Unbalance na Kiss o Shite

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"Unbalance na Kiss o Shite"
Single by Hiro Takahashi
from the album Welcome to Popsicle Channel
Released December 17, 1994
Format CD single, Maxi single
Genre J-pop
Length 3:50 (12" version)
Label Media Remoras
Writer(s) Hiro Takahashi
Hiroshi Yamada
Producer(s) Hiro Takahashi
Hiro Takahashi singles chronology
"Itsumo Jōkigen"
"Anbaransu na Kiss o Shite"
"Kimi ja Nakerya Imi Ga Naine"

"Unbalance na Kiss o Shite" (アンバランスなKissをして, Anbaransu na Kiss o Shite?) is a 1994 song recorded by Japanese singer Hiro Takahashi. It is from his second album Welcome to Popsicle Channel. Generally the single was well-received, entering the Oricon Charts in 1994 for the 28 position and again in 2005, reaching number 187 for one week.[1] "Unbalance na Kiss o Shite" in 2004 was, however, charted together with the song "Hohoemi no Bakudan" (微笑みの爆弾?) by Matsuko Mawatari which was written by Hsiao-Lung Lee and Matsuko Mawatari.[1][2]

This song also became the third ending of the anime series YuYu Hakusho.

Track listing[edit]

1994 release[edit]

Side 1
No. Title Version Length
1. "アンバランスなKISSをして" (vocal) 3:50
2. "アンバランスなKISSをして" (instrumental) 3:52

2005 release[edit]

Side 1
No. Title Version Length
1. "微笑みの爆弾" (by Mawatari) (vocal)  
2. "アンバランスなKISSをして" (by Takahashi) (vocal)  
3. "太陽がまた輝くとき" (by Takahashi) (vocal)  
4. "微笑みの爆弾" (by Mawatari) (DJ YEBISU REMIX)  
5. "アンバランスなKISSをして" (by Takahashi) (TABATA REMIX)  
6. "微笑みの爆弾" (by Mawatari) (inst.)  
7. "アンバランスなKISSをして" (by Takahashi) (inst.)  
8. "太陽がまた輝くとき" (by Takahashi) (inst.)  


  • Norihiko Hibino: arrangement
  • Hiro Takahashi: keyboards, synthesizer, chorus
  • Tamiaki: electric guitar
  • Daisuke Kawai: organ, synthesizer


  • Lead released "Unbalance na Kiss o Shite" as the B-side of their 2011 single "HURRICANE".

Chart positions[edit]


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