In the proposal reading of the last name is the East was.
  • Tetsuya Kitajima (北島 哲也, Kitajima Tetsuya) (Played by Hidehiro Tsumura])
    Age 27 years old. He is the leader of the members and has command right after the deputy captain. In charge of information analysis and development of weapons and machines based on it. A big fishing lover who forgot lunch but never forgot fishing equipment. It seems that there is a brother, the person is the eldest son. He usually live alone in an apartment in Tokyo. In episode 33 and 34, the Ultra Brothers possessed the male ZAT officers in order to hide themselves from Alien Temperor, who was hunting them on Earth, and to teach Koh-taroh Higashi/Ultraman Taro not to be arrogant and to not rely on his brothers in arms too much. Ultraseven possessed the ZAT officer Tetsuya Kitajima and later a volleyball player once Alien Temperor sees through their deception.
  • Tadao Nanbara (南原 忠男, Nanbara Tadao) (Played by Toyoyuki Kimura)
    22 years old. Kyushu is from Miyazaki and is a mood maker. A bright character that expresses oneself as a "child of the sun". The maneuvering and shooting arms of the machine are first class. In patrols and the like, they often make a combination with Koh-taroh. He have a mother and a man at his parents' house. Also, in episode 51, she married Tamako, the fiancee. In episode 33 and 34, the Ultra Brothers possessed the male ZAT officers in order to hide themselves from Alien Temperor, who was hunting them on Earth, and to teach Koh-taroh Higashi/Ultraman Taro not to be arrogant and to not rely on his brothers in arms too much. Ultraman Jack possessed the ZAT officer Tadao Nanbara and later a volleyball player once Alien Temperor sees through their deception.
  • Jiroh Nishida (西田 次郎, Nishida Jirō) (Played by Kiyotaka Mitsugi)
    Age 19 years old. A young member who is good at discharge operations. At first glance, it is a senior of Koh-taroh who enlisted in the first episode, but he entrusts Koh-taroh who is older than himself as his brother. Transferred to Space Station V9 in episode 8, but reappeared as a navigator in episode 13.
  • Izumi Moriyama (森山 いずみ, Moriyama Izumi) (Played by Noriko Matsutani)
    Age 18 years old. Female member of ZAT Far East Branch. An attentive woman who prepares tea, ice and gum for members. She is mainly in charge of communication, and is good at information processing, but also has first-class combat skills. Participation in the first actual battle is episode 8, but the height of the fighting ability surprises Asahina, and often drives Sky Whale to support the melee combat of male members from the sky after that. In episode 11, she staying at the Shiratori family and doing housework instead of leaving home at the request of Koh-taroh. There is a depiction of dreaming of a wedding ceremony with Koh-taroh in episode 38.
  • Takashi Ueno (上野孝, Takashi Ueno) (Played by Akihiko Nishijima)
    Age 18 years old. In the eighth episode, the youngest member who has been assigned to the Far East Branch in place of Nishida. Unlike Nishida, since he is a true junior student of Koh-taroh, the person also talked about Koh-taroh as a good senior (for brother). In episode 25, Mururoa show the activities to repel the in AZ1974. It will not appear in episode 35. In episode 33 and 34, the Ultra Brothers possessed the male ZAT officers in order to hide themselves from Alien Temperor, who was hunting them on Earth, and to teach Koh-taroh Higashi/Ultraman Taro not to be arrogant and to not rely on his brothers in arms too much. Ultraman Ace possessed the ZAT officer Takashi Ueno and later a volleyball player once Alien Temperor sees through their deception.
  • The Thai members of ZAT (Played by Various)
    They are from Thailand who appear only in the movie, The 6 Ultra Brothers vs. the Monster Army.

ZAT Mecha

ZAT Mecha design is outlandish, for lack of a better word. They support Ultraman Taro.

