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Umbrella Entertainment is an Australian Film Distribution company that began operating in 2001.[1] It is based in Kew, Victoria.

In addition to DVD sales, Umbrella manages the theatrical releases of Australian Films, documentaries and arthouse indie films.[2] Umbrella specialises in a wide range of content for theatrical exhibition, home entertainment, TV broadcasting and online download platforms. Umbrella has amassed a catalogue of over 1,500 titles and has one of largest collections of remastered classic Australian films and TV programs on DVD in the country.[3]

Umbrella also specialises in releases of rare, or classic cult horror titles. Notable examples include a restoration of the 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead, Night of the Creeps and the Australian Ozploitation horror film Patrick. Umbrella recently released on DVD and blu-ray brand new transfer from 4K master of Roadgames and The Man from Hong Kong. Upcoming releases will be Dark Age (film) , Long Weekend, Cosi (film), One Night Stand (1984 film), Attack Force Z, and Body Melt.


Umbrella Entertainment was founded in 2001, serving Australia and New Zealand. In recent years, it has begun serving international markets from this location. Annually, Umbrella produces up to 150 titles (films, TV programs and documentaries) for distribution on DVD which are released on a monthly cycle. Umbrella has developed highly successful internal web sales business with an ever growing email subscription base of loyal web based customers.

Umbrella undertakes rights management activities such as Theatrical and Non-theatrical distribution, Television licensing, video-on-demand, hotels and air-lines.

Theatrical releases[edit]

Umbrella Entertainment manages the theatrical releases of the films in Australia and New Zealand. 2017- 2018 Theatrical release schedule includes ROUGH STUFF an action-packed story of an activist group making a dubious deal with treasure-seeking Rovers and their modified four-wheel-drives for an expedition through treacherous Australian terrain, ZACH’S CEREMONY a powerful indigenous film and won Audience award at Melbourne International Film Festival MIFF and Sydney Film Festival SFF 2016, Jungle (2017 film) directed by Greg McLean Wolf Creek and starring Daniel Radcliff, Cargo (2013 film) starring Martin Freeman.

Film Girl Asleep was released in September 2016 and was nominated for Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts AACTA Awards

Restoration of Australian films[edit]

Umbrella has been in the business of remastering and preservation of Australian films, TV programs or documentaries and releases them around the world on VOD platforms, TV, Blu Ray and DVD.[4][5]

As of 2016 Umbrella is working with Roar Digital one of Melbourne’s premier post-production facility services to manage its film archive transfers (both 16mm and 35mm) to new digital mediums such as 2k and 4k. Umbrella is able to manage the complete package using Roar’s facilities and in-house production services. Roar Digital is providing audio solutions including creation of 5.1 audio, multi format digital transfers and delivery of all files needed for the demands of networks, streaming services, Bluray sales and DVD release.

Some of their DVD and Blu Ray releases have been greatly appreciated for the HD mastering and inclusion of Extras and special features. Extras have been sourced through NFSA, with directors and their family members gaining access to previously unseen archival images, footage and interviews. The extras typically include interviews with producers, actors, historians, original advertising, commentaries and original artwork. Licenses for these Extras have been granted for online download/VOD, TV and DVD platforms all across the World.[6]

List of Australian producers and directors and Umbrella Entertainment[edit]

Umbrella works closely with Australian directors/ producers such as Bruce Beresford, Peter Weir, Fred Schepisi, Anthony Buckley and Nadia Tass. Other notable directors/ producers/ cinematographer/ writers are:

List of restored and remastered Films and Umbrella Entertainment[edit]

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