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UnderWater World Guam
Underwater world guam logo.gif
Date opened 1999[1]
Location Tumon, Guam
Coordinates 13°30′53.99″N 144°48′21.50″E / 13.5149972°N 144.8059722°E / 13.5149972; 144.8059722Coordinates: 13°30′53.99″N 144°48′21.50″E / 13.5149972°N 144.8059722°E / 13.5149972; 144.8059722
No. of animals 2000+[2]
No. of species 80
Total volume of tanks More than 800,000 US gallons (3,000,000 l; 670,000 imp gal)[2]
Website www.guamsaquarium.com

UnderWater World Guam is one of the longest tunnel-aquariums in the world and the only oceanarium in the United States territory of Guam.

The aquarium opened in 1999 and has more than 2,000 animals representing more than 80 different species. Many of the animals included in the aquarium are native to Guam and the surrounding Marianas Islands.

The aquarium is managed and partly owned by U.S. Aquarium Team (USAT) and is located in 1245 Pale San Vitores Road, Tumon, Guam 96911, Mariana Islands]. The main exhibit is a 319-foot-long (97 m) tunnel under an 800,000-US-gallon (3,000,000 l) salt-water aquarium.

The aquarium is involved with many conservation efforts on Guam. UnderWater World Guam is a major sponsor of the International Coastal Cleanup on Guam every year.[citation needed] The company also started a group known as the Blue Crew which consists of employees and other individuals from the community focused on environmental education and restoration efforts.


Many of the animals at UnderWater World Guam are found in the waters surrounding the 200-square-mile (520 km2) island. The main tank features many large animals, including Grey reef shark, Blacktip reef shark, Zebra shark, Spotted eagle ray, and Whiptail stingray. There is also an exhibit featuring five giant Moray eels. The gallery exhibits at UnderWater World Guam are home to animals from around the world, including Chambered Nautilus, Japanese spider crab, Corals, and a unique exhibit featuring fish that change gender. The final portion of the exhibit is a touch pool area where guests can feel live sea stars, fish and sharks.

Since it opened, the aquarium has featured live shark feeds throughout the week. Scuba divers feed sharks by hand inside the main tank of the aquarium. The divers wear three sets of gloves including one cotton pair, a chainmail glove and one layer of Kevlar.

Conservation efforts[edit]

The aquarium has supported conservation efforts on Guam since the facility opened. In addition to being one of the major sponsors of the International Coastal Cleanup[3] the company also provides free presentations for schools regarding marine life and environmental issues on Guam. UnderWater World Guam also offers special rates for groups to attend field trips through the aquarium with a guided tour.


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