Umbrail Pass

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Umbrail Pass
Umbrail pass through Val Müstair
Elevation2,501 m (8,205 ft)
Traversed byroad
LocationItalySwitzerland border
Coordinates46°32′35″N 10°26′02″E / 46.54306°N 10.43389°E / 46.54306; 10.43389Coordinates: 46°32′35″N 10°26′02″E / 46.54306°N 10.43389°E / 46.54306; 10.43389
Umbrail Pass is located in Alps
Umbrail Pass
Umbrail Pass
Location of Umbrail Pass

Umbrail Pass (el. 2,501 metres (8,205 ft)) is a high mountain pass on the Swiss-Italian border connecting Santa Maria in Val Müstair with Bormio in the Adda valley. On the Italian side, it connects to the Stelvio Pass road and the Valtellina. It is currently the highest paved road in Switzerland.

The sign at the top of the pass gives its altitude as 2,503 meters above sea level, but the reference level for Swiss altitude measurements has changed since the sign was erected, leaving 2,501 meters as the correct value according to current methods.

The pass is named after the "Piz Umbrail", a nearby mountain peak.

The road is entirely asphalted since 2015. The last unpaved section was a 1.5 km stretch on the Swiss side between altitudes 1883m and 2012m. During the 2017 Giro d'Italia, Umbrail Pass was reached during the stage from Rovetta to Bormio.

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