  • ZAT Headquarters
    The ZAT Far East Branch is located at Chiyoda-ku, Kasumi-ga-seki, 1-Chome, 1-Banchi, Tokyo. It consists of a disk-like base body, a storage for each mechanism placed underground, and a shaft-like tower that connects the main body and the storage. The main unit has a command room for members, a computer control room, a reception room, a weapon development zone, a residence zone, an information zone, a launch gate, etc. Each aviation force is a rotary elevator inside the tower up to the main unit Be lifted up. In an emergency, the main unit jets from the bottom and acts as a flying saucer, allowing crisis avoidance (the lower tower part is stored underground). This function is originally intended to prevent the launch of Andromeda, which is launched directly from the underground storage. It was used only when monsters attacked in episodes 1 and 10. Next to the base there is also an office building in the office section. A tour of the headquarters by the general public is possible, but in that case, it must be offered a week ago and checked to see if monsters and aliens are transformed or trapped.
  • Sky Whale
    It is a major large-scale fighter aircraft, and on the front line it will also be a mobile control room responsible for command and control. In addition, it is a versatile aircraft that is also used for transport and reconnaissance missions. The equipment used for the above operations is usually transported by this aircraft, and the two-stage horizontal tail is a major feature in appearance. It is capable of leaving the atmosphere, navigating in space, and taking off and landing vertically, as well as performing chemical preparation and white liquor synthesis in the on-board chemical analysis room. Armed with laser gun at the nose that defeated Velokron (Modified), box-shaped missile/napalm shell launcher hanging at the base of both wings, and other optional equipment and equipment from the underside of the aircraft. Because of this feature, it has become the cornerstone of various operations and post-operation attacks. Condor #2 was the prototype of the design.
  • Condor #1
    Main character high speed fighter. There are many assaults in pairs with Sky Whales, and it features a foldable ring wing. Equipped with a reconnaissance camera and high-performance radar, it can fly to altitudes of up to 20,000 m and is often used for reconnaissance missions, but it is not possible to leave the atmosphere and navigate through space. There is also a self-destruct function, armed with a laser at the nose and a ZAT missile in the middle of the wing. In addition to this, optional equipment can also be equipped on the lower torso. The mini-kondor of the tail section is separated and can fly independently (not used in the role).
  • Super Swallow
    A high-performance small fighter with a small turn. A rocket motor that can perform strong jets for a long time enables acrobatic flight such as flight out of the atmosphere, space navigation, somersaults and back flight. Armed with missiles attached to the lower body.
  • Dragon
    A small high-speed helicopter that appeared in Episode 27. It was mainly used for search and reconnaissance because of the wide view from the cockpit. Ascends with the 3 rotors at the top of the aircraft, and can move at high speed by jet injection. It has a float and can be landed. The miniature was repainted and used in the "MAC Helicopter" of the next film "Ultraman Leo". The original design was a futuristic design.
  • Wolf 777
    Ground attack vehicle. It is based on the third-generation Toyota Crown 2-door hardtop (MS51 type, previous term type, basic grade). The vehicle, which can attack on the ground alone, can also run at speeds of 300 km/h or more with a powerful engine. It is possible to fly by hovercraft by defeating the wheel. The heat-resistant body resisted the flames of Birdon, but was melted by the acid of Roadra. Armed with wolf missiles, beta ray guns and guns. It has the same discharge device as the Rabbit Panda. In addition, high-performance radar was also mounted and used for patrol. Later, it was used as a black-painted vehicle for the black mist vehicle "Satan-Bat", the enemy organization of "The Wrestling Star Azteciser".
  • Rabbit Panda
    Small special search vehicle. Vamos Honda based. It was mainly used for patrols, such as equipping the front nose with high performance radar. It boasts a powerful armor that is not unusually designed, and is also powerful as a battle vehicle, as it is equipped with anti-monster laser guns and bazooka guns. Has a powerful discharge device.
  • ZAT Car
    Used for tracking and reconnaissance of aliens. There is no armed. From the 26th episode, the Mitsubishi-Colt Galant 4-door sedan in green appears. The car was broken by the Alien Temperor in episode 34, so the red Mitsubishi Lancer was used until the final episode.
  • ZAT Buggy
    Appeared in the 12th and 13th episodes. It did not participate in the battle for movement.
  • Pelucidar the 2nd
    A ground combat vehicle that is the successor to Pelucidar in "Ultraman". Appeared in the eighth episode. Two drills equipped at the tip boast a hardness of 10,000 times that of diamond. The drill can also rotate in reverse. It is mounted on the Sky Whale and transported to the site. It can be used in space. The armed forces in this film were six consecutive ground missiles, but in the opening credits, two large drill missiles are equipped.
  • Iron Fish
    Nuclear submersible for high-performance research. It looks like a deep sea fish with ZAT's only underwater strength. Armed with super plasma missiles mounted on the left and right sides, and an ultra-high pressure discharge device at the top. It is stored in the underground storage of the headquarters base. It is possible to dive to 20,000m deep. Appears only in the opening credit. Toys have also been released, but did not appear in the main series.
