Umatilla Russet

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Potato 'Umatilla Russet'
SpeciesSolanum tuberosum
Cultivar'Umatilla Russet'

Umatilla Russet (/ˌjuːməˈtɪlə/, YOO-mə-TIL) is a moderately late maturing variety of potato especially suitable for frozen french fries processing. It was jointly released by the Agricultural Experiment Station of Oregon, Idaho, and Washington and the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1998.[1] 'Umatilla Russet' has been equal to or better than Russet Burbank in fry color in Oregon and regional trials.[2][3] The potato was named by the state of Oregon[4] after the Umatilla tribe, from which the city of Umatilla also takes its name.



  • Tuber skin is tan color and russety-like[1]
  • Tubers are long with a tendency for tapered apical ends[1]
  • Flesh is slightly creamy[1]
  • Leaves are dark green, medium pubescence[1]
  • Few (up to 7) flowers per plant[1]
  • Flowers are light purple with a yellow-orange center cone[1]



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