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Sri Umamaheswara Temple

Umamaheshwaram (also known as Maheshwaram and Umamaheshrum) is a temple dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva in Telangana, India. It is in the picturesque Nallamala forest range around 100 kilometers away from Hyderabad on the Hyderabad-Srisailam highway.

Umamaheshwaram is the northern gateway of Srisailam — one of the jyotirlingas. It is mentioned in many Vedas that visit to a Srisailam without Umamaheswaram is incomplete. It is atop the hill properly covered by huge trees. Hill ranges shields the temple and 500 metres of stretch to PapaNasanam. Through the day hardly any sunlight falls on this stretch, thus maintaining the temperature below normal year round. It is popularly known as Poor Man’s Ooti.


Papanasanam is around 200 meters away from the sanctum sanctorum, where water comes out underneath the huge rocks at the same rate all through the year. There is a rock-pot there that gets filled with water for every five minutes and overflows to water jasmine and other plants below.


It is atop the hill 4 km from Rangapur Village, Achampet, MahabubNagar on Hyderabad-Srisailam highway NH7.


This temple is located at the start of the Nallamala forest; one can enjoy the Nallamala beauty from this temple.

Other temples in the vicinity[edit]

  • In the nearby village Rangapur is the famous Darga - Niranjanshalvali where every January 17 night you have huge processions taken in which lakhs of people participate.
  • 50 km from here, en route to Srisailam is the Mallela Thirtham which houses Lord Shiva. The waterfalls are a big attraction. To reach here you have to take a diversion from VatavarlaPalli.
  • 80 km from here is Maddimadugu, one more famous temple of Lord Anjaneya which receives thousands of devotees every Saturday and Sunday.

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