  • Andromeda
    A spacecraft large rocket that uses three rocket engines placed around the hull and flies with photon energy. It has various armaments such as hyper missiles, plasma missiles, and space torpedoes and it is possible to carry out interstellar navigation. Appears only in the opening credits.
  • Magellan
    A small space combat flying saucer mounted on Andromeda. It has a role as a lander for planetary research and can also be used as a space fighter. The toy has been released, but it has not appeared in the opening credits and it is an introduction of still pictures only.
  • Space Station V9
    Appeared in the seventh episode. Only the name was told as transferee of Nishida staff. A space station with the same name has appeared in "Ultraman Leo".
  • ZAT Station No. S1009
    Appeared in Episode 13. A member of Nishida, who has been assigned to us, supported ZAT, which exercises in Kyushu, from space. The relationship with V9 is unknown.
  • ZAT 1st Station
    Appeared in Episode 29. One of ZAT's space stations orbiting the moon, Captain Sano, who had fellowship with members of ZAT headquarters, was working, but was attacked by Bemstar (Modified) and rescue from ZAT headquarters was too late It has been rolled up.
  • ZAT Uniform
    It is a uniform of color scheme of bright red and blue, and it's connected up and down. It has high durability, heat resistance and cold resistance, but Koh-taroh's clothing has often been worn out in fierce battles. In addition, the members' clothing of female members is a one-piece type of mini-skirt that incorporates not only red and blue but also white. The line of the belly is black only for Captain Asahina. It was designed with a toy-like image to emphasize that it is an entertainment piece, but its functionality has become somewhat weak. Also, a stiffer jersey was used for the fabric.
  • ZAT Helmet
    It has excellent heat resistance and pressure resistance, and has a built-in communication device. The helmet of the Radio Tokusatsu Corps of "Emergency Command 10-4 ・ 10-10" has been remodeled. Initially, an antenna was attached to the bottom of the ear cover, but it became NG at the start of shooting.
  • Communication watch (official name unknown)
    It is a watch that members are always equipped with, and non-members use this to make regular contact.
  • ZAT Gun
    Handgun carried by ZAT members. It is small but powerful and it has been active throughout the whole game, such as the ground battle after the aircraft such as Sky Whale has been shot down. By increasing the capacity of the energy tank, the persistence of the attack has increased, but the weight of the barrel has increased. Cartridges can be used to switch between bullets, lasers, and gas, but the sixth episode has a laser dilemma and the eighth episode has a huge bullet to make Chemzilla. It was later diverted to "The Wrestling Star Azteciser" .
  • Reactive artillery for carrying
    It is a single-shot large-sized gun that launches the tip missile used in episodes 2 and 3. The shock at the time of launch does not affect the body. Also known as ZAT blaster.
  • Large Gun
    A large caliber machine gun that fires 100 bullets per second.
  • Super Napalm
    It is a flamethrower that can be used for a long time with a igniter-filled fuel tank on the shoulder. Used in episodes 1 and 3.
  • X-ray Radar
    Electronic equipment that appeared in the second episode. Installed compact the ground parabolic antenna from the X-ray radiation was perspectively an internal target. They detected Koh-taroh who was swallowed by the Live King.
  • ZAT Detector
    The device used to track the Dilemma in Episode 6.
  • ZAT Mighty
    Not only insecticidal gas but also flame radiation and hot water injection are possible. It was used to control the large ant that had been in the building in episode 9, but the nozzle was melted. The same model machine gun type can be confirmed in episode 14.
  • Land Mine
    In the 14th episode, they set for Emmargo attack.
  • ZAT Grenade
    A grenade used against Birdon in episode 19.
  • ZAT Bazooka
    Bazooka cannon that appeared during Pandora attack in episode 22. It is large but lightweight and easy to handle.
  • King Water Gun
    The large king water gun used in episode 23. They attacked Roadra with aqua regia, a mixture of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid, but the attack was unsuccessful due to Roadra's counterattack and the aqua gun itself melted and the operation failed.
  • Tron Bomb
    The new bomb that appeared in episode 24. For convenience, it is listed here, but developed by European countries, not ZAT equipment. It has such a tremendous power that it is called "the end-of-life weapon," and the target of the experiment was destroyed by a single blow. However, the creature of Mururoa is mutated by this experiment, and the monster Mururoa has been born.
  • AZ 1974
    The special bomb that appeared in episode 25 is extremely powerful, but it can not be remotely initiated because it is incomplete.
  • Spray Gun
    With the special gun that appeared in the 26th episode, It melted the thread that Mukadendar spits.
  • Plant Walkie-Talkie
    The device that appeared in episode 31 has a function to translate plant radio waves into human language.
  • ZAT Bell
    Equipment for crime prevention that appeared in the 36th episode. When it falls to the ground, it makes a loud metallic noise.
  • ZAT Special Gun
    With the gun that appeared in episode 42, Koh-taroh's junior Shimada used this to shoot Android Seiko.

