Umaji Naik Khomane

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Umaji Naik (Ramoshi/Ramvanshi) - India's First Freedom fighter
Born 7 September 1791
Bhiwadi, Purandar taluka, Pune district, Maharashtra, India

3 February 1834(1834-02-03) (aged 42)

Pune, India
Cause of death hanged
Nationality Indian
Other names Adhya krantiveer Umaji Naik
Known for Indian Independence Movement

Dadaji Naik Khomane

Lakshmibai Naik Khomane

Adya krantiveer Umaji Naik (Marathi: उमाजी नाईक (रामोशी/रामवंशी)) (7 September 1791 – 3 February 1832) was an Indian revolutionary who challenged the British rule in India.

Soon after the fall of Maratha Empire Umaji raised a tiny army against the British. His anti-British manifesto asked the country-men to fight against the foreign rulers. To capture him, the British Government announced a bounty of 10,000 rupees. Kalu & Nana deceived him and took him to Avlas near Mulshi in Pune and Nana captured Umaji at Uttoli on 15 December 1831 and handed over to british. British arrested him, enquired then hold him guilty and hanged till death on 3 Feb 1834. He gave a message to the British and British forces came to arrest him. Though he fought against them, the forces sent were able to arrest him. After his capture, he was hanged in Pune. After the hanging Trmbak kulkarni send letter for gift against umajis arrested.[1][clarification needed]

MR. Nana Chavhan was responsible for arrest of Umaji Naik.


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