Under California Stars

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Under California Stars
Under California Stars film poster.jpg
Directed by William Witney
Produced by Edward J. White
Screenplay by Paul Gangelin
Sloan Nibley
Story by Paul Gangelin
Starring Roy Rogers
Jane Frazee
Andy Devine
Music by R. Dale Butts
Mort Glickman
Ernest Gold
Nathan Scott
Cinematography Jack A. Marta
Edited by Tony Martinelli
Republic Pictures
Distributed by Republic Pictures
Release date
  • April 30, 1948 (1948-04-30) (United States)
Running time
70 minutes
54 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Under California Stars is a 1948 American Trucolor Western film directed by William Witney starring Roy Rogers, Jane Frazee and Andy Devine. The film was shot in. After returning from Hollywood after his tenth anniversary in films to his ranch, Rogers tackles a gang who kidnap his horse Trigger and hold it to ransom.

This film is now in the public domain.


Roy has just finished his latest film and leaves for his ranch where be will be broadcasting a show celebrating his tenth year in movies. When Roy and Trigger arrive at his ranch he finds Cookie has hired his relatives. Caroline, the only relative that doesn't have a strong resemblance to Cookie, is the horse trainer. Bob Tells Roy a gang of men are hunting range horses. Roy puts a stop to hunting on his land. Pop decides there's money in kidnapping Trigger and demands a $100,000 ransom. McFarland's stepson, Ted, and his dog Tramp, run away and is found hiding in Roy's barn. A trap is set to catch the kidnappers ranch.



  • Roy Rogers, Jane Frazee and the Sons of the Pioneers - "Under California Stars" (Written by Jack Elliott)
  • Andy Devine and the Sons of the Pioneers - "Rogers, King of the Cowboys" (Written by Jack Elliott)
  • Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers - "Dust" (Written by Johnny Marvin)
  • Sons of the Pioneers - "Serenade to a Coyote" (Written by Andy Parker)
  • Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers - "Little Saddle Pal" (Written by Jack Elliott)

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