Operation list

The following is an example of your own strategy. There are many humorous impression strategies based on daily necessities, etc., and they feature the features of ZAT.

  • Electric shock strategy
    The transmission line was driven into the Astromons from the Sky Whale and discharged to raise the voltage, but it was invalid because it was ramped up.
  • Discharge operation
    It is a strategy to drive electricity into the river and drive out the creatures. They succeeded in kicking out Cosmo Liquid lurking in the Tama River. Nishida's special strategy.
  • High pressure pipe operation
    In order to save Koh-taroh who was swallowed by the Live King and Ken-ichi's pet dog Pochi, a strategy to make a hole in the belly of the live king by punching a high-pressure pipe from a condor. He succeeded in making a hole, but he pulled out the pipe before the essential Koh-taroh and Pochi came out, and a Cosmo Liquid that had been swallowed in the belly came out and ended in failure.
  • Operation pepper
    Captain Asahina's proposed. In order to save Koh-taroh who was swallowed by the Live king and Pochi, one ton of pepper was sprinkled from the Sky Whale, and it was a strategy to make the Live King sneeze and spit up Koh-taroh. The operation was successful, and the Live King spited Koh-taroh and others with sneezing. Asahina "exchanged for (Pepper purchase) was ZAT for ZAT" and exchanged on the telephone being prepared.
  • Punch operation
    A strategy devised to instantly defeat the enemy in order to save the poor Taro in the first 2 to 1 battle. Taro saw this, and after freezing the Cosmo Liquid and Live King in the Ultra Freezer, the Cosmo Liquid was crushed and knocked down with an iron ball.
  • Operation basket
    Asahina sees a basket that has become a container for a boxed lunch that was sent to Koh-taroh, and proposed it. Although they have recovered their eggs, they carry eggs instead of King Tortoise and Queen Tortoise, which they can not own. At first, they tried to carry the basket by King Tortoise and Queen Tortoise, but instead, they transported the cage to Oron Island by the Sky Whale. However, after being taken by the Secretary of the Earth Garrison and Far East Branch who was furious over ZAT's policy to save the King Tortoise and Queen Tortoise who suffered injuries after being sunk by the island's total attack on Oron Island It ended in a catastrophe due to the violent attack and counterattack on Japan.
  • Neutralization operation
    They use super alkaline solution for strong acid which exhales Dilemma. It was subjected to tallow acid and neutralized with, brought its resistance.
  • Ant eradication operation
    Sky Whale lures a large group of ants lurking in the building with formic acid, and burns out the Condor #1 with high-voltage current (although it can only be seen as flame radiation in the play). However, the tactics failed, and ants united and Arindo was born.
  • Operation Miller
    Each fighter jets a huge mirror and guides the monster to the landfill against Depparas who responds to himself in the mirror. The missile was attacked where it was dropped into a pitfall there. However, it revived in one night, and after the rebirth, the strategy became inconvenient.
  • Dental treatment strategy
    The Sky Whale tried to pull out the underwater rocket with a crane because of the Shelter where the underwater rocket got caught in the mouth, but it accidentally pulled out the Shelter's teeth and became violent. Shelter was finally killed by the underwater rocket.
  • Land mine operation
    They are armed with heavy-duty armor Enmargo the, mine were challenged with.
  • Operation spray
    They sprayed the spray gas into the invisible Miegon, colored it to make it clearer.
  • Handcuff operation
