Una Viuda descocada

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Una Viuda descocada
Directed by Armando Bó
Produced by Armando Bó
Written by Armando Bó
Starring Isabel Sarli
José Marrone
Jorge Barreiro
Music by Eligio Ayala Morin
Armando Bó
Julio Presas (songs)
Luis Alberto del Paraná (songs)
Cinematography Pedro Marzialetti
Edited by Vicente Castagno
Roselino Caterbetti
Sociedad Independiente Filmadora Argentina (S.I.F.A.)
Distributed by Films AM
Release date
Running time
95 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Una Viuda descocada is a 1980 Argentine comedy film written and directed by Armando Bó and starring Isabel Sarli. It is a sequel to the Bó's 1967 film La señora del intendente and it was also the last film he directed before his death.


The beautiful and exuberant Flor Tetis Soutién de Gambetta (Isabel Sarli) has been left almost broke after she widowed for the eighth time. But then she falls in love with Pepe (José Marrone) who has won the lottery.


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