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Uncut may refer to:

  • Uncut, something which refers to something not being physically cut (such as a body part)
  • Uncut, something which is free of censorship
    • Kinski Uncut, the 1996 re-published title of Klaus Kinski's autobiography
    • Uncut (magazine), a monthly British magazine which began publishing in May 1997
    • Uncut (film), a November 1997 Canadian docudrama film by John Greyson about censorship
    • Uncut (band), a Canadian rock band formed in 2001
    • BET: Uncut, a Black Entertainment Television show that ended in 2006
    • UK Uncut, United Kingdom-based tax avoidance protest groups established in October 2010
    • US Uncut, United States-based tax avoidance protest groups established in February 2011