Under the Influence (compilation album)

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Under the Influence is a series of various artist compilation albums released by DMC UK.[1] The tracks for each album are chosen by an artist or band to show the music that has influenced their work. UtI compilations have been compiled by Morrissey, Ian Brown, Paul Weller, Paul Heaton, Bob Geldof, Super Furry Animals, and Carl Barât. Each album has sleeve notes written by the compiler discussing the tracks selected.[1]


Ian Brown[edit]

Paul Weller[edit]

Paul Heaton[edit]

Bob Geldof[edit]

Geldof described his collection as "the in-car comp that I'd play on some 80-minute journey and each track would make me happier in direct proportion to every inch traveled".[2]

Super Furry Animals[edit]

For the Super Furry Animals album each member of the group picked three tracks to be included.[3]

Carl Barât[edit]


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