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Directed by Pere Portabella
Starring Christopher Lee
Release dates
  • 1972 (1972)
Country Spain
Language Spanish

Umbracle is an experimental feature film by Catalan filmmaker Pere Portabella. It is often seen as a companion piece to his Cuadecuc, vampir, also starring Christopher Lee. Both films were completed in 1970, though Umbracle was not shown until 1972.

Like Cuadeuc, the entire film is photographed on different kinds of high contrast black & white film stock and features a sound track by frequent Portabella collaborator Carles Santos. Unlike Cuadecuc, Umbracle features several scenes of synchronized sound, including a notable scene where Christopher Lee recites Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" and sings opera in an empty theatre, and a lengthy sequence of Spanish filmmakers discussing censorship in their country very frankly, their statements later reinforced by a nearly 15-minute segment from a pro-Franco film.

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