Under My Skin (Play album)

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Under My Skin
Studio album by Play
Released 21 April 2010
Recorded 2009-2010
Genre Pop, Europop, pop rock
Label Bonnier Music
Producer Desmond Child, Laila Wahlgren, Anders Bagge, Andreas Carlsson
Play chronology
Girl's Mind
Under My Skin
Singles from Under My Skin (Play album)
  1. "Famous"
    Released: February 15, 2010[1]
  2. "Not the One"
    Released: March 10, 2010[2]

Under My Skin is the fifth and final studio album by Swedish girlband Play, released on 21 April 2010. The first single off the album was "Famous". It debuted at #7 on the Swedish Albums Chart - their first entry on the chart. This was also the group's last album, as less than half a year after Faye left a second time the group also disbanded for a second time.

Background & Promotion[edit]

The Play band members had not seen each other for several years, until one day when Anaïs Lameche managed to get a hold of Fanny Hamlin ("Faye") via phone. The two of them talked over lunch about reuniting Play, and decided that it was time for Play to return. After the launch of Made in Sweden season two, Laila, one of the band's former managers, also wanted to reunite the girls as a band. Fanny and Anais returned for the reunion; Rosie Munter dropped out in the last minute, and Anna Sundstrand did not join the reunion due to living in the United States. With only two remaining girls, they began the search for a third member. After about a week, Sanne Karlsson, who was previously a member of the band Ghost vs Sanne, joined the group after recording a demo song for Play.

Season two of the TV program Made in Sweden showcased the hard work all three girls put into making their new album and promoting Play, also including the search for the third member Sanne. Their new album was recorded in four weeks, and after that, Play performed their new songs live at several locations, such as Elgiganten stores and television shows in Sweden. They also made other appearances, and took other media trips like radio, magazines, and interviews.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Famous
  2. Consequence of You
  3. Show Me What You Got
  4. Not the One
  5. Under My Skin
  6. Trash
  7. Second Hand Love
  8. Girls
  9. When Love Is Bleaching Bad
  10. Personal Victory
  11. Famous (Electro Remix)
  12. Famous (Club Remix)
  13. Consequence of You (Dance Mix)
  14. Famous – Bonus Video


Album Trivia[edit]


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