    The Sky Whale and the Condor #1 handcuffed a powerful handcuff to the neck and left hand of Ocariyan in order to support Taro who struggles and sealed the movement.
  • Operation Torimochi
    The strategy that Deputy Captain Aragaki came up with the hint that bubblegum stuck to his face. He tried to seal the movement by putting a large amount of tortoise on Birdon, but the body was wet immediately after going to the water, so it did not stick firmly and ended halfway.
  • Takugeshi strategy
    In order to drag the monster sleeping in the basement of Tokyo New Town to the ground, an operation to remove the concrete covering the surface of the ground. Succeeds in striking and tearing a huge anchor from the Sky whale to the ground. It was King Zemira who was underground .
  • Operation net
    In order to protect the semi-lived one week, they released a net instead of a cage to King Zemira to protect his life. However, the residents of Newtown could not stand up to such a loud cry and exploded their anger and burned the net.
  • ZAT hedgehog operation
    A number of timed missiles are fired one after another into the body of the Roadra and then it is detonated like a hedgehog. However, it did not work at all for the road.
  • Royal water strategy
    It is an operation that melts the roadra that keeps melting the car back with aqua regia without missiles working. In the end, it failed to melt the radiator by the backlash of Roadra.
  • Operation AZ1974
    A new bomb "AZ1974 bomb" that uses only the narrow area and is three times as powerful as a hydrogen bomb. However, the launcher and detonator were not completed, and there was no time to attach them due to Mururoa's attack. For this reason, it was decided to carry out as a strategy of death and death that the team members of the drafter jumped from the Sky Whale to the monster and set the time bombs directly to the body, but the strategy was successful and the Mururoa shattered into pieces. It was scattered.
  • Hanging operation
    The chain was stretched between the Sky Whale and the Condor #1 and wound around the weakened Mukadendar 's neck and tightened, but the monster separated the neck and body and escaped it.
  • Operation Amiami
    The net was released to capture the Alien Mephilas II. It was a primitive but conversely novel strategy, but it was broken by a destructive ray and failed.
  • Two operations
    Analyzes the Bemstar that appeared in the past, develops a rotating saw with the same power as the Ultra Bracelet and equips the Sky Whale with a strategy to combat the Bemstar (Modified). The rotating saw had the power to make the building in two, but Bemstar had been strengthened to the huge Yapool (remodeling) , and the saw was destroyed and it ended in failure.
  • Energy bomb operation
    Taking advantage of the energy absorption mouth of Bemstar's (Modified) belly, two bombs were bombarded into the belly to cause a chemical reaction inside, and they were killed by the explosion.
  • Drug operation
    The weapon does not work. They attacked a ghost mushroom (Mushra's origin) with a special drug, but the drug mixed with the mushroom toxin changes as a powerful venom, and this is overused and ends in failure.
  • Operation Bell
    Blindness was Taro to Alien Katan to inform the position of, wearing a bell around the neck of the alien. This made Taro see the position of the star and contributed to the defeat.
  • White liquor strategy
    Sake loves Beron in order to crush drunk was synthesized in the Sky Whale white sake , but was swallowed, and too much to drink, was Beron was drunk in reverse.

The Shiratori Family

Koh-taroh Higashi gets room and board in the Shiratori household after he joins ZAT. The father is the captain of a foreign ship.

