Una Noche

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For the 98 Degrees song, see Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche).
For the 2012 Cuban film, see Una Noche (film).
Una Noche
Live album by La Secta AllStar
Released 2002
Genre Rock en español
La Secta AllStar chronology
Una Noche

Una Noche is the first live album by the Puerto Rican rock band La Secta AllStar. It was released independently in 2002 and features the Puerto Rican reggae band Cultura Profética on the song "Vino Viejo".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Aniquila"
  2. "Asesino"
  3. "Chica ideal"
  4. "Se Acabo"
  5. "Vino Viejo" (feat. Cultura Profética)
  6. "Si Tu No Estás"
  7. "Sequía"
  8. "Eso Es Vivir"
  9. "Nunca Jamas"
  10. "Dame Lo Que Quieras"