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Una Mulzac (April 19, 1923 – January 21, 2012) was an American bookseller and founder of the Liberation Bookstore, a prominent African-American bookstore specializing in political and Black Power materials and was located in Harlem.[1][2]


Mulzac was born in Baltimore, daughter to Hugh Mulzac, a socialist and the first black commander of a ship in the United States merchant marine. She grew up in Bedford–Stuyvesant, where she graduated from Girls' High School.

In 1963, Mulzac moved to British Guiana; after fighting for revolution, she was injured in a bomb attack.[citation needed] [3]

In 1966, she moved to Harlem; in 1967, she opened Liberation Bookstore.[1] Mulzac was on the executive board of the Harlem chapter of the NAACP.[4]

Her grand nephew is Sharrif Simmons, a poet and songwriter.[5]

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