  • Kiyoshi Shiratori (Played by Takeshi Nakamura)
    Only episode 1 appeared. The captain of the large tanker "Nichimaru" that Koh-taroh got on board when returning to Japan. He is also the father of Saori and Ken-ichi. Because he usually travel the world, he often not at home (in episode 7, he stay in Persia ). His wife has already passed away. He intended to officially hire a temporary crew member Koh-taroh but this did not happen because Kotaro declined this. Captain Asahina is a close friend, and this is why Koh-taroh will stay at the home of Shiratori Family. In episode 53, one year after sending Koh-taroh to Japan, he was killed by Samekujira off Miura Peninsula on his way home. At the time of planning, Yoshifumi Tajima, who played Seki's desk in "Ultra Q", was listed as a casting candidate.
  • Saori Shiratori (Played by Yumi Asakama from episodes 1 to 19 and later replace by Keiko Ono from episodes 20 to 53)
    18 years old to 19 years old. A female college student who is the eldest daughter of Captain Shiratori. A woman who lives with her younger brother Ken-ichi and Koh-taroh who is a resident and lives with her, and her mother has already passed away. Has softball experience, good motor nerve. Although they have deep feelings for Koh-taroh, there are some clauses that are made of human beings, such as burning Yakimochi against Koh-taroh being with other women and having never rivaled Moriyama members is there. Since Koh-taroh started his journey again in episode 53, he was never connected with Koh-taroh. Actress Mayumi Asuka stepped down from her role as Saori and was replaced in episode twenty by Keiko Ono.
  • Ken-ichi Shiratori (Played by Shinya Saitoh)
    The 5th grader is a cheerful and brave elementary student who is the youngest son of the Captain Kiyoshi and is also the brother of Saori. In love with Koh-taroh and Taro, he entrusts Koh-taroh like his brother, and in episode 28, he is asked by Koh-taroh to cooperate in the search for Eleking (regeneration). The connection with Koh-taroh has a close relationship with the members of ZAT. The score is all one or two, but he has scored 85 points in the test (31st episode). episode 27 depicts a depiction of the youth baseball team Asahioka Topaz. He have never felt depressed about my home environment, and he is proud that his father the captain. In episode 53, Kiyoshi was killed by a Samekujira and his heart became wild, but he was taught by Koh-taroh from the true courage to face difficulties with his own power, and he decided to live strongly. He is also the only person who knew that Koh-taroh was Taro. His voice changed gradually as Shinya Saitoh, who played, was actually a strange period. The early plot "Ultraman Mebius & Ultra Brothers" of the movie "The Great Battle! Ultra 8 Brothers" appeared as an adult.


  • Secretary of Smith (Played by Piero Caramello)
    Appeared in the fifth episode. Secretary of the Earth Garrison and Far East Branch. In order to destroy the Tortoise, he asked ZAT to destroy Oron Island in the area he is in control, and that it would be dangerous if the number of spawning and breeding of monsters increased. Even if he ordered it, he would anger at ZAT claiming to live without hearing it at all, saying "I will have all responsibility borne by ZAT if I suffer", and he took ZAT's strategy against it, saying "I will not ask ZAT anymore". Send off an attacking fleet. Then, when the Tortoises returned to Oron Island, they attacked and sank Oron Island.
  • Sugashima Staff (Played by Oshita Tetsuya)
    Appeared in the fifth episode. It ordered ZAT to attack King and Queen Tortoise like a waistband, but he strongly criticized Asahina for having resented anger the secretary.
  • Professor Ohtani (Played by Tsuruzaki Masaru)
    Appeared in episodes 33 and 34. A leading authority on the universe who cooperated with ZAT, he has long been aware of the existence of Alien Tempera. He have a son named Eiichi. He was able to borrow a body from Zoffy.
  • Takashi Nanbara (Played by Chikako Ogimura)
    Appeared in episode 13 and episode 51. Mother of Tadao who lives in Miyazaki. Her bright and high-tension character has been passed down to Tadao. Taro was called "Taro-san". They are near-sighted and can not see anything without wearing glasses. In the 51st episode, she went to Tokyo with Tamako.


