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Uncontrollably Fond
Uncontrollably fond poster.jpg
Official Poster
Also known asLightly, Ardently
Written byLee Kyung-hee
Directed by
  • Park Hyun-suk
  • Cha Young-hoon
Opening theme"Only You" by Junggigo
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
No. of episodes20
Executive producer(s)Kim Sung-geun
Production location(s)South Korea
Running time60 minutes
Production company(s)
Original networkKBS2
Original releaseJuly 6 (2016-07-06) –
September 8, 2016 (2016-09-08)
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Uncontrollably Fond (Korean함부로 애틋하게; RRHamburo Aeteutage) is a South Korean television series starring Kim Woo-bin and Bae Suzy.[1][2][3][4][5] It aired on KBS2's Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 KST from July 6 to September 8, 2016.[6][7][8]

While the audience ratings for the drama fell below expectations locally, it was well-received across Asia. In China, it streamed on Youku simultaneously with South Korea's broadcast and has reached more than 4 billion cumulative views, making it the site's most viewed Korean drama.[7][9]


Shin Joon-young (Kim Woo-bin) and Noh Eul (Bae Suzy) were classmates who were separated during their teenage years due to an ill-fated relationship, but later meet each other in adulthood. Shin Joon-young is now a top actor-singer while Noh Eul is a documentary producer.

Noh Eul had a tough childhood; her father died in a hit-and-run prompting Noh Eul to quit school and make a living for herself and her brother. Shin Joon-young, on the other hand, had his life planned out for him. His mother wanted him to become a prosecutor to follow the footsteps of his estranged father, but an awful incident caused him to quit law school and become a singer-actor. The two reunite when Noh Eul is tasked to film Shin Joon-young's documentary. Joon-young initially gives Noh Eul a miserable time before finally agreeing to do the documentary and even plans to win her heart back.



Lead stars Kim Woo-bin (left) and Bae Suzy (right) at the press conference on July 4, 2016


People around Shin Joon-young[edit]

People around Noh Eul[edit]

People around Choi Ji-tae[edit]

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Special Appearance[edit]


Original soundtrack[edit]

Uncontrollably Fond
Original Sound Track
Soundtrack album by
Various Artists
ReleasedVolume 1:
July 29, 2016 (2016-07-29) (digital)
August 11, 2016 (2016-08-11) (CD)
Volume 2:
September 8, 2016 (2016-09-08) (digital)
September 13, 2016 (2016-09-13) (CD)
GenreSoundtrack, ballad
LabelSamhwa Networks/SidusHQ/Gazi Contents/LOEN
L200001286 (Volume 1)
L200001299 (Volume 2)

The original soundtrack of Uncontrollably Fond was divided into two volumes: Volume 1 consists of songs from Parts 1 to 8 and Midnight Youth's Golden Love from Part 14 (also known as the pop OST), while Volume 2 consists of songs from Parts 9 to 15 and tracks by New Empire from Part 14.

Part 1[edit]

1."Ring My Bell"Suzy (Miss A)3:27
2."Ring My Bell" (Inst.) 3:27
Total length:6:54

Part 2[edit]

1."Find the Differences (틀린그림찾기)"Lim Seul-ong, Kisum3:14
2."Find the Differences" (Inst.) 3:14
Total length:6:28

Part 3[edit]

1."Say Goodbye (My Heart Speaks) (가슴이 말해)"Kim Na-young4:09
2."Say Goodbye (My Heart Speaks)" (Inst.) 4:09
Total length:8:18

Part 4[edit]

1."Only U"Junggigo3:15
2."Only U" (Inst.) 3:15
Total length:6:30

Part 5[edit]

1."I Miss You (보고싶어)"Hyolyn (Sistar)3:49
2."I Miss You (보고싶어)" (Inst.) 3:49
Total length:7:38

Part 6[edit]

1."Picture In My Head (내 머릿속 사진)"Kim Woo-bin3:44
2."Picture In My Head (내 머릿속 사진)" (Inst.) 3:44
3."Do You Know (혹시 아니)"Kim Woo-bin4:15
4."Do You Know (혹시 아니)" (Inst.) 4:15
Total length:15:58

Part 7[edit]

