Una bella governante di colore

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Una bella governante di colore
Una bella governante di colore.jpg
Italian theatrical release poster
Directed byLuigi Russo
Written byMarino Onorati
Luigi Rosso
Music byGianfranco Plenizio
CinematographyMario Capriotti
Release date
  • 1976 (1976)

Una bella governante di colore is a 1976 Italian commedia sexy all'italiana directed by Luigi Russo and starring Renzo Montagnani with Pasolini muse Ines Pellegrini.[1][2][3]

In France, the film was released in an adult version with addition of two French-produced hardcore sequences and under the title Poupées sur canapé in 1978.[4]


Nicola Salluzzi (Montagnani) is the owner of an insecticide company and his teenage son Simone (Jean-Claude Verné) has the habit of sleeping with his female employees. After Simone has impregnated successive housemaids and put the family name in jeopardy, Nicola and his wife Aspasia (Marisa Merlini) decide to hire a black housemaid, presuming that she will be just too ugly. However, the new housemaid Myriam (Pellegrini) soon attracts Simone with her exotic beauty. On the other hand, Nicola is also troubled in his relationship with his mistress Dr. Santina (Orchidea De Santis).


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