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Glass of Underberg with typical portion-sized bottle
ManufacturerUnderberg AG
Country of origin Germany
Alcohol by volume 44%
IngredientsDistilled aromatic herbs

Underberg is a digestif bitter produced at Rheinberg in Germany by Underberg AG. It is made from aromatic herbs from 43 countries that undergo inspections and are formulated based on a secret recipe of the Underberg family, whose members are personally responsible for the production of the drink. Underberg is one of the most widespread kräuterlikörs on the market. Underberg contains 1.3 percent herbal extract by weight and naturally occurring vitamin B1. The effects are known to subside digestive issues[citation needed]. The drink matures in Slovenian oak barrels for several months to enhance the taste.[1][2] Underberg is classified under "food and drinks: oils, herbs and spices" in the United States and can be sold without any sort of liquor license.[3][4]


On June 17, 1846, Hubert Underberg founded the company H. Underberg-Albrecht in Rheinberg in Germany, starting the manufacture and sale of Underberg, a specialty made with aromatic herbs. In 1884, Hubert Underberg began to export his product to Brazil. In 1932, the grandson of the founder, Dr. Paul Underberg moved to Brazil and began to manufacture the "Underberg do Brasil". This product made in the country with Brazilian herbs has become, over the decades, an original Brazilian specialty and henceforth bears the name Brasilberg from the house "Underberg do Brasil".

Underberg had its recipe guarded by the Underberg family since the company was founded by Hubert Underberg-Albrecht in 1846.[5]

Production ceased in 1939 due to lack of raw materials and was restarted in December 1949. The drink is usually associated with its portion-sized 20 ml bottle, designed in 1949 by Emil Underberg, grandson of the founder.[6] All of its elements, including shape of the bottle, color, packaging and the Underberg name are trademarked and copyrighted.[7]

Notable fans of Underberg in the modern era include MF Doom, Amon Amarth, Chumlee and Thomas Lyons.[citation needed]

To promote the brand, the Underberg company rewards branded merchandise to its users after collecting a certain number of bottlecaps.


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