Under Siege (Live in Barcelona)

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Under Siege (Live in Barcelona)
Under Siege (Live in Barcelona).jpg
Video by Sepultura
Released January 14, 1992
Recorded Teatro Zeleste in Barcelona, May 31st 1991
Genre Thrash metal, death metal
Length 54:00
Label Roadrunner
Sepultura chronology
Under Siege
Third World Chaos
(1995)Third World Chaos1995

Under Siege (Live in Barcelona) is the first live home video by Brazilian heavy metal band Sepultura, released in 1991. Directed by Stephen Payne and produced by Stephen Malit, it was recorded during their mid-1991 European Arise tour and prominently features songs from the said album. Barcelona was chosen by Payne as he had heard the crowds there were the best in Europe. This proved to be true. Interspersed between the songs are interviews with the band members in which they discuss their religious views, how they got together and growing up in Belo Horizonte. The video was later remastered and released as part of Chaos DVD.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Intro" (Sepultura) 1:32
2. "Arise" (Max Cavalera, Sepultura) 3:18
3. "Desperate Cry" (Andreas Kisser, Sepultura) 6:40
4. "Dead Embryonic Cells" (Cavalera, Sepultura) 4:52
5. "Mass Hypnosis" (Sepultura) 4:22
6. "Altered State" (Kisser, Sepultura) 6:34
7. "Inner Self" (Sepultura) 5:07
8. "Escape to the Void" (Kisser, Sepultura) 4:38
9. "Troops of Doom" (Sepultura) 3:17
10. "Beneath the Remains" (Sepultura) 5:11
11. "Orgasmatron" (Michael Burston, Phil Campbell, Peter Gill, Lemmy) 4:15

Tracks 1-4, 6 and 11 from the album Arise. Tracks 5, 7 and 10 are from the album Beneath the Remains. Track 8 is from the album Schizophrenia. Track 9 is from the album Morbid Visions.

  • "Intro" is an actual instrumental song performed by the band, rather than a pre-recorded track.
  • The audio from seven of the tracks (1, 2, 5-9) appear on the double-disc album The Roots of Sepultura.

The performance of "Orgasmatron" from this video is mixed with backstage footage of the band and crew members, and was shown on TV as a music video to promote the album, but never saw official single release.


The video was released in a card slipcase in both PAL and NTSC territories. The artwork simply shows the band's thorned 'S' logo on a muddy background. Although it appears on many of the band's CDs, this is the first time the logo has been used on cover artwork.


Sepultura Road Crew[edit]

  • Tour Manager- Gloria "The General"
  • Lights- Marcelo "Raps"
  • Sound- Nino "Fishman"
  • Stage Manager- Scott "Goody"
  • Monitors- Luciano "Macaroni"
  • Guitar Technicians- Silvio "Bibica" & Scott "Goody"
  • Bass Tech- Scott "Porno"
  • Drum Tech- Eddie "Neguzinho"
  • Stage Hand- Scott "Punisher"
  • Lighting design- Christian "Cazuzua"
  • Directed by Stephen Payne
  • Produced by Stephen Malitsky