1."Don't Push Me (밀지마)"Wendy, Seulgi (Red Velvet)3:20
2."Don't Push Me (밀지마)" (Inst.) 3:20
3."Don't Push Me (밀지마) (Ballad Ver.)"Wendy, Seulgi (Red Velvet)3:30
4."Don't Push Me (밀지마) (Ballad Ver.)" (Inst.) 3:30
Total length:13:40

Part 8[edit]

1."From When and Until When (어디부터 어디까지)"Tei4:07
2."From When and Until When (어디부터 어디까지)" (Inst.) 4:07
Total length:8:14

Part 9[edit]

1."I Love You (사랑해요)"Kim Bum-soo4:08
2."I Love You (사랑해요)" (Inst.) 4:08
Total length:8:16

Part 10[edit]

1."Love Is Hurting (사랑이 아프다)"Hwanhee (Fly to the Sky)4:01
2."Love Is Hurting (사랑이 아프다)" (Inst.) 4:01
Total length:8:02

Part 11[edit]

1."My Love"Honey G3:38
2."My Love" (Inst.) 3:38
Total length:7:16

Part 12[edit]

1."Shower (소나기)"Eric Nam4:28
2."Shower (소나기)" (Inst.) 4:28
Total length:8:56

Part 13[edit]

1."I Can Live (살 수 있다고)"Kim Yeon-joon (김연준)3:45
2."I Can Live (살 수 있다고)" (Inst.) 3:45
Total length:7:30

Part 14 (Uncontrollably Fond Pop OST)[edit]

1."A Little Braver"New Empire3:28
2."A Little Braver" (Inst.) 3:28
3."Golden Love"Midnight Youth4:01
4."Golden Love" (Inst.) 4:01
5."Across The Ocean"New Empire3:50
6."Across The Ocean" (Inst.) 3:50
Total length:22:38

Part 15[edit]

1."When It's Good (좋을땐)"Bae Suzy (Miss A)4:14
2."When It's Good (좋을땐)" (Inst.) 4:14
Total length:8:28
Disc 2:
1."Ambition"Various Artists3:28
2."Blues Life"Various Artists1:43
3."Bright Intro"Various Artists2:26
4."Chaos"Various Artists3:26
5."Cotton Candy"Various Artists2:05
6."Haromica Theme"Various Artists2:50
7."Hurt Love"Various Artists2:12
8."More of Mystery"Various Artists3:06
9."Need Somebody"Various Artists3:20
10."Over and Over"Various Artists2:11
11."Pain"Various Artists1:56
12."Revenge"Various Artists1:42
13."Running Away"Various Artists1:10
14."Running Away Behind"Various Artists2:35
15."Shining Bridge"Various Artists1:36
16."Shining Day"Various Artists2:48
17."Sunset"Various Artists2:11
18."Theme O3"Various Artists2:10
19."The Only One"Various Artists3:02
20."The Way to you"Various Artists2:18
21."Wherever you are"Various Artists1:59

Charted songs[edit]

Chart Performance
Title Year Peak chart positions Sales Remarks
"Ring My Bell"
(Suzy (Miss A))
  • KOR: 343,613
Part 1
"Find The Differences"
(Lim Seul-ong, Kisum)
  • KOR: 175,311
Part 2
Say Goodbye (My Heart Speaks)
(Kim Na-young)
  • KOR: 150,245
Part 3
"Only You"
  • KOR: 194,770
Part 4
I Miss You"
(Hyolyn (Sistar))
  • KOR: 117,394
Part 5
"Picture In My Head"

(Kim Woo-bin)

Part 6
"Don't Push Me Away"
(Wendy, Seulgi)
  • KOR: 142,016
Part 7
"From When and Until When"
  • KOR: 40,881
Part 8
"I Love You"
(Kim Bum-soo)
  • KOR: 294,380+
Part 9
"Love Hurts"
(Hwanhee (Fly to the Sky))
  • KOR: 240,683+
Part 10
"When It's Good"
(Suzy (Miss A))
  • KOR: 26,583
Part 15


