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The Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers is a detective fiction series of books published by Aladdin Paperbacks (an imprint of Simon & Schuster), which replaced The Hardy Boys Digest paperbacks in early 2005.[1] All the books in the series have been written under the pen name of Franklin W. Dixon.

Series background[edit]

The Undercover Brothers is about two teenage brother detectives, Frank and Joe Hardy, who are the sons of world-famous PI Fenton Hardy. Although there are many similarities in this series to previous Hardy Boys series, there are also many changes, for example:

  • The Hardy boys are undercover agents for American Teens Against Crime (ATAC), a top secret government organization, co-founded by their father, and are solving more realistic and violent crimes.[1] Since it is a top-secret organization, Frank and Joe often need to make up excuses to convince their mother and aunt to let them go to places.
  • The books in this series are written in first-person narrative style with Frank and Joe alternating chapters and often interrupting each other.[1]
  • The Hardy boys' aunt's name is shortened from Gertrude to Trudy. It is revealed in Hurricane Joe why she shortened her name to Trudy. This version is much younger than the character in other Hardy Boys series.
  • The Hardy boys' long-time girlfriends, Callie Shaw and Iola Morton, appear in the books, but Frank and Joe are no longer dating them. Other friends from the original series are occasionally mentioned but never play important roles as they did in the past.
  • The Hardys have a pet parrot named Playback.[2]

Regular Series[edit]

Titles and publication dates
# Title Released
1 Extreme Danger April 1, 2005
2 Running on Fumes
3 Boardwalk Bust
4 Thrill Ride
5 Rocky Road July 1, 2005
6 Burned October 1, 2005
7 Operation: Survival December 1, 2005
8 Top Ten Ways to Die February 1, 2006
9 Martial Law April 1, 2006
10 Blown Away June 1, 2006
11 Hurricane Joe August 1, 2006
12 Trouble in Paradise October 1, 2006
13 The Mummy's Curse November 28, 2006
14 Hazed February 6, 2007
15 Death and Diamonds April 10, 2007
16 Bayport Buccaneers June 5, 2007
17 Murder at the Mall July 24, 2007
18 Pushed September 25, 2007
19 Foul Play November 27, 2007
20 Feeding Frenzy January 8, 2008
21 Comic Con Artist March 25, 2008

Trilogy Series[edit]

Titles and publication dates
# Title Released Trilogy
22 Deprivation House May 20, 2008 The Murder House Trilogy
23 House Arrest July 8, 2008
24 Murder House September 30, 2008
25 Double Trouble November 25, 2008 Double Danger Trilogy
26 Double Down December 23, 2008
27 Double Deception March 10, 2009
28 Galaxy X May 19, 2009 Galaxy X Trilogy
29 X-plosion July 21, 2009
30 The X-Factor September 8, 2009
31 Killer Mission November 10, 2009 Killer Mystery Trilogy
32 Private Killer January 5, 2010
33 Killer Connections March 9, 2010
34 The Children of the Lost May 4, 2010 Identity Mystery Trilogy
35 Lost Brother October 12, 2010
36 Forever Lost January 4, 2011
37 Movie Menace May 10, 2011 The Deathstalker Trilogy
38 Movie Mission September 13, 2011
39 Movie Mayhem January 3, 2012

Undercover Brothers Super Mysteries[edit]

Titles and publication dates
# Title Released
1 Wanted June 1, 2006
2 Kidnapped at the Casino May 8, 2007
3 The Haunted August 5, 2008

The Hardy Boys Secret Files[edit]

The Hardy Boys Secret Files is a series begun in 2010 by the publisher Simon & Schuster under their Aladdin imprint. It features the Hardy Boys, Frank and Joe, as grade-school detectives. Three new titles are published yearly as paperback books and eBooks. This series ended in 2015, and was replaced by the Hardy Boys Clue Book series.

