Ultras (comics)

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Publication information
Publisher Malibu Comics/Marvel Comics
Notable members See: Ultraverse
Inherent abilities Varies

Ultras are a fictional offshoot of humanity (like Marvel Comics' superhuman mutants) who first appeared in the Malibu Comics Ultraverse comic book line.

Fictional history[edit]

Long before humanity evolved, an alien starship exploded in the Solar System; the main body of the spaceship landed on Earth, the core of the ship impacted on the Moon. The Earth component leaked its component nanotechnology into the environment, where it contaminated and combined with living DNA. The core which had fallen on the Moon (which later became known as the Entity from the Moon) gradually repaired itself and sent out pulses of energy to signal the main section of the spaceship; since humans now incorporated this alien technology in their genes, the pulses or "jumpstarts" had an unforeseen side-effect. Some humans developed superhuman powers; these individuals became known as Ultras. A number of the Ultraverse's superheroes share this origin.