Under Jolly Roger

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Under Jolly Roger
Under Jolly Roger cover.jpg
Studio album by
ProducerRunning Wild
Running Wild chronology
Branded and Exiled
Under Jolly Roger
Ready for Boarding
Professional ratings
Review scores
Kerrang!2/5 stars [1]
Rock Hard5/10 stars[2]

Under Jolly Roger is the third studio album by Running Wild. This album marked a stylistic turning point in which the group dropped the Satanic imagery they had previously used and adopted the pirate theme they would become known for, creating and influencing the later named pirate metal subgenre of heavy metal in the 2000s in the process. The album's title comes from the famous Jolly Roger, the flag used by pirates to identify their ships. The album has sold 250,000 copies Worldwide.[3]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Rolf Kasparek except where noted

Side A
1."Under Jolly Roger"4:42
2."War in the Gutter"3:19
3."Raw Ride"4:39
4."Beggar's Night"5:05
Side B
5."Raise Your Fist"Kasparek, Majk Moti5:30
6."Land of Ice"Kasparek, Moti4:56
7."Diamonds of the Black Chest" 4:39
8."Merciless Game"Moti3:45
Total length:36:35
The 2017 Remastered version contains a second disc, featuring the following songs
1."Under Jolly Roger" (1991 Re-recorded version)4:07
2."Raw Ride" (1991 Re-recorded version)4:16
3."Raise Your Fist" (1991 Re-recorded version)4:43
4."Diamonds of the Black Chest" (1991 Re-recorded version)2:50
5."Beggar's Night" (1992 Re-recorded version)5:01
6."Apocalyptic Horsemen" (Unreleased)4:39
7."Under Jolly Roger" (2003 Re-recorded version)4:45
8."Raise Your Fist" (2003 Re-recorded version)5:32


  • CD and Japanese cassette version feature a different track listing



  • Dirk Steffens – producer
  • Ertuğrul Edirne – artwork
  • Rock 'n' Rolf – co-producer


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