  1. Trouble at the Arcade
  2. The Missing Mitt
  3. Mystery Map
  4. Hopping Mad
  5. A Monster of a Mystery
  6. The Bicycle Thief
  7. The Disappearing Dog
  8. Sports Sabotage
  9. The Great Coaster Caper
  10. A Rockin' Mystery (October 2012)
  11. Robot Rumble (April 2013)
  12. Lights, Camera...Zombies! (August 2013)
  13. Balloon Blow-Up (December 2013)
  14. Fossil Frenzy (April 2014)
  15. Ship of Secrets (August 2014)
  16. Camping Chaos (December 2014)
  17. The Great Escape (April 2015)
  18. Medieval Upheaval (August 2015)
  19. The Race Is On (December 2015)
Titles, authorship, and publication dates
# Title Pub.
1 Trouble at the Arcade April 27, 2010
2 The Missing Mitt
3 Mystery Map August 17, 2010
4 Hopping Mad September 14, 2010
5 A Monster of a Mystery April 5, 2011
6 The Bicycle Thief August 9, 2011
7 The Disappearing Dog October 18, 2011
8 Sports Sabotage April 3, 2012
9 The Great Coaster Caper August 7, 2012
10 A Rockin' Mystery October 16, 2012
11 Robot Rumble April 2, 2013
12 Lights, Camera ... Zombies! August 6, 2013
13 Balloon Blow-Up December 3, 2013
14 Fossil Frenzy April 29, 2014
15 Ship of Secrets August 5, 2014
16 Camping Chaos December 2, 2014
17 The Great Escape April 21, 2015
18 Medieval Upheaval August 4, 2015
19 The Race Is On December 1, 2015

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Super Mystery[edit]

A crossover spin-off series with the Nancy Drew: Girl Detective series. The stories are told in first person, alternating chapters, between Frank's or Joe's, and Nancy's perspective. The first title in the series acts as an introduction between the characters. This series published one title per year until the end of the Girl Detective and Undercover Brothers series in 2012.

Titles and publication dates
# Title Released
1 Terror on Tour June 5, 2007
2 Danger Overseas May 6, 2008
3 Club Dread May 5, 2009
4 Gold Medal Murder July 6, 2010
5 Bonfire Masquerade July 12, 2011
6 Stage Fright July 10, 2012

Graphic novels[edit]

In the spring of 2005, NBM launched its new imprint, Papercutz, with the publication of two three part comic book series; Nancy Drew The Demon of River Heights and The Hardy Boys The Ocean of Osyria.[3] After the completion of both series, The Demon of River Heights series and The Ocean of Osyria series were both collected into 92 page graphic novels, becoming the first titles in the Nancy Drew Graphic Novel series and the Hardy Boys Graphic Novel series respectively.

All other titles in both series have been made in graphic novel format only and are published every three months.

List of graphic novels series titles[edit]

1. The Ocean of Osyria

When Chet Morton’s Internet account is hacked into and used to bid on a stolen artifact, the Ocean of Osyria, best friends Frank and Joe Hardy, with girlfriends Callie Shaw and Iola Morton, head to Osyria, the location of the auction, to clear Chet's name.

2. Identity Theft

The brothers investigate a very strange mystery about a popular, wealthy teenage girl's stolen identity.

3. Mad House
4. Malled

The brothers and a few foreign shoppers are locked up in Bayport's new shopping mall deliberately by a mysterious man who sabotaged the mall with lots of traps. The 'prisoners' must struggle to survive together, find a way to escape (fast!) and find and stop the man with a few ATAC gadgets the brothers have before it is too late.

4. Malled
5. Sea You, Sea Me
6. Hyde and Shriek
7. The Opposite Numbers
8. Board to Death

The brothers must figure out who is trying to kill the competition at a skateboard tournament.

9. To Die or Not to Die[4]

The boys head to a drama competition for high school students to snoop out a sabotager wanting to win the tournament.

10. A Hardy Day's Night[5]

The Hardy Boys have to rescue an agent's son or they will be dead!

11. Abracadeath
12. Dude Ranch O' Death!
13. The Deadliest Stunt

The brothers head to a stunt competition to work with Lindsay Rider... as backup!

14. Haley Danelle's Top Eight!

When Haley's Internet friends start disappearing in real life, the boys decide to help out.

15. Live Free, Die Hardy!
16. Shhhhhh!
17. Word Up!
18. D.A.N.G.E.R. Spells the Hangman
19. Chaos at 50,000 feet!
20. Deadly Strategy

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