Theme song

"Ultraman Taro"

  • Lyrics: Aku Akira / Composition / Arrangement: Kawaguchi Makoto / Song: Takemura Taro , Shonen Girl Choir Mizuumi

"Taro Takemura" is a nickname of Ryoichi Fukuzawa. The synth arrangement is done by Masanobu Nipaku with non-credit. The first song was included in the play, and the second song was often edited in the form of instrumental. CBS Sony from Masato Shimon, Gentaro Takahashi, Columbia from Atsushi Mitaka, Toshiba record from the order Sawaki is a cover-version of was released, respectively. With the death of Tokyo's No. 1 Ichiya Torutani who wrote the theme song up to "A" , Aku was appointed as a successor. According to Aku, a seven-year-old eldest son at that time had a strange name, "Taro," and he wrote the lyrics because he was respected as a father.

Insert song

Program original "Ultra six brothers" (18. 25. 33. 34 episodes)

  • Lyrics: Aku / Composition / Arrangement: Kawaguchi Makoto / Song: Takemura Taro, Shonen Girl Choir Mizuumi

The third, tenth, and twenty-fourth episodes were used only in the instrumental version, and the eighteenth, twenty-third, and thirty-third episodes were used in combination with the instrumental version. The arranged version was used in "Ultraman Mebius & Ultra Brothers". A cover version of the Project DMM was announced later. "The Ballad of Ultra's Mother" (Ep. 38, 53)

  • Lyrics: Taguchi Narumi/Composition/Arrangement: Fuyuki Toru/Song: Fujita Atsuko
  • From King Records, a cover version by Peggy Hayama was released.

Other songs

  • In episode 23, the debut song "A Rainbow Dream" was used.
  • In episode 31, there is a scene where a bad junior high school student dances to Carroll's "Funky Monkey Baby".
  • In episode 48, Linda Yamamoto's "Animal Out", Finger 5's "Dial Dial 6700", "Rose Girl" and Kanai Katsuko's "Other People's Relationship" were used as inserted songs.
  • In episode 49, Reiko Sakurada's "My Blue Bird" was used.

In Episode 50 , Yoshiko Sakaguchi 's " Sign is V " was used in the volleyball confrontation between Yuki and Galaking.


  • The Ultra Mother is Like the Sun
  • At That Moment the Ultra Mother Was
  • The Ultra Mother Always
  • Big Sea Turtle Monsters Attack Tokyo!
  • Parent Star, Child Star, First Star
  • Jewels are the Monster's Fodder!
  • Heaven and Hell Island Has Moved!
  • Dead Spirits of the Man-Eating Marsh
  • The Day That Tokyo Crumbles
  • The Fang Cross is a Monster's Grave!
  • The Blood-Sucking Flower is Young Girl's Spirit
  • Monster's Solo Journey
  • The Monster's Cavity Hurts!
  • Taro's Head Got Chopped Off!
  • Young Girl of the Blue Will-o-the-Wisp Miegon
  • The Monster's Flute Sounds Ocariyan
  • Two Big Monsters Close in on Taro! Kemujira
  • Zoffy Died! Taroh Died Too!
  • The Ultra Mother Miracle of Love!
  • Surprise! A Monster Came Raining Down
  • Tokyo Newtown Sinking
  • The Wrath of a Child-Carrying Monster!
  • Gentle Daddy Monster!
  • This is the Land of Ultra!
  • Burn on! The Six Ultra Brothers
  • I Can Conquer Monsters Too! Mukadendar
  • He's Out! It's Mephiras-seijin!
  • Monster Eleking Barks at the Full Moon!
  • Bemstar Resurrected! Taro Absolutely Expires!
  • Counterattack! The Monster Army
  • Danger! Lying Poison Mushroom
  • A Nipping Wind Monster! Matasaburoh of the Wind
  • Five Seconds Before the Great Explosion of the Land of Ultra!
  • The Last Day of the Six Ultra Brothers!
  • Certain Kill! Taro's One Blow of Rage!
  • Coward! The Bride Cried
  • Monster, Return to Your Homeland!
  • The Ultra Christmas Tree
  • Ultra Father and Son Big Mochi-Making Strategy
  • Go Beyond the Ultra Brothers!
  • Mother's Wish - A Mid-Winter Cherry-Blossom Blizzard
  • The Phantom Mother is a Monster User!
  • Pickle the Monster with Salt!
  • Oh! Taro is Being Eaten!
  • She Was Wearing Red Shoes...
  • The White Rabbit is a Bad Guy!
  • The Monster Master
  • Monster Girl's Festival
  • Sing! Monster Big Match
  • The Monster Sign is V
  • The Ultra Father and the Bride Have Come
  • Steal the Ultra Life!
  • Farewell Taro! The Ultra Mother!

