Uma Baka'

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Uma Baka' people
Regions with significant populations
East Kalimantan, Indonesia
Sarawak, Malaysia
An Uma' Baka dialect of the Uma’ Lasan language
Christianity, Kaharingan
Related ethnic groups
Badang people, Lepo' Kulit people

The Uma Baka' tribe were originally from the rural center of Borneo Island. Originally from Bahau River, the Uma Baka' people began moved out from that river system along with the Uma' Kulit people in the 18th century.[1] Although the tribe still remains in East Kalimantan, Indonesia, some of them have moved to Sarawak, Malaysia. The tribe was known as the best hunters in jungle.[citation needed] The Uma Baka' people are considered as a sub-ethnic of the Kenyah people and their language is Uma Baka' language, which is a form of Kenyah language dialect.[2]

Today, their lives have totally changed. They are no longer head hunters. Some of their people have become very successful in education, business, religion and politics.


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