  • In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.
  • NR denotes that the drama did not rank in the top 20 daily programs on that date.
Ep. Original broadcast date Average audience share
TNmS[15] AGB Nielsen[16]
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
1 July 6, 2016 11.5% (6th) 12.7% (3rd) 12.5% (4th) 13.8% (4th)
2 July 7, 2016 9.3% (12th) 9.4% (8th) 12.5% (5th) 12.8% (4th)
3 July 13, 2016 10.7% (8th) 12.3% (4th) 11.9% (5th) 13.3% (4th)
4 July 14, 2016 9.4% (11th) 10.9% (7th) 11.0% (6th) 12.0% (4th)
5 July 20, 2016 10.9% (7th) 11.4% (5th) 12.9% (4th) 14.0% (4th)
6 July 21, 2016 10.0% (10th) 10.9% (9th) 11.1% (7th) 11.5% (6th)
7 July 27, 2016 8.7% (16th) 9.4% (11th) 8.6% (12th) 9.5% (10th)
8 July 28, 2016 8.0% (19th) 9.5% (12th) 8.9% (14th) 10.1% (10th)
9 August 3, 2016 7.0% (19th) 8.0% (13th) 8.2% (12th) 9.0% (9th)
10 August 4, 2016 7.1% (NR) 7.6% (15th) 8.1% (12th) 9.0% (11th)
11 August 10, 2016 7.3% (NR) 8.1% (15th) 7.9% (15th) 7.8% (17th)
12 August 11, 2016 9.6% (8th) 9.9% (5th) 9.9% (5th) 10.6% (4th)
13 August 17, 2016 6.8% (19th) 6.8% (18th) 8.0% (12th) 8.6% (12th)
14 August 18, 2016 6.6% (NR) 6.9% (18th) 8.7% (12th) 9.6% (9th)
15 August 24, 2016 6.4% (NR) 7.1% (NR) 8.0% (16th) 8.4% (14th)
16 August 25, 2016 6.1% (NR) 7.6% (NR) 7.7% (17th) 8.4% (16th)
17 August 31, 2016 7.0% (NR) 6.1% (NR) 8.0% (16th) 8.0% (17th)
18 September 1, 2016 7.2% (NR) 6.8% (18th) 7.9% (14th) 8.5% (14th)
19 September 7, 2016 7.2% (NR) 8.0% (17th) 8.0% (16th) 7.6% (17th)
20 September 8, 2016 7.4% (20th) 7.3% (NR) 8.4% (15th) 9.0% (14th)
Average 8.21% 8.84% 9.41% 10.08%

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Result
5th APAN Star Awards
Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Kim Woo-bin Nominated
Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries Bae Suzy Nominated
1st Asia Artist Awards
Best Star Award Won
30th KBS Drama Awards
Top Excellence Award, Actress Nominated
Excellence Award, Actor in a Mid-length Drama Kim Woo-bin Nominated
Excellence Award, Actress in a Mid-length Drama Bae Suzy Nominated
Netizen Award Kim Woo-bin Nominated
Bae Suzy Nominated
Best Couple Award Kim Woo-bin & Bae Suzy Nominated

International broadcast[edit]

While the ratings for the drama fell below expectations locally, it is considerably well-received in other parts of Asia.

  • In China, Youku Tudou streams the drama simultaneously with South Korea's broadcast.[7] It's well received and has achieved 4.1 billion views, making it the most viewed Korean drama of all time in the site.[17]
  • In Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong each episode is available to stream on Viu with English subtitles (Indonesian subtitles in Indonesia, Traditional Chinese subtitles in Hong Kong) one hour after the original South Korean broadcast.
  • In Taiwan, it airs on Videoland Drama simultaneously with South Korea's broadcast.[18]
  • In Thailand, it airs on Channel 8 the same day as the South Korea's broadcast. It is the first Korean series in Thailand to air at the same time in South Korea.[19]
  • In Vietnam, it premiered on July 7, 2016 on HTV2's YouTube channel 12 hours after the original South Korean broadcast under the title Yêu Không Kiểm Soát with Vietnamese subtitles and on television starting August 23, 2016 at 21:00 (UTC+07:00) from Monday to Friday with Vietnamese dubbing.[20]
  • In North and South America, it airs an hour after South Korea's broadcast on DramaFever with subtitles.[21]
  • In Ghana, it was shown on Joy Prime with subtitles.
  • In the Philippines, the series aired on ABS-CBN's digital free-to-air channel, Asianovela Channel from July 30 to August 31, 2018 as part of The First and True Home of Asianovelas.


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