Uncle (novel)

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First edition cover.
Author J. P. Martin
Illustrator Quentin Blake
Country UK
Language English
Series The Uncle series
Publisher Jonathan Cape
Publication date
Media type Print
Pages 160
Followed by Uncle Cleans Up

Uncle (1964) is a children's novel written by J. P. Martin, the first book of six forming the Uncle series.[1] It is named after the main character, a rich philanthropic elephant who lives in a huge fantastical castle populated by many other eccentric animals and people. It was illustrated, like the others in the series, by Quentin Blake.

Plot summary[edit]

A traction engine, Uncle's favourite mode of transport, as most suited to the dignity of an elephant

The book introduces the main characters in the series; Uncle, his helpers, including the Old Monkey, Cloutman, Gubbins and the One-Armed Badger, and his enemies, the Badfort crowd, including Beaver Hateman, Sigismund Hateman, Nailrod Hateman, Filljug Hateman, Jellytussle, Hootman and Hitmouse.


The book was reprinted in paperback in 2000 by Red Fox (ISBN 0099411415). It was reprinted in a facsimile hardback edition by the New York Review of Books in 2007 and again in 2009 (ISBN 1590172396).

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