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Umlaut may refer to:

  • Umlaut (linguistics), a sound change where a vowel was modified to conform more closely to the vowel in the next syllable; in particular:
    • I-mutation, a specific type of umlaut triggered by a following high front vowel; in particular:
      • Germanic umlaut, a prominent instance of i-mutation in the history of the Germanic languages
        • Umlaut vowel, any front rounded vowel (because such vowels appeared in the Germanic languages as a result of Germanic umlaut)
  • Umlaut (diacritic), a pair of dots (¨) above a vowel, used in various languages; originally used to indicate vowels resulting from Germanic umlaut
    • Metal umlaut, the same diacritic used in names of heavy metal or hard rock bands for visual rather than phonetic effect
  • Lars Umlaut, a character playable in the Guitar Hero series of music video games
  • Umläut (born 1968), Clinton McKinnon's experimental Australian rock band
  • Umlaut (software), an open source link resolver front-end for libraries
  • Ümlaut (band), a band on CrimethInc

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