Other Appearances

Due to the aforementioned separation of Taro from his human host, Ultraman Taro never appeared in human form in the Ultraman Mebius series. When Taro arrived on Earth it was in the form of an energy sphere.

  • Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy
    Ultraman Taro has a one-on-one battle with antagonist Belial in space. During the movie, he also uses his body to keep the final light alive and prevent the Land of Light from being destroyed.
  • Imagin Anime 3: You Will Find the Ultra Planet
    Ultraman Taro makes a cameo in the episode.
  • Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial
    Taro is seen early in the film, assisting the Ultra Brothers in facing off against Kaiser Belial's squadron and several Darklops. After the origins of Belial's Squadron are revealed, Taro assists the Ultras in creating a Universal Travel Sphere for Ultraman Zero to use in order to travel to another universe. Towards the climax, Taro also participates in helping the Ultra Brothers in facing off against another, much larger squadron of Belial's forces and ultimately winning.
  • Ultraman Retsuden
    Stock the footstage.
  • Ultraman Ginga
    He is the supporting character in Ultraman Ginga. He is also a victim of the Dark Spark but retained his sentience since his fellow Ultra Brothers and his parents shielded him, thus feeling guilty for being "selfish" at that time. Taro becomes a teacher to Hikaru during his time on Earth. When Ultraman Ginga fell at the hands of Dark Lugiel, Furuboshi Town residents had their Ginga Light Sparks restored Taro to his original state long enough to fend himself against Lugiel to revive Ginga. Following the destruction of Lugiel, he was restored to his original form.
  • Ultraman Ginga Theater Special
    It is mentioned about its existence from zero (it was talking about Hikaru).
  • Ultraman Ginga Theater Special: Ultra Monster Hero Battle Royal!
    It is mentioned about its existence from Zero (it was talking about Hikaru).
  • Ultraman Ginga S
    However, he returned two years later in Ginga S during Exceller's reign of terror. With the power of the Ultra Brothers, he transformed into the Strium Brace (ストリウムブレス Sutoriumu Buresu), granting Ginga the access of Ultraman Ginga Strium. Like his Ultra Brothers, Taro contributed his Strium Ray and Blue Laser to Ginga. Once Ginga's job on Earth is done, Taro returned to M78 again, as well as returning the powers back to their rightful owners. Similar to his series, Ultraman Taro is capable of performing acrobatic feats during his entry into the battle. As a Spark Doll, Taro still retains the ability to teleport, bringing selected people into a subspace area and performing Ultra Physic (ウルトラ念力 Urutora Nenriki), which involves the use of ESP. His finisher is the Strium Ray (ストリウム光線 Sutoriumu Kōsen).
  • Ultraman Zero: The Chronicle
    Stock the footstage.
  • Ultraman Orb
    Taro who fought and sealed the King Demon Beast of Earth Maga-Grand King. His activities in the past were recorded by the Pacific Records and his Ultra Fusion Card was acquired by Gai Kurenai after Orb defeated the King Demon Beast. His card bears the element Fire (ヒ(火) Hi).
  • Ultraman Geed
    His power inhabited Tetsuro Matsumoto, allowing him to use the Ultra's pyrokinesis. Alongside Jack and Ace, the Taro Capsule (タロウカプセル Tarō Kapuseru) was harvested by Geed upon his host's gratitude for the Ultra.
  • Ultraman Geed The Movie
    He appeared only in retrospectives and fought with Gilbaris with the Space Garrison trainee.
  • Ultraman R/B
    His power dominates the Taro Crystal (タロウクリスタル, Tarō Kurisutaru), granting its user the fire-oriented Flame (フレイム, Fureimu) form. This crystal usually serves as Rosso's main power of choice. When inserted into his R/B Slugger, Blu can perform the Dynamite Slash (ダイナマイトスラッシュ, Dainamaito Surasshu). In Ultraman Festival 2018, he is voiced by Miyu Irino (入野 自由, Irino Miyu).[6]


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