Unbeaten Tracks in Japan

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Unbeaten Tracks in Japan
Title page for "Unbeaten Tracks in Japan"
The title page for Unbeaten Tracks in Japan, Volume 1, first edition.
AuthorIsabella Bird
PublisherJohn Murray (original), G.P. Putnam's (United States)
Publication date

Unbeaten Tracks in Japan (日本奥地紀行, Nihon Okuchi Kikō) is a travel diary written by Isabella Bird of her trip to Japan in 1878,[1] at the age of 47.[2] It was first published in two volumes in 1880 by John Murray, which later issued an abridged one-volume version in 1885 .

It chronicles the trip Bird made with a Japanese interpreter named Ito in 1878 from about June until September from Tokyo to Hokkaido (then Ezo), and recorded such things as Japanese houses, clothing, and the natural environment in great detail, as they were during the early years of the Meiji Restoration. It also has many descriptions of the Ainu people.

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