Underground Album

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Underground Album
David Allan Coe - Underground Album.jpg
Studio album by David Allan Coe, The David Allan Coe Band
Released 1982
Length 31:13
Label D.A.C.
Producer David Allan Coe
David Allan Coe chronology
Rough Rider
(1982)Rough Rider1982
Underground Album
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(1983)Castles in the Sand1983

Underground Album is the 21st studio album by American country musician David Allan Coe. It was released as a mail order album, not sold in stores, only through the back pages of the motorcycling magazine Easyriders and in the concession stand at his shows.[1]Underground Album is Coe's follow-up to his 1978 album Nothing Sacred and contains profane, sexually explicit lyrics.


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[2]

The album was generally criticized as being profane, racist, and crude.[3][4] Allmusic, which did not review the album, gave it three out of five stars.[2] "Nigger Fucker" resulted in Coe being accused of racism.[4][5] Neil Strauss described the album's material as "among the most racist, misogynist, homophobic and obscene songs recorded by a popular songwriter."[6] The lyrics included lines such as "And to think I'd ate the pussy / Where that big, black dick had been / And kissed the lips that sucked him off / Time and time again / It's enough to make a man throw up." Coe responded to the accusations by stating "Anyone that hears this album and says I'm a racist is full of shit".[7] He also stated that he contacted Strauss during the writing of the article, but Strauss only acknowledged talking to Coe's manager, who would only comment off the record.[1]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by David Allan Coe.

  1. "Rock and Roll Fever" - 3:10
  2. "Panheads Forever" - 3:09
  3. "Nigger Fucker" - 2:28
  4. "Coffee" - 5:28
  5. "One Monkey" - 3:14
  6. "One More Time" - 3:13
  7. "Little Sussie Shallow Throat" - 2:57
  8. "Pick Em, Lick Em, Stick Em" - 2:56
  9. "Don't Bite the Dick" - 2:27
  10. "Fuckin' in the Butt" - 2:11


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