Umm Qarn

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Umm Qarn
أم قرن
Residential area in Umm Qarn
Residential area in Umm Qarn
Umm Qarn is located in Qatar
Umm Qarn
Umm Qarn
Umm Qarn
Coordinates: 25°34′40″N 51°27′0″E / 25.57778°N 51.45000°E / 25.57778; 51.45000Coordinates: 25°34′40″N 51°27′0″E / 25.57778°N 51.45000°E / 25.57778; 51.45000
Country Qatar
Municipality Al Daayen

Umm Qarn is a settlement in Qatar, located in the municipality of Al Daayen.[1]

The settlement derives its name from local geographical features. Umm Qarn translates to 'mother of flat shaped hill'.[2]


Umm Qarn is situated in eastern Qatar, about 35 km away from the capital Doha.[3] The village of Abu Thailah is nearby.[4]


Annually, over 300,000 seedlings are grown in Umm Qarn's nursery. Most of these seedlings are distributed to Qatar's various government ministries. The nursery covers an area of about 20 hectares and has 7 growing areas.[3] A tree nursery in nearby Rawdat Bakheela in Al Khor Municipality was rehabilitated in 2008, and is used by the government for research and tree production.[5]


The follows school(s) are located in Umm Qarn:

Name of School Curriculum Grade Genders Ref
Az Zaanen Primary and Secondary School Independent Primary/Secondary Female-only [6]
Sumaismah Primary School Independent Primary Male-only

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