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OriginOklahoma, US
GenresIndie rock, Pop
Years active2005–present
MembersScott Windsor
Sammy Sharon

The indie rock band Umbrellas was formed in 2005 by former The Lyndsay Diaries frontman, Scott Windsor. After they fulfilled their contract with The Militia Group, freeing them up to record and release their Beach Front Property EP in June 2007. Their sound is, at times, very mellow and atmospheric, yet can also lean toward a more modern/electro-pop sound. With their debut album recorded in a pseudo-haunted house, and their second album recorded in an abandoned comedy club, there are auras of emptiness and darkness swirling throughout the music. Their song "The City Lights" was featured during the climax of the Grey's Anatomy episode "Into You Like A Train," and "Ships" was featured during the Grey's Anatomy episode "Great Expectations, as well as the 7th episode of the 1st season of the tv series "Jericho"."

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Umbrellas (2005)[edit]


Umbrellas is the self-titled debut album from the indie rock band Umbrellas released on April 19, 2005 on The Militia Group records. The track list for the album includes:

  1. The City Lights
  2. Sleep Well
  3. Ghost
  4. Broken ice
  5. Emergency
  6. The Black Dress
  7. Reactionary
  8. June, Summer, Rose
  9. Your Exit
  10. Vampires
  11. Comfort In Suffering
  12. Set The Scene

Illuminare (2006)[edit]

Umbrellas - Illuminare coverart.jpg

Illuminare is the second full-length album from Umbrellas. It was released on July 25, 2006 and produced by Chap Coplin for The Militia Group label.

  1. Boston White
  2. Again and Again
  3. Crooked
  4. Idle And Waiting
  5. Angel Or Demon
  6. Thinking Of You
  7. Dignified Exit Society
  8. Tests On My Heart
  9. Ships
  10. We Fall

Produced By Chad Copelin and Mixed By Chris Fudurich.
Appearances from James McAlister (Ester Drang, Pedro The Lion, Sufjan Stevens, etc.) and Ryan Lindsey (Starlight Mints)

EP: Beach Front Property (2007)[edit]

  1. Help
  2. Love
  3. Beach Front Property
  4. Walking On Water
  5. Constants
  6. Picture Of Departure

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