Umu Nneochi

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Local Government Area
Country  Nigeria
State Abia State
Capital Nkwoagu
 • Type Democracy
 • Total 142 sq mi (368 km2)
Population (2006)
 • Total 163,928
Time zone WAT (UTC+1)

Umunneochi is a Local Government Area, LGA, in Abia State of Nigeria. Umunneochi is officially known as Nneochi. Umunneochi is made up of three major septs Umuchieze , Nneato and Isuochi. The headquarters is located in the colonial administrative town of Nkwoagu, located in Isuochi. The asministrative capital is Nkwoagu in Amuda of Isuochi has been in ancient and modern times political and administrative rallying points for Umunneochi autonomous communities.The major towns of Umunneochi are Amuda, (Ngodo),Lokpaukwu, Leru, Lomara Lokpanta, Lekwesi and Mbala[disambiguation needed].These towns have been organised and re-organized a number of times over the years with their Traditional Heads known as Ndi-Eze. The Ndi-Eze rule with their Sub-Chiefs and Eze-in-councils.

The major occupation of the Umunneochi people include agriculture, trading and mining of granite,quorite and laterite. The main agricultural food crops are cassava, yam, black beans and cocoyam. the Cash crops are palm nuts and cashew nuts. These also constitute foundation of industrial activities in the area. In addition there schools, churches and clay and pottery activities.

The size of Umunneochi is 368 km² in land area and a population of 163,928, according to the 2006 Nigeria National Census.

The postal code of the area is 441.[1]


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Coordinates: 5°59′09″N 7°24′08″E / 5.9857°N 7.4023°E / 5.9857; 7.4023