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Unagi is the Japanese word for freshwater eels.

Unagi can also mean:

  • The original Japanese title of the 1997 film The Eel
  • Unagi, a character in the videogame Super Mario 64
  • Unagi, a character in the Japanese visual novel Popotan
  • Unagi, a character in the animated TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Unagi is the first of a group of five episodes (Unagi, Unagi II, III...) dedicated to the development of a "weaponless fighting technic" by Perceval and Karadoc in the French TV show Kaamelott.
  • Unagi, the codename for the media playback engine derived from Winamp core technologies
  • The One With Unagi, the 17th episode of the 6th season of the TV show Friends