Un Año de Conciertos

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Un Año de Conciertos
Video by Luis Miguel
Released 1989
Recorded October 1988 - April 1989
Genre Latin pop
Length 85:00
Label Televisa/Warner Music Vision
Luis Miguel chronology
Un Año de Conciertos
Luis Miguel: 20 Años

Un Año de Conciertos is a VHS video from the Mexican singer Luis Miguel. It was recorded in 1989 during the presentations of the artist by various places in Mexico after the release of his last album (at that time), Busca Una Mujer.

This video records (as the same title and an explanation in the video by Luis Miguel) one year of presentations. The video contains around 80 minutes of the concerts, and the other 5 minutes include an interview that Luis Miguel made specially for the video. The interview is cut and put in some parts of the video sequentially.

Song List[edit]

  1. Presentation
  2. Soy Como Quiero Ser
  3. Sunny
  4. Yesterday
  5. Es Mejor
  6. Culpable o No
  7. Ahora Te Puedes Marchar
  8. Pupilas de Gato
  9. Soy Un Perdedor
  10. Cucurrucucú Paloma
  11. La Incondicional
  12. Perdoname
  13. Yo Que No Vivo Sin Ti
  14. Isabel
  15. Separados
  16. Por Favor Señora
  17. Un Hombre Busca Una Mujer
  18. Entregate
  19. Palabra de Honor
  20. Cuando Calienta el Sol