Una Peaks

Coordinates: 65°06′24″S 63°56′26″W / 65.10667°S 63.94056°W / -65.10667; -63.94056
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Una Peaks
Una's Tits
Unas tits 2010.jpg
Una's Tits, Lemaire Channel, January 2010
Highest point
Elevation747 m (2,451 ft)
Coordinates65°06′24″S 63°56′26″W / 65.10667°S 63.94056°W / -65.10667; -63.94056
Una Peaks is located in Antarctica
Una Peaks
Una Peaks
First ascent1999

Una Peaks,[1][2] formerly known as Cape Renard Towers,[3] are two towers of basalt, each topped by a cap of ice, guarding the northern entrance to the Lemaire Channel on the Antarctic Peninsula. With the highest summit at 747 metres (2,451 ft),[4] The formation has been long colloquially known as "Una's Tits".[1] The peaks appear on a British Antarctic Territory stamp although they are not identified as such. The individual towers are referred to as "buttresses".[5]

Una Spivey was the name of a secretary in the governor's office in Stanley, Falkland Islands[1] who was working for what is now the British Antarctic Survey.[6] The tallest tower has only been summited once; this was by a German team in 1999 [4] (Kurt Albert, Stefan Glowacz, Hans Martin Götz, Gerhard Heidorn, Holger Heuber and Jürgen Knappe). [7]

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