Unch Maaza Zoka

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Unch Maaza Zoka
Uncha Maaza Zoka.jpg
Genre Biography
Directed by Viren Pradhan
Starring Sharad Ponkshe
Shailesh Datar
Kavita Lad-Medhekar
Spruha Joshi
Vikram Gaikwad[1]
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Marathi
Running time 8:00pm to 8:30pm
Production company(s) Piccola Films
Original network Zee Marathi
External links
Website zeemarathi.com/Zee_Serial.aspx?zsid=601

Unch Maaza Zoka (Marathi: उंच माझा झोका) is an Indian television series directed by Viren Pradhan and airing on Zee Marathi. It is a dramatization of the story of how the child Yamuna was given at age 11 in an arranged marriage to Mahadev Govind Ranade and then proceeded to defy society's expectation to become the social activist Ramabai Ranade. It is set during the British Raj in 1870s India.


  • Mahadev Govind Ranade: Vikram Gaikwad
  • Yamuna / Younger Ramabai Ranade: Tejashree Walwalkar[2]
  • Elder Ramabai Ranade: Spruha Joshi
  • Govind (Bhausaheb) Ranade: Sharad Ponkshe
  • Annasaheb Kurlekar (Ramabai's father): Shailesh Datar
  • Uma Kurlekar (Ramabai's mother): Kavita Lad-Medhekar
  • Mai Ranade: Rugvedi Viren Pradhan
  • Tai Kaku: Sharmishta Raut
  • Subhadra Kaku: Sanyogeeta Bhave


The story is based in the late 19th century Maharashtra. The sets for the show, presenting the houses and interiors resembling that era are constructed at Film City, Goregaon.[3] Erected on 30-50 thousand square feet area, the set is mainly designed per descriptions of Ranade Wada as written by Ramabai Ranade in her biography Mazhya Aayushyatlya Aathvani. Santosh Futane has designed the sets based on these descriptions and then making them shooting-friendly. The makeup rooms also have the old look from outside but are equipped with modern facilities from inside. The props of old utensils, lamps, machines have been collected from various cities including rural areas like Padgha, Wada and Mokhada.[4]


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