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Unapdev is located in Maharashtra
location of Unapdev in Maharashtra

Coordinates: 21°43′48″N 74°26′29″E / 21.73°N 74.4414°E / 21.73; 74.4414

Unapdev - Hot Water Spring
Unapdev - Mandir Near Hot Water Spring

Unapdev (25 km from Shāhāda) is in Shahada, Maharashtra tahsil located near the village Dara. It has a permanent natural hot water source.

Unapdev (25 km from Shāhāda) is a pleasant picnic point in Shahada,_Maharashtra tahsil located near Dara Village. It has a permanent natural hot water source, which always flows even in hot summer. It always has water coming from a structure in the shape like a cow's mouth. Unapdev is famous for the Hot Waster Spring. Unapdev is famous for one day picnic. You can reach unapdev from Shahada just by hiring any auto or any vehicle going on the way


Unapdev is about 24 km. from Shahada, Maharashtra city which is about 240 km from Nashik and about 200 km from Surat. Nearest railway station is Nandurbar which is about 40 km and Dondaicha is about 35 km from Shahada, Maharashtra. However for approach from Mumbai(445km), train station to approach is Dhule (90km) or Chalisgaon (145km.). Nearest Airport is Aurangabad (290km)