Una Película de Huevos

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Una película de huevos
Poster featuring Willy
Directed byGabriel and Rodolfo Riva Palacio Alatriste
Produced byGabriel and Rodolfo Riva Palacio Alatriste
Francisco Arriagada
Raúl Calao
Carlos Zepeda
Jose Lara
Written byGabriel and Rodolfo Riva Palacio Alatriste
StarringBruno Bichir
Angélica Vale
Carlos Espejel
Music byCarlos Zepeda
Edited byValeria Foster
Leandro Spatz
Distributed byVideocine
Release date
April 21, 2006
Running time
90 minutes
Budget$1.5 million
Box officeMXN$142.3 million[1]
(US$7.8 million)

Una Película de Huevos (Spanish for A Movie of Eggs) is a 2006 Mexican animated adventure comedy film produced by Huevocartoon Producciones, and features voices of Bruno Bichir, Angélica Vale and Carlos Espejel.

The film was released on 21 April 2006 and became a commercial success, grossing $142.3 million pesos ($7.6 million), and holds the record as the 10th highest-grossing films produced in Mexico of all time.[1][2] The film won the Ariel Award of 2007 for 'Mejor largometraje de animación' ('Best Animated Feature Film').[3]


A small egg named Toto decides that he wants to fulfill his purpose in life and become a chicken instead of dying in a frying pan; so he starts a quest to return to the farms along with his new friend, the noisy egg Willy and a crazy bacon stripe.


  • Bruno Bichir as Toto, a three-day-old chicken egg who got taken away from his mother. He is sometimes stubborn, but also very gentle and caring. He has feathers for hair.
  • Carlos Espejel as Willy, a four-day-old chicken egg and Sargent of Leader's army, who served as look-out in the egg container before tagging along with Toto and Tocino. He originally wants to become a rooster like Toto, until he meets Bibi and decides to change his course and choose his own road. He wears a green army helmet and a belt.
  • Angélica Vale as Bibi, a spoiled, circus egg who works at a carnival and is Willy's love interest. Bibi has long, curly brown ponytail and wears a blue cape with star brooches hanging from it. She has two brothers, Bebe and Bubi.
  • Miguel Guerrero as Tocino, a strip of bacon that Toto and Willy met in the floor of the kitchen. He is found useful weapon due to physical properties such as elasticity and greasiness. Tocino explains through physical movement which can be easily understood by most characters. He doesn't speak throughout the film; however, he does talk in the "bloopers" sequence. He doesn't wear any clothing, but his feet resemble shoes.
  • Rodolfo Riva Palacio Alatriste as Coco, a crocodile egg and leader of the reptile gang sent by the adult reptiles to crush the chicken eggs. Despite his leadership, he doesn't really care about the missions given to him by his father and spends most of his time dreaming of becoming a famous actor. He's has big, bulk-like arms tipped with yellowish cuffs and an exaggerated Elvis Presley-style hairdo. Rodolfo also voiced Iguano, an iguana egg and largest member of the reptile egg gang, whose intelligence is low. He often carries a club and has messy overgrown hair. Among others, Rodolfo also voiced Cuache, an easy-going rat, Poeta Huevo #2 (Egg Poet #2) from the deleted ending scene, and Hue Bond, an egg resembling James Bond who only appears in the bloopers segment.
  • Gabriel Riva Palacio Alatriste as Confi, a Cascarón egg and the most prominent of the eggs who share the same name. Among his people, he's considered some sort of spiritual guide and is often followed by the others in his senseless prayers and speeches. He operates the night club-like establishment behind the amusement park. Like traditional confetti eggs, he is painted in bright colors and tipped with a piece of navy blue india paper. Gabriel also voices Serp, a rattlesnake egg and a member of Coco's gang. He's very quick tempered, which contrasts starkly with the easygoing nature of the fellow reptile eggs. He's constantly scolding Coco into concentrating on the mission at hand. Due to being a snake egg, he lacks hands and so depends on his surfacing tail to grab objects. Among other characters voiced by Gabriel are Poeta Huevo #3 (Egg Poet #3) who only appears in the deleted ending scene, and Torti, slow tortoise egg who has powerful jaws that Coco's gang commonly use to snap objects apart. He often annoys his fellow gang members due to his slow movements. He's the only quadrupedal egg featured in his gang.
  • Humberto Vélez as Huevo de chocolate (Chocolate egg) a.k.a. Huevay "El Segundo", a chocolate egg who got lost into the family's sofa for a year. He can be referred as a portrayal of black people, but his behavior suggests he's actually of Cuban race. He wears what resembles to be golden pants.
  • Blas García as Huevo Líder (Egg Leader) the General of the kitchen's egg army. He's quick to recruit any new eggs into his gang, even when they're not interested. He has bad hearing, which derived on him calling Toto "Pompis". He speaks in a German accent and is the only egg with facial hair. He wears a General army hat.
  • Enzo Fortuny as Bebe and Mario Filio as Bubi, Bibi's brothers who perform in the same juggling act as her. Despite their childish looks, Bebe and Bubi are very mature and show deep love for their sister. Bebe is a large egg who wears a red body suit with star markings and has a mohawk, while Bubi is a blond egg who wears a blue bodysuit with a star on the chest. Filio also voices Huevito Preso #1 (Egg Prisoner #1).
  • Gaby Torres as Clara, the Leader's loud subordinate and Willy's superior. She often bosses around with other eggs, but does so out of genuine concern for their safety.
  • Irwin Daayán as Fefe and Gogo / Vendedor (seller)
  • Carlos Cobos as Effeminate Egg
  • Fernando Meza as Tlacua, a hungry and quick-tempered rat / Lagartijo, a neurotic egg who is part of the reptile egg gang / Poeta Huevo #1 (Egg Poet #1)
  • Rubén Moya as Cocodrilo, the crocodile leader of the adult reptile eggs group and father of Coco. He hopes for his son to be cruel and a bully just like him, but is depressed by the fact that Coco cares more about acting. Cocodrilo has a military-like hairdo.
  • Lourdes Morán as Mamá Gallina, Toto's sweet and caring mother hen, who is also brave who decided to leave her barn to find her son that's been taken away from her. She wears a blue handkerchief around her neck.


The film was released in theaters in Mexico on 21 April 2006. The film, along with its successor, were released on DVD in the United States as a "2-Pack". However, neither film made it to the U.S. billboard to be released in a major format due to their "racist" and "violent" nature, which failed to comply with the American humor code within the industry.[4]


The success of the film has spawned into two sequels. The first sequel, Otra Película de Huevos y un Pollo was released in 2009, and the second sequel, Un gallo con muchos huevos, was released in 2015, both of which also became box office successes.[1]

A fourth installment, titled Huevitos en fuga, is currently in development and is set to be released in 2019, followed by an unannounced fifth installment set for release in 2022. Both of the upcoming films will be computer-animated.[5]


A video game based on the film was released in 19 April 2010, named Un Juego de Huevos. It was designed and released exclusively for the Zeebo system, a 3G wireless-enabled entertainment and education platform from Zeebo Inc. currently available in Mexico and Brazil.[6][7][8]


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