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Uncle Tobys
Uncle Tobys Logo.jpg
Introduced1892; 127 years ago (1892)
Previous ownersGoodman Fielder
Registered as a trademark inNestlé
Uncle Tobys

Uncle Tobys is a manufacturer of breakfast cereals and snack items in Australia and New Zealand. The company was established in the late 19th century and is now a subsidiary of Nestlé. Its main factory is in the town of Wahgunyah, Victoria.


During the gold rush in Victoria, brothers Leonard and George Parsons left England and began manufacturing John Bull Oats in Melbourne.[1] In 1861 they established Parsons Bros. which later became Uncle Tobys.[2] Rolled oats were considered a commodity during the era and were mentioned in the financial columns of newspapers.[3] During World War I, rolled oats became a chief ingredient of Anzac biscuits.

Uncle Tobys was formerly part of the Goodman Fielder food company, but was split off in 2005 by parent company Burns Philp. In 2006, Uncle Tobys brands and factory were purchased by Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW),[4] a joint venture between Nestlé S.A. and General Mills. CPW's existing brands in Australia, such as Cheerios, were merged into the Uncle Tobys brand and are now sold under that name. Uncle Tobys is labeled as being a subsidiary of Nestlé[5] in Australia.


Uncle Toby's best-known product is probably its oats. These are manufactured in various formats such as Traditional, Quick, Quick Sachets, and Ancient Grains. They can be used for baking, making porridge, or as the basis for home-made muesli. Dedicated breakfast cereals include BranPlus, Cheerios, Fruity Bites, Oat Brits, Oat Crisp, Oat Flakes, Plus, Shredded Wheat, VitaBrits, and Weeties. Snack items include muesli bars, LeSnak (crackers and cheese dip) and Roll-ups.[6]


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