Umoja: The Village Where Men Are Forbidden

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Umoja, le village interdit aux hommes
Affiche Umoja.png
Directed by Jean Crousillac,
Jean-Marc Sainclair
Edited by Laura Delle Piane
Release date
April 2008
Running time
52 minutes

Umoja: The Village Where Men Are Forbidden is a French documentary film about the Kenyan village Umoja. For nearly 30 years, hundreds of women living in Umoja say they were raped by British soldiers in northern Kenya. Accused of having brought shame on their community, they are beaten by their husbands and divorced. A handful of them created Umoja, the village prohibits men who became the refuge of Samburu women. Jealous men regularly attack the village and cause problems for its founder Rebecca Lolosoli.

Awards and honors[edit]

In 2009, this documentary won the Silver International Festival of Audiovisual Programmes in category "Great stories and facts of society " and the special mention of the Young European International Festival of Audiovisual Programs in Biarritz, and the cost of the Red Cross Reykjavik International Film Festival and First Prize at the International Film Festival on Human Rights of